My breasts

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve had a bit of growth with my breasts. My (sizing) measurements are pretty much still the same, but some of the measurements that bratabase uses has changed. For whatever reason, my breasts are more FOT (full on top). The thing is, my upper tissue is still somewhat shallow, so my breasts don’t actually look bigger when unsupported.   

This isn’t an issue with most of my Polish bras, but in almost all of my Cleo bras and all of my Freya and Curvy Kate bras I’m quadding out of them. I have a lot of bras that I haven’t gotten around to reviewing- so for the ones I still have or recently sold I will have pics when I originally got the bras, and current pics; for the bras I sold a while ago, I’ll only have the older pics up (and those reviews will be shorter). 

I’m baffled as to why I have this ‘growth’. I’ve been on birth control for at least 10 years, the current one I’ve been on for almost 2 years. So I don’t think that’s it. For like 2 weeks I thought I might have been pregnant, but I’m not/wasn’t. (Alas, it was more like I was *hoping* I was). The last time I had growth like this was around Sept of last year. I thought it was because of my period, but it was 2 weeks before my period was due. After my period was over my breasts went back to normal. My bratabase measurements from then were a bit higher than they are now. My weight fluctuates about 5lbs or so, so it’s not like I gained weight, but even so, when I gain weight it really all goes to my lower half, and I’m still wearing the same jeans  (+ my damn scrub pants don’t feel tighter)

So now I know how some feel when they get a bra and some time later it no longer fits (this is a first for me). My Polish bras seem to be open enough on top to be accommodating but my U.K. bras aren’t. 
I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂 

Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day bralette set size Small

I saw this set right before last Valentines Day when I was in a mall I rarely go to with my sisters. I was interested in it, but saw that on that particular day they only had size M and size L. And when I asked a sales associate, she said they only had what was on the sales floor.

I was okay with not buying it because I was single at the time, and also the price. The original price for this set was $45. I didn’t like the way the material felt (for the price), the only way I can describe it as it felt like the top part of thick stockings. It’s very stretchy and cheap feeling. However, the material isn’t scratchy.

I didn’t buy the set when VS had it on sale for $25 (with a code). I ended up buying it in June when it was $10 during the semi annual sale. And at the time I wasn’t sure which size to get, because when I’d first saw the medium in the store, I thought it looked small. I went with the small, although I debating on getting both the small and the medium.

The small fit.

I held off on wearing this because I’m not really a bralette person. (I really only wore it to review it)


This set was actually very comfortable. It wasn’t expensive feeling. It kind of reminded me of these cheap mini shorts that I wear underneath short dresses. (I got the shorts from a store called Pay half, which is similar to/sells the same stuff as Rainbow)


So the top has very thin adjustable straps (which I love). The unstretched ‘waist’ measures 11.5 inches, and the unstretched bust measures 12.5 inches. When I wore the top, I noticed that the band seemed to be riding up a bit, so I loosened the straps. Loosening the straps didn’t really help, because the band still had the appearance of riding up. What ended up happening was the weight of my breasts was pushing the front down (never thought I’d mention the weight of my breasts, lol). So when I woke up the top was barely covering my nipples, and there was some fabric beneath my breasts. This shouldn’t have been bothersome, but it was (mentally).



The bottoms were really cute. I noticed that when I wasn’t wearing any pants the bottoms tended to ride up, but when I was wearing pants they felt like they stayed in place.


This was was a really cute set, and I’m surprised VS didn’t come out with one for this Valentines Day.


*the main picture is not mine, I found it online

Comexim Mixed Colors plunge 65G

I ordered this bra on Black Friday weekend because Comexim was having a 15% off sale- which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it made the price go from around 160pln down to 135pln. 135 is around what Comexim bras used to cost when I first started buying them.

Along with the mixed colors bra, I purchased the mixed colors thong. In all of my recent Comexim orders I ordered matching panties, so this was no different.

I requested that the bra have the following alterations: cups reduced 2cm, total gore height 5cm, straps moved in 1cm, and thinner straps. I meant to requested a cup reduction of 3cm, not 2cm. My goal for this bra, was for it to be very low in the cups, like Ewa’s M style. I love Ewa’s M style bra, but wish there were more color options. I figured depending on how this bra came out, I would order a bunch more with the same alterations, I especially wanted to order the magic bra with the very reduced cups in mind.


My order was shipped out about a month later, right before Christmas.  I knew from recent orders that I wouldn’t get the stuff for about another month or so, due to the holidays. I ended up getting the package around January 13th. When I opened the box, I noticed the 2 bras were in there, but the panties were not (I’d also ordered the Bellissima). I’d thought maybe I’d dropped it, so I looked all around the couch I was sitting on. Nope it wasn’t there. I looked at the declaration on the box, and it said 2 bras, 1 thong. Okay. I looked at the receipt that was inside the box, it only had the 2 bras. Something wasn’t right.

The actual amount I paid was 347.30 pln, not 305.15pln

The actual amount I paid was 347.30 pln, not 305.15pln

I decided to email Comexim, because maybe the thong was accidentally not put in the box, maybe it shipped out separately. When they emailed me back, they said they ran out of fabric, and forgot to let me know. So it took them almost 2 months to let me know they ran out of fabric. 😡  They only let me know, because I emailed to ask about them. 😡 They said they were going to refund me, and that took 2 days.😡 That is bad. I should have been informed when they were packing my order that the thong wasn’t there because they ran out of fabric, I also should have been refunded for them, when they realized they ran out of fabric or when they realized they couldn’t send me exactly what I ordered. Had they told me they ran out of fabric, I would have asked for them to refund me for the bra, and not to send it, because I wanted a set. Mixed colors has a lot,of colors, but I don’t think I can easily match it with any panties I own. Ever since I’ve gotten into the habit of  wearing matching bras and panties, I don’t like not matching.

I also let them know I wasn’t happy with the bra because I asked for customizations,  and I don’t believe they were done.  When Joanna responded, she let me know that Imcould return the bra, and wanted to know which alterations did I request that weren’t done. I repsponded January 16th (most of this conversation took place the 16th). AND I HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM THEM SINCE.  It was nice of them to say they’ll take back the bra that was supposed to have alterations, but if you can’t respond to my emails, I’m not going to send something back so you can refund me.

So… needless to say, I am not happy with Comexim right now.

Let’s discuss the bra:


As you saw, I requested a 2cm cup reduction. I don’t think this was done, but some sort of reduction was done because the cup height is 5.5 inches, an unaltered 65G is about 6 inches. The bottom of the cups is shallow.


I requested that the gore be a total of 5cm, which would make it 1.96 inches. I said I wanted this to mimic an M bra, but the gore on those is around 1.5 to 1.75 inches. I didn’t think Comexim would alter a gore that low, so I settled for 2 inches. But that wasn’t done. The gore height is 2.75 inches, which I believe is the unaltered Comexim gore height.


So the cup is slightly reduced, but the gore is not reduced. I believe that is why this is happening. There is a space at the inner portion of the cup by the gore. My breasts don’t go that far outward to fill that area (btw none of my other Comexim bras have this gap)


I requested that the straps be moved in. I’m not sure if this was done. When I have the bra on, it does feel like the straps are a little more inward, but when I look at the pictures, the straps look very close to my armpits. I haven’t worn the bra, so I don’t know if this is something that would irritate my skin or not. I requested thinner straps…. and you can see that was not done.  The straps are very stretchy. They also feel like they’re too long, I’ve adjusted the straps halfway, and they still feel like I can adjust them more, but I think if I adjust them anymore, the band will start to ride up.


The band is firm at 28 inches. The wings are 4 inches in height, and it very much gives a flattened appearance (no bulges).


Overall, I’m not happy with my experience with Comexim. This may be my last time ordering from them. It is a big problem to me that I wasn’t made away of the panties, nor refunded until I said something. That’s not good customer service. I don’t like how whenever someone asks for alterations, we’re not actually sure if they were done or not. I don’t like how if you add something to your order Comexim doesn’t add it to your actual order. (Anytime I’ve added things on to my order from Ewa, they’ve ALWAYS added the items to my order summary on their website, so I can see it.)

I’ve been told by a few other people that Comexim forgot to add things to their orders (from Black Friday), so it wasn’t just me, unfortunately.


I ordered my first Comexim bras in April 2916, and literally every month until December I’ve placed an order. They lost a loyal customer due to their lack of customer service.

Aubade Bahia halfcup bra 85C/D*

Aubade is a French company, so the 85 band size, correlates to a size 32. I don’t know much about Aubade other than that.

The band was professionally altered. It was originally a 32/85 (I assume). I have the size in the title as being 85C/D, because since there is no tag on the bra, I’m not 100% sure of the original size. When I bought this bra, it was sold to me as being 30DD, but after looking at the measurements, there’s no way this bra was 30DD (or sister size 32D), unless the cups ran small.


The band was {presumably} altered from a 32, to 30, but it only stretches to 27.5 inches, before the wires start to distort. The wing of the band has 2 layers of fabric a somewhat stretchy inner mesh piece, and a cotton feeling outer piece. The actual band is a totally different stretchy nylon/polyester feeling and it’s only 1 layer. The way this bra was altered was by cutting away some of the back of the band. I don’t think the seamstress did anything to the straps.




The cups are a halfcup style (this bra apparently comes in 3 other styles– triangle, padded, and 3/4). Most unlined halfcups don’t work for me, and this is no exception. However, this bra is currently too small for me. Like I said previously, I don’t think this bra is the size I was sold. The width of the cup is 4.6 inches, and the depth is 7.75 inches.  I’d need about half an inch wider, and around half an inch deeper as well. The cup height is 5.25 inches, which seems appropriate for a half cup.

This bra wouldn’t be good for FOT breasts because there is a thin band of elastic at the top of the cup. The fabric on the cups is very stretchy. There is a mesh side sling.




The gore on this bra is ridiculous; it’s beautiful, but ridiculous. The gore is 1.25 inches wide, and 2.5 inches high- this is the widest I think I’ve ever seen for a bra that is more than half an inch high. The gore is best for wide set breasts, because of the lacing design on the gore, you wouldn’t want to alter the gore. Naturally the very wide and high gore is sitting on breast tissue, and I can imagine after a while it would be painful.

Look at how wide the gore is

Look at how wide the gore is




The straps are very wide set. My shoulders aren’t narrow and you can see the straps are in my armpits. What makes the straps somewhat bearable is the altered band. It somewhat makes them not as wide, but they’re naturally wide. The only way to make the straps more narrow is to actually alter the bra. The actual straps are also wide. They’re wide in the front, but thin in the back. The back part of the straps are .375 inch, but the front part is 1 inch.


I’d be interested in trying this in a bigger size if the gore wasn’t so wide.

Ewa Michalak BM Chaberek 70DD


I got this on a whim one day when I saw it listed on bratabase. I’d kind of been interested in it since I really like the M Chaberek, but noticed it was sold out on Ewa’s site. So when it popped up on bratabase for $15, I jumped on it.


The cups interest me. They are simply 2 layers, the upper layer is the blue lace, and the second layer is a beige stretch lace. I say this is interesting because Ewa will not make a BM into a 3DM because she says the fabric is meant for different breasts (or something to that effect). This bra could very well be made into a 3DM (if there was more fabric). On the upper portion of the bra, the lace isn’t attached to the beige fabric once it passes the diagonal seam. Whenever I put the bra on, I have to adjust that beige piece so it’s not folded under.

There is some wrinkling at the bottom of the cup, especially on my larger breast.

The top of the cups allow for upper fullness, so this is a good bra for those that are FOT and/or have tall roots. The height of the cup is 5.5 inches. The width is 5.1 inches, and the depth is 8.25 inches.


I had high hopes for the gore because it is very narrow, and overlapping, but it still ends up bothering me. It’s definitely an issue of how heavy the wires are because the height is 2.25 inches, and the width/separation is .6 inches. Well I guess if it was a little lower it wouldn’t bother me as much.



The bottom part of the wires don’t completely encompass my breasts. It’s like the bottom of the wire is more pointed than the bottom of my breasts. The wires (like all BM wires were too heavy for me)


The band feels perfect. It stretches to 28 inches, and it’s not too tight, and not too loose.

The straps appear very wideset, but they don’t cause me any pain, I don’t even feel them.  The straps will most likely be uncomfortable on someone with narrow shoulders.



The matching panties are sold out on Ewa’s site. 😔 I hope one day I come across a pair, because I would love the matching set.


Any other small bust women women have any BM bras?

Ewa Michalak {custom} M Opium 70D

This is the 3rd bra I’ve had in the opium wash. Sadly, this one didn’t work out for me like the CHP, and PL.

Originally I was going to order this from Aisha at Zathiya, in exchange for the opium PL that didn’t work. However Aisha didn’t get a response from Ewa about this bra, until 2 weeks later. When Aisha emailed me to let me know that Ewa still hadn’t responded to that particular email, she suggested that I email Ewa. The email was to inquire as to whether the opium bra could be made in M cut. Ewa responded to my email literally in 5 minutes. However, at that time I had an order that I just placed, so Ewa said she would add it to that order. So instead of doing an exchange to Zathiya, I ended up doing  return.

This is going to be a quick review, since this bra doesn’t fit. In a nutshell it is overall too small.


With the other opium bras, I bought a 65 band, but since this was a different cut, and I know 70D works in the M, that’s the size I went with. Unfortunately, the band only stretched to 25.5 inches. Stretching the band beyond that caused the wires  to distort. I personally would consider this band as running 2 sizes small– it’s a 70 band. but only stretches as much as a 60 band would. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I consider my breasts to be low set. This was realized early on in my abtf journey, when I tried on a 30D Cleo bra, and the straps were adjusted at their longest, and were still too tight.


Surprisingly, with the straps adjusted all the way, and were still too short for me. I adjusted the straps as long as they could go, and they still felt really tight.


The boob closest to the camera is my smaller side.

The cups were also too small. Without the pads, I was almost/somewhat quadding. Even on my smaller breast. The height of the cup was only 4.75 inches. Every M bra I’ve owned has been 5 inches in cup height (the Roma & the 65DD Chaerek measure 5.1 inches). So this was 1/4 an inch too low. When 5 inches is ‘low’ that 1/4 inch makes a big difference.


For whatever reason, the pads from this bra are smaller than the normal M pads (which are the size I’ve gotten with most Ewa bras). I can’t say whether the smaller size makes a difference with the look or feel, because I don’t wear the pads.

If it was just the band that was too short, I would have decided to keep it, but it is just too small for me.


Update- 1/20/2017

I emailed Ewa about the band being too small, and she told me to return it for a replacement. She also let me know that I could get a refund for the return shipping via PayPal. I already knew this, but I thought it was nice of her to tell me. I sent the bra back (via first class for $21) Dec 16th, it was delivered Dec 19th. I emailed Ewa to see if they have received it. I wasn’t expecting it to have been processed at that point, but I wanted to let them know that it was delivered. I didn’t want it to get misplaced, with the holidays around the corner and all. Also, when I returned the bra I didn’t include any of the paperwork because my niece ripped it up. (Literally the only time I needed to return something the receipt got messed up. Meanwhile I still have the receipt from my first Ewa purchase) I also initially emailed Ewa about the bra not fitting with a different email address than I normally use (but I assume I’m the only person the ordered an M Opium). Anyway, Ewa emailed me back to let me know they received it and the replacement had been sent out, and they were giving me a store credit for my troubles.

I got the bra a little over 2 weeks later. I wore the bra twice, and for the most part, I didn’t have any complaints about the fit.

The first time I wore it, when I went to take it off to try some bras on, I noticed that on the left side the ring (connecting the back of the strap to the band) had pressed against my skin, and did hurt (once I took the bra off- before I took it off there wasn’t any pain).

The second time I wore it towards the end of the night, the bottom of the band felt too tight, on the right side. On the ‘new’ bra, the band stretches to 27 inches (unstretched its 22.25 inches). The original bra was 22 inches unstretched, and stretched to 25.5 inches (on a 70 band!). As much as I love the M cut, I keep buying 70 bands because they don’t really stretch beyond 28 inches.


When I initially put the bra on, I can feel the straps (like it’s too wideset), but I can’t feel it afterwards.  The straps are the same, I have them adjusted all the way. I think because they are thick, like the regular opium straps I have to adjust them all the way. (I have the straps on the M czekolada adjusted all the way also, and those straps are thick like the BM Naomi). I do wish that they’d completely,remade the bra, but that was probably asking too much. Plus Ewa didn’t know that the straps were too short, I didn’t mention it in the original email. I’m thinking what they did was literally just take off the band, and replace it with another band.


The shorts

I actually wore the shorts, with the bra. The shorts are cute, but I wish I’d ask for briefs or a thong. The only issue I had with the shorts, were that the bows on the front were being pressed under my scrub pants. The shorts didn’t seem to leave panty lines under my jeans.



I love the Opium color. I wish the band was made, like an inch longer,  but the band currently works. I don’t think I need an extender, since the band didn’t bother me until over 12 hours after putting it on. The straps could be longer, but I’m not got to alter them. I may ask Ewa if I can get a different bottom made in the future (now that I’m into matching bra and panties, I can see why some women buy 2 pairs of bottoms.)

Zathiya Exclusive Comexim Annika 3HC 65G

The Comexim Annika bra is an exclusive to Zathiya, that is, you can only buy it from them. When I first saw this bra, I knew I had to have it. It’s a brown bra, it will most certainly function as a nude for me, even though st somewhat darker than my skin.

The Annika bra was sold as both a plunge and a 3HC (3 piece half cup). It also come with a copper colored ribbon along the top of the cup as well as a copper bow at the gore. Truth be told, I didn’t care for the copper color, that would take away from the ‘nudeness’ of it. So when I decided to order it from Zathiya, I asked for there to be no bow, or ribbon at the top, as well as a 1cm reduction of the cup and gore *if it could be done*. Aisha responded that I could have the bra without the upper ribbon, but I had to have a bow. She said they were able to put a brown bow, instead of copper. At the time I wasn’t happy that I had to have a bow at the gore, but I’ve since received a few bras without the bow, and the bow does add “a little something” to it (and I will not be requesting any bras without the bow at the gore anymore)

When I confirmed with Aisha that I wanted the bra, I had to put down a 25% deposit, which came to about $12.75, this was excluding shipping. When the bra was received my Aisha, she sent me an invoice for the rest and the shipping (~$4). When the invoice was paid, the bra was shipped to me. The transaction went through without a hitch. Ordinarily I don’t order from Zathiya (or braobsessed), unless they have something exclusive that I want, simply because both companies rarely have anything in my size in stock. Both companies seem more aimed towards bigger cup sizes.


The band looks like it’s riding up in the profile pics, because it is. For the longest time I wore the bra with the straps adjusted to a certain level, but the last time I wore it, they felt too tight, so I loosened them. The band does stretch to almost 30 inches, essentially making it too big because my snug underbust is 28.5 inches. I don’t feel the band move when I wear this bra.


Fit wise, I think the cups are perfect. The width is 5.25 inches, and the depth is 8.25 inches. The cup heigh is 5.25, so it’s not too tall, and not too low. I do get ‘cakes on a plate’ cleavage in this bra (and pretty much all of my Comexim 3HCs.)


I’ve worn this bra a lot. I am now noticing that the tops of the cups are curved a little bit, but that is most likely due to the fact that there’s no ribbon at the top. It does bother me, because it is noticeable through shirts.


The straps were really hard to adjust. I had to use a safety pin to be able to adjust it. I don’t believe the straps have been moved in, since it wasn’t an alteration I asked for, but they don’t seem to be too wide set.


Backseam ‘Peach’ set Part 2

You can find the original set here.

So after the first set didn’t work out, I emailed Alena letting her know the top was too big, and that the bottoms were a little too big in the upper back area.

She emailed me back, with this picture and asked for measurements for 1, 2, 4, and 6. I emailed her back giving her those measurements, as well as the cup depth and width of my yellow Cleo Marcie (since it was my best fitting bra at the time). The bra and panty were sent out at no charge, since the original set didn’t fit.

When I received this set, I could see that it was different. I’ll get into that below.


The cups were definitely smaller. The cups were perfect. (But today when my breasts are apparently more FOT than normal, I’m getting some cutting in, not quite quadding.) The depth of the cups is ~7.75 inches. There is good depth at the wire. The sides of the cup come up high.

The wires are very soft and seem to stretch the cups when worn. So the width of the cup (5 inches) measures okay, but widens when stretched. There is some creaking when I press down on the wires.


The straps are a little thinner (.375 inches- .95 cm), and are attached with an O ring. The straps are wideset, but I think because they’re so thin, they don’t bother me. I haven’t actually worn this bra, but just from having it on right now, there’s no irritation whatsoever.


The closure on the band is darker than the bra (the original set had a closure that was an even match the the bra). The band is firm. The band stretches to 26.5 inches. The boning on the side of the band is a little pokey at the bottom.

This set came with the same bottom as the first set, and and extra bikini bottom.

High waist bottoms

These are definitely cut smaller than the original pair. They’re not too tight that they’re uncomfortable, however when I first put the, on I did hear the sound of thread popping. I only needed the back part to be taken in, but I don’t think I communicated that correctly to Alena. I love how the lower half looks on this piece. I think I’m too short &I don’t have enough definition in my waist to make high waisted anything to work. The top of these hit right where my waist goes in, but I don’t think they look right on me, because it’s right where my ribs are. If I were taller this would probably look better.


Low rise briefs

The briefs are really small. They cut in at the leg opening, and on my butt. I pulled the panties up for the pics, but they don’t really come that high, the top is barely above my butt crack. 😂 I won’t be wearing these because they aren’t comfortable.


I would defintely recommend buying from Alena if you’re looking to try a custom set from an indie company. It’s not cheap, but the materials make it worth the money, as does the labor, and the fact that she will try to make a set that works for you.

Freya Flourish longline 28F


I bought this after buying the parade longline, and the hopscotch longline. The hopscotch longline fits okay, but the band is too big, so when I saw this pop up on bratabase in a sister size to the hopscotch (30E), I jumped on it.

This isn’t a bra that I can say I was really interested in. I more or less wanted to try it for the size. Plus I like longlines.


I only ended up wearing this bra for around 3 hours, because the bottom of the band felt very tight on my skin. It was very uncomfortable. Luckily for me, I just so happened to be at home, so I could change before going out. To comfortably wear this, I’d need an extender. The front of the band also flips up easily.


Currently I am slightly quadding, but it may be from the bottom of the bra being too shallow at the wire. There’s almost a fingers worth of space there. The cups are also too wide. Much like the Freya fancies longline, this may be an issue of pliable wires, because the width of the cup is 5 inches (normally perfect for me). The cups run small, the depth of the cup is 8.5 inches, which is the depth of 28E/30DD.



The straps are so wideset. 😣 I rarely have the issue with straps being too wideset, but it was noticeable on this bra. It wasn’t unwearable, but it wasn’t 100% comfortable either.


The gore was too wide. It was sitting on breast tissue.

Do you own this bra or any other Freya Longline? What are your thoughts?

Freya Parade Longline 30D

This will be a short review, because I didn’t keep the bra, because it was obviously the wrong size.



As much as I want to say I bought this early in my fitting journey, I didn’t. According to bratabase, I added this bra back in January of this year (2016), so it was at least 6 months into my journey-enough to know 30D wasn’t going to work. I think part of the reason I bought this was because I’d tried on the Freya instinct half cup in size 28E, and it was too open for me (at the time. I think if I had it now, it would fit).


The cups were ridiculously small on me. There was plenty of side boob, and quad boob. The width of the cup was 4.5 inches, and the depth was 7.4 inches, so, half an inch too narrow, and about 1 inch too shallow. I believe at this time cup height was not a measurement on bratabase, but it would have been too short for me as well. My nipples were right at the top, but swooped back in.


The gore doesn’t tack, and is nowhere near tacking. At 1 inch wide, the gore would have been too wide for my close set breasts, so f it did tack, it would be sitting on breast tissue.


I don’t have any pictures of the back of the bra, but I put that the band rode up. The band stretched to 31 inches, so it was about 2.5 inches (currently), – 3 inches (back then) too big.



This bra is is very cute (just not on me), so I am definitely thinking about getting it in the correct size.


Have you tried on this bra? What did you think?