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Cleo Meg from Poshmark… 😒

I got the Cleo Meg 28e from poshmark today…

All I will say is, I am NOT happy with the bra. I should have went with my gut instinct, and not bought it.

This is a picture from the listing.

The top part of the pictures is how it originally looked. The bottom picture was added when I asked the seller if there was any fading there. She said ‘no that’s just the lighting’. When I looked at the second picture, I thought okay that could be the lighting. So I offered $11 for the bra, and she accepted. I actually ended up paying $16 because I had to pay shipping. Well, technically I paid a little over $2, because I sold one of my bras there and the money was available in my account.

I got the bra today….

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Close up. 😷


Close up 😷



So as you can see, this bra was not clean. And there was fading/discoloration on the closure.

When I messaged that seller she said the bra was cleaned right before it was shipped out (yeah right), and that if I wanted to return the bra, I could and she would refund me. 😒. There is no way in hell that bra was washed before bring shipped out.

It looks like there was a bunch of deodorant caked up on the armpit area, both on the inside area and the outside area. It also looked like there was something (deodorant perhaps?) caked on the bottom part of the gore. Why deodorant would be there, I don’t know. But it was gross. There was also some sort of animal hair embedded in the wires near the gore. Now, I don’t own an animal, and I don’t plan on it’s any time soon, but how does animal hair get stuck INTO your bra?

Me being the person I am, I hate going through the hassle of return, so I decided to wash the bra. This would have been the perfect bra to use a salad spinner on, but I don’t own one. So I used my nephews bucket (the same bucket I used to dye my princess/Portia hybrid bra). I filled if with hot tap water, a few drops of dish detergent (to get that grease and grime out), and some detergent. I sprayed the armpit area and gore area with this shout spray that I have. I put the bra in and swished it around, rinsed and repeated. I then rinsed the bra off with hot water, and then put hot water in the bucket with the bra, and let it soak for a few hours (I had a family gather in to go to). Came back, rinsed the bra with cold-ish water, and now it’s drying in a towel.

This isn’t dirty water, it’s water with HD detergent.

Curvy Kate Princess/Portia + bra extender

So I finally got my bra extenders in the mail. It took almost a month, which is one of time reasons I hate doing intl orders/shipping. I’m impatient, I want my stuff now.

Anyway, I decided to try it out on my CK Portia/Princess hybrid bra, since that was the one I felt was the tightest.

I don’t know if you can see in the picture, but the extender is actually a little wider than the band, however, the actual hook & eyes are at the same spot, so it closes with no issue. It looks funny, not no one is going to see my bra but me.

I put it on the first/tightest setting. The band feels a lot better. Not as tight as before. The cups however, feel looser. There’s space in the cups now.

**compared to before

The gore was pushing in slightly.

The biggest issue I had was that the sides of the cups were rubbing on my skin and irritating me because they were so high.

Hopefully I won’t have to wear the extender with this bra for long, as I liked the fit without it.

Bra hiatus

Now, I know I said I was going on a bra hiatus not too long ago. But obviously I lied. I didn’t lie intentionally, I really planned on not buying anymore bras. But sales happen. I see things that I want (houndstooth). I have no willpower. Lol. Today, I bought 6 bras and one matching panty. 😕 Granted, three of the bras (and I assume the panties) can be returned.

Last week I bought two bras from Poland Melissa Dessous. I’m really hoping to get them tomorrow- because on abtf someone said they received their order a week after they placed it. But I’ve never ordered from Poland, so I don’t know how long an in stock item takes.

And of course I ordered the houndstooth bra from Japan (that only took four days).

Today I ordered:

Freya Doodle 32D. <sigh> I really hope it fits. It’s 2 sister sizes up and it’s Freya so the band will most likely run big (everything I’ve read said they run big, but the 28s I have are right on me, and the 30s are fine). I’m figuring if it looks really bad, I’ll just return it. One of the reviews I read said that this bra gives the pointiest shape Freya has ever made. 😔 So as I see it, with this bra there’s two issues 1) the stretchiness of the band–which I plan on taking in to make it fit. 2) possibly the wire. I’m thinking it may be a little past my root? If it is I can fix that by bending the wire inward, which would also help with the band. But it’ll make the bra deeper. But I’m thinking of the wires are wider than it’ll take off some of the pointiness.  But since the bra is a sister size the wires should be be the same length.

**fingers crossed that this fits**

Curvy Kate Dreamcatcher 28E. This bra will probably be my last fortay into CK bras. The two 28Es I got from bras too were both fails, one too big, one too small. I’m actually wearing the Princess/Portia hybrid with an extender right now. This bra wasnt that cheap (I had some $14 bras in my cart), but considering the regular price is $60+ $19 isn’t a bad price. I am expecting to return this. I almost didn’t get it, but it was the last one, but with free shipping and returns- I saw no reason not to.

Freya Instinct 28E. The 30DD I have doesn’t ft as good as it could. So when I saw this so cheap I decided to get it. I haven’t done the review for the 30DD yet, but essentially for me to get a good fit in the cup I have to have the strap adjusters all the way on the top of my shoulders- on my clavicle. But when I have it adjusted so tight, it hurts & digs in. And it’s pointy. The band is okay, but when I have it adjusted to high it roses up. One issue I have with the instinct in 28E, is when I first put it in my cart it was showing the soft cup version. But this morning it was showing the padded version. So the padded version is what I bought, but I’ve already decided padded seamed bras don’t look right on me. But maybe this will look better since it’s a half cup.

I bought the matching panties. Which, I know was relatively pointless if I return this bra, and end up selling the 30DD, because then I won’t have a set anymore. But it was cheap- compared to the regular price. I like to get my panties from VS during the 8/$27 or 7/$27 deal, or when they have them for $3.99. I have a drawer full of panties, so I don’t actually need the matching panties.

I got a Cleo Meg in 28E from poshmark. I’m hoping it fits and it looks nice. The other Cleo Meg I had was a 30D, so this is going to be 1 cup size up from that. I’m sure there is going to be space at the top- all of my cleos have that.

The last two bras I got from Groupon. A bratabaser made a post saying that groupon was selling 2 bra sets of parfait bras. So I got the one that wasn’t padded. I looked up the reviews on bratabaser and they weren’t many. There was measurements, but I’m not sure how they got them because no one has own those bras (in 30DD-which is the size I bought).

Claudette cool cotton 30e update

I wore the Love Claudette 30e bra today at work. The original post can be found here.

I decided to wear this bra because my freya ignite (currently my decorate bra) was going to show through, and for some reason I can’t seem to find my freya Arabella. I haven’t worn that bra yet, but it’s not with my other bras. It was driving me crazy, but I didn’t have time to look for it this morning. And I didn’t particularly care to wear another dress. Plus the top of the bra was low enough that it wouldn’t accidentally peek through the top.

This is how the bra looked with my dress on.

This is how I wanted the bra to look. (I pulled the strap tighter)

This is how I looked without a bra on. (Very similar to the first pic, but less full on top)

Thankfully the bra wasn’t visible when worn with this dress.

However, at point during the day, I looked at my smaller breast and I noticed you could see where my areola was. Kind of like this:

Periodically throughout the day, the wire was digging in around my armpits. It wasn’t a constant thing, which was odd. It dug in on both sides.


There is some irritation from previous ill fitting VS bras (at the top).

I knew when I put it on, that there was a possibility that it was going to bother me whenever I raised/moved my arms forward because the straps are too wide set. I could have pushed them in forward, but my dress was very wide set at the top, so I left them as is. You can see in the pics below how close to my armpit the straps/cups are.

And last but not least… For some reason after I came back from my lunch break the paper size tag started irritating my skin. I’m sure it was because it was a paper tag and not a fabric tag like most bras. It irritated the hell out of me! I had one of my coworkers come and fix it, because I thought the tag was wrinkled. But about 5 minutes after she fixed it, I felt the irritation again. Since I was wearing a dress, there was no way for me to fix it without taking off both the dress and the bra. And once that bra came off, it wasn’t going back on, so I didn’t try to fix it. I have to decide if I’m going to keep the bra before I cut the tag off.

You can’t really see any irritation, but I felt it.

Aimerfeel Houndstooth bra & panty set 65e & M

**This is going to be a lengthy post

You can find the bra here, and the panties here.

Color: black & white houndstooth

One of the things I absolutely love when it comes to clothing/accessories, is houndstooth. Everyone that I know, knows this. My boss once bought me a bunch of pens once because they were houndstooth (and they were also on sale). I’d be so happy if I could find a houndstooth purse that wasn’t a cloth material (I want something that can be wiped down)

Anyways, when I saw this set on Rakuten, I had to temporarily suspend my bra hiatus. Because houndstooth. Although I’m not entirely sure of my US size, I consider myself 28e, since most of the ones I’ve one across fit. This bra is from Japan, so it has Japanese sizing. There was about 9 sizes that this bra came in, but only three that were available for purchase. 65E being the largest oft goes sizes. That translate to about a 30DD. 30DD is a sister size of 28E, so I figured it should fit. On Rakuten, when you’re viewing a page, at the bottom it shows you similar items, and/or items from that seller. So I looked around, and dad died to buy a pair of matching panties as well. Normally I’m a thong girl, but I decided to get the matching panty with lace.

The ordering process:

I normally try to stick with US companies when placing orders, because I am so impatient. I hate waiting. But this was houndstooth, so I had to get it. I placed my order Aug 12th. In the email it states something to the effect of payment not going through until the seller adds the shipping fee. Which when I placed my order had no idea what the actual amount was going to be. But I assumed it was going to be around $10 (if I was lucky). August 12th I got an email from the seller about the shipping confirmation, but it didn’t state the amount, so I couldn’t pay. Aug 17 with still no word from the company. I emailed them asking them for a shipping amount so that I could buy the items. I receive it the next day, and I send payment. Aug 18th I received an email stating it was shipped out. (Yay!) Today is Aug 22 and I got the package already! It took 4 days to go from Japan to the US.

About the bra:

The bra is very ‘Cleo-esque’ in nature. A three piece balconette style, with the side piece made to push everything forward.

There’s a big black bow at the gore

The wing and band are very long, almost like a longline bra.

The inner part of the bra is black

There are removable ‘cookies

About the panty:

The panty is all houndstooth, front and back.

There is a black bow in the front

There is lace which is very soft that goes along the sides of the back.

The gusset is a black cotton fabric

The review:


When I initially tried this bra on, I didn’t realize that there were cookies in them, I just thought that tie as heavily padded. I don’t particularly like padded bras. I decided one day about two years ago that I was going to stop wearing padded bras because they make my breasts look bigger than they are. I’m not happy with the face that this bra is padded AND seamed, as those bras don’t work for me. But this is houndstooth…

I love the look of this bra on. I have cleavage, but no quad boob. The band feels nice & snug. The straps feel okay, but I may have to loosen them a bit because my back/shoulders hurts a bit.

This looks exactly like my Maya & Meg bras.

The gore tacks, but there is a little bit of space on the smaller cup right near the gore.

This bra doesn’t look so nice under a cami

And it looks kind of pointy in the profile

I don’t like the way it looks.

After I took out the cookies:

I have less cleavage with the cookies out, but I don’t really like them in because they make the bra feel so bulky. The space by the gore on the smaller breast is more pronounced.

But it looks better under my cami

I’m so glad there wasn’t an ‘S’ option for the panties. Because I would have bought them, and they would have been way too small. I spoke to my Japanese coworker today about the fit of panties in japan compared to the US, and she said that the Jp size M is like the US size S or XS. They’re tight. Not constricting tight, but tight nonetheless. They’re low rise and site below my hip bones.

In the pictures below, I have a pair of VS cheekiness on underneath. You can see how much higher they are compared to these panties.

Im debating on ether or not to keep the bra. I really want to separate it from the thick lining, but I don’t know how that will look, it may totally destroy the look and fit of the bra. The panties, I’m definitely keeping. I think I may order more (in a large), and in all three of the styles available.

Cleo Meg 30d

This isn’t going to be a review per se, but it’ll be as close to one as I can get because I don’t own this bra anymore.

I bought this from The Lingerie Store back in July for about $15+ shipping. Now if something’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is…. When I received the bra, I saw that it had about 3 brown stains. I have no idea what the stains were, but it went through the fabric, so I had a feeling it probably wouldn’t wash out. I quickly called the store to see what I could do. I didn’t just want to return it and have time think the stain came from me/my house. I spoke to Amber and she was really nice about it. She told me to mail it back, and they would refund me the full amount that I paid. They refunded me quickly.

i wasn’t sure what they were going to do with the bra, and I hoped they didn’t sell it. But as of now. I can see the bra is still on there site, so beware, if you buy it, it will have stains in it. That’s probably why the bra was so cheap when I bought it.

The fit:

A few things I remember about the fit of this bra

I had the straps at the longest setting, and they still felt like they were digging in. Something I’d never felt before when I was wearing the incorrect size.

This bra, as with all of the other cleo bras I have, had an effect of pushing all of my breasts to the center of my chest. Sounds good in theory, and may be what women with bigger breasts want. But on me, it just made me look smaller. When I looked at myself from the front (especially with a shirt on), I was like, geez where did my breasts go? 😨’ Actually, I think the only cleo soft bra that doesn’t do that is the Lucy. I am used to having an hourglass shape, albeit a slim one. With this bra (and the Maya & Minnie) I look like a (slim) pear shape. While neither shape is bad, I prefer to make my breasts look bigger rather than smaller. Bigger without the use of padding/molding.

The cups felt simultaneously too big and too small. Too small because I believe I had some side boob escaping– it was lower than what I’d been used to. Too big because there was some gapping, and wrinkling   In the upper part of the cup, but not directly at the top- basically where the purple strip of fabric was.

I have both of these pictures in my gallery, and I didn’t take notes on the actual fit, so I assume one before S&S’ing, and one is after.

Gapping at the top when arms are raised.

I do wish that I come across this bra in a 28e, because I think it would fit better. I do feel that when I come across bras in sister sizes 28e & 30dd, the 28e seems to fit me better. (Yes, I know a 28e, would be a bigger cup size)

Gorgeous bra update/ OOTD

The review for the bra can be found here >> Gorgeous bra by Debenhams.

So I wore this bra today, as I needed to go to a CPR class for 4 hours, but had nothing else planned for the day. And I figured why not wear a bra I haven’t worn yet, since I was only going to be out a few hours.

Everything about the bra was comfortable except for the gore. This bra is probably the softest I own. The straps seem really wide, but they don’t dig in. The wire is fine, the band is fine, the freaking gore, man.

The bottom of the gore doesn’t tack, it’s very slight, but I’m aware of it. The top of the gore tacks. But it apparently pushes down on my sternum. I think there’s two reasons for this.

I don’t have a lot of cushioning there.

The gore is wider than the space between my breasts.

You can imagine how fun it was doing chest compressions with a stabby gore.

When I got home, the gore was really irritating me, so I tucked the top of my shirt into the gore. And I left it like that. Hours later when I saw my brother he said, “there’s something going on with your shirt. Maybe you want to fix that.”

Speaking of my brother….

When I got dressed today I pretty much put,on the first thing I saw. Which was a camo top from Zulily ($3.99), and a pair of boyfriend jeans from The Loft, under their Lou & Grey line. Ordinarily, I hate boyfriend jeans. They don’t do anything or my shape at all. Baggy/loose fitting clothing does nothing for my shape period. But boyfriend jeans tend to flatten my butt. This particular pair doesn’t. These jeans when I wear with a belt really just come across as looking like a mid-rise jean with a looser fitting thigh (not baggy though). This was kind of the look I was going for, minus the mid rise. I like low rise jeans. I really just bought these jeans because I loved the distressing, and they weren’t baggy on the model on the website. Lately with jeans from the Loft, I’ve been needing to get 24 curvy petite. The few 24Ps that I have (in the regular denim, not the colored denim) are… rather tight. Not uncomfortable tight, but butt flattening tight. In my experience, the clothing from the ‘full retail’ Loft doesn’t stretch out like the jeans from the outlet store- which means my non curvy 24p are too small.

Yes I’m outside barefoot

Anyway, when my brother and I went to take his daughter to the Dr, he was walking behind me and he so nicely commented, “Those jeans make your butt look flat” 😡

Does my butt look flat to you? 😏


This outfit fits 2 out of the 3 things that I love when it comes to clothing: camo/army print & distressed jeans (the third being houndstooth)

A word on my reviews

I just want to mention that a majority of my reviews are going to be how the bras fit when I try them on. A few reviews here and there will be how they fit after wearing them. I realize it makes more sense to do a review after I have worn the bra for a few hours, but some of the bras I’m not completely sure if I am going to keep. Some of the bras I know I won’t keep due to them not fitting, but didn’t/can’t return. 

Some issues don’t come up until you are actually wearing the bra– like right now the bra I’m wearing fit okay when I tried it on, and for okay for the first two hours, but later on the gore started digging in. As I’m typing, it is still digging in, but I’m too lazy to take it off. Some of the bras I can’t comment on how they fit after a few hours because I either didn’t buy them (tried them on only) or returned them immediately. 

When I can, I will update (with or without pictures) on how the fit of some bras are. 

Victoria’s Secret multiway biofit bra size 32c

I was going to write this review, yesterday, as I wore this bra, but I had a really bad headache after I got off work, and I basically went to bed after eating dinner.

Color: Miami tan

About the bra:

The Miami tan color is a very rich shade of brown. (Not as dark as the photo below)

It features a very very small gore (which is one thing I love about VS bras)

The inside of the bra is a beige suede-like material.

This bra is older than dirt. Lol. I bought this years ago, when VS first brought out the ‘multiway’ bra, and still sold the biofit style.

The inner part of the cups feature two places for the straps to attach, the normal area near the shoulder, as well as one close to the gore. This bra came with both clear and brown straps.

On the wing there is boning

The actual band of the bra has a bunch of ‘cut out’ areas for the strap to hook into, so that it can be worn with a variety of tops.

Close up of the band

The review:

I obviously knew this bra wasn’t going to fit. But I wore it anyway, because the dress I wanted to wear called for a strapless bra. And this is the closest thing I have to a fitting strapless bra. I figured if I wore it on the tightest setting it would be ‘okay’. It wasn’t.

this is how I looked when I got home:

Pas you can see, the wire is way below my IMF. The band was on the tightest setting, but the bra did keep sliding down.

I lifted it up, and S&S’ed

Beautiful cleavage. But that’s not what I was going for, because the top of my dress wasn’t low cut. The wire wasn’t completely in my IMF, if I put it all the way up there, I had some boob slipping out the bottom. So that was as high as it could go.

I had the issue of having space between my breast and the wire, but that was to be expected.

The gore obviously didn’t tack. It was a lot worse when I didn’t S&S.

Angle view

Side view

This bra was simultaneously too tight and too loose at the same time. I don’t know how that was possible. It kept sliding down throughout the day, even though it was on the tightest setting. And I think because it was on the tightest setting, it was too tight on my ribs. It would hurt a little when I inhaled. That was also probably due to the daft that the wires were on my ribs, and not in my IMF.

I was planning on keeping this bra (I listed 16 VS push-up bras on eBay), because I love the color (it’s my nude), and because it’s a strapless, but I think it may have to go into my ‘to sell’ pile. 😥

Bras I Want

There’s a few bras I want. See of these bras, I can’t find in my size, and some I can’t afford. 😥

Cleo Marcie

i don’t know if this bra would actually fit me, but I’m looking for either a 28dd, or a 28e.

Cleo Lucy

again, I’m not sure which size I would need. The black 30dd fit me, but the white 300dd was a little too big. So again, either a 28dd, or a 28e

Cleo Darcy

There’s a 99% chance that this bra won’t fit me! as I believe it’s better for shallow women! but I want it.

Freya doodle

I assume I’d need a 28e

Ewa Michalak ‘kwiaty’

I couldn’t even tell you what size I would need in this bra.

Panache Jasmine

Just because it’s houndstooth. Size. 30dd

Speaking of houndstooth… I absolutely love houndstooth.

Now this set below, I actually ordered last week, Wednesday, but I never received an email from the seller confirming the price, so, I guess, technically I didn’t order it.

It’s possibly not the right size either. It’s a 65E, which some sites say is 30dd, and some say it’s 30d. So we need to keep our fingers crossed and hope it’s a 30dd, otherwise it won’t fit. 🙏🏾

And yes, I ordered the panties too. In size M, which I’m hoping fits like xs. 😳

Update: okay, so I spoke too soon. I received the shipping confirmation for the set above literally a few hours after this post. It’s coming from Japan so hopefully I get it in two weeks or so.