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Cleo Meg 28e

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Color: dark blue with red mesh, and blue and white

The bra:

There is only one bow in this bra, and it had a small bird ornament hanging from it

**pics of the bra after it was thoroughly washed**

The review:

There is some wrinkling on the band

As well as throughout the cups

At the top

The bottom

Even though there is some space/wrinkling, I do consider this to be a bra that fits.

The gore tacks

I initially thought the wires were a little wide, so I took pictures after I took the bra off to see.

As you can see the gore does sit on my breast tissue somewhat, but all my bras do. Β I think I need a gore where one wire sits on top of the other.

My breasts no longer look like this. I have dark marks from stabby gores. πŸ˜“

Pics when I wore the bra to work.

Beautiful. 😍


1 month later

Overall there seems to be less wrinkling/more filing out the cup.

There is still some wrinkling on the bottom, but it looks like there’s not as much as before

Another day when I wore this to work. It was undetectable under my shirt.


At some point since I joined bratabase/abrathatfits my measurements changed slightly. So the pictures could be before and after.

I’ve worn this bra a handful of times since getting it off poshmark. I don’t recall having any complaints with the wires. The only time the wires bothered me was when I wore a few uncomfortable bras consecutive days for like a week, then when I got to this bra, the gore bothered me after a few hours.

*The first set of pics was taken 09/15/15, the second set 10/15/15

Cleo Meg from Poshmark… πŸ˜’

I got the Cleo Meg 28e from poshmark today…

All I will say is, I am NOT happy with the bra. I should have went with my gut instinct, and not bought it.

This is a picture from the listing.

The top part of the pictures is how it originally looked. The bottom picture was added when I asked the seller if there was any fading there. She said ‘no that’s just the lighting’. When I looked at the second picture, I thought okay that could be the lighting. So I offered $11 for the bra, and she accepted. I actually ended up paying $16 because I had to pay shipping. Well, technically I paid a little over $2, because I sold one of my bras there and the money was available in my account.

I got the bra today….

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Close up. 😷


Close up 😷



So as you can see, this bra was not clean. And there was fading/discoloration on the closure.

When I messaged that seller she said the bra was cleaned right before it was shipped out (yeah right), and that if I wanted to return the bra, I could and she would refund me. πŸ˜’. There is no way in hell that bra was washed before bring shipped out.

It looks like there was a bunch of deodorant caked up on the armpit area, both on the inside area and the outside area. It also looked like there was something (deodorant perhaps?) caked on the bottom part of the gore. Why deodorant would be there, I don’t know. But it was gross. There was also some sort of animal hair embedded in the wires near the gore. Now, I don’t own an animal, and I don’t plan on it’s any time soon, but how does animal hair get stuck INTO your bra?

Me being the person I am, I hate going through the hassle of return, so I decided to wash the bra. This would have been the perfect bra to use a salad spinner on, but I don’t own one. So I used my nephews bucket (the same bucket I used to dye my princess/Portia hybrid bra). I filled if with hot tap water, a few drops of dish detergent (to get that grease and grime out), and some detergent. I sprayed the armpit area and gore area with this shout spray that I have. I put the bra in and swished it around, rinsed and repeated. I then rinsed the bra off with hot water, and then put hot water in the bucket with the bra, and let it soak for a few hours (I had a family gather in to go to). Came back, rinsed the bra with cold-ish water, and now it’s drying in a towel.

This isn’t dirty water, it’s water with HD detergent.

Cleo Meg 30d

This isn’t going to be a review per se, but it’ll be as close to one as I can get because I don’t own this bra anymore.

I bought this from The Lingerie Store back in July for about $15+ shipping. Now if something’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is…. When I received the bra, I saw that it had about 3 brown stains. I have no idea what the stains were, but it went through the fabric, so I had a feeling it probably wouldn’t wash out. I quickly called the store to see what I could do. I didn’t just want to return it and have time think the stain came from me/my house. I spoke to Amber and she was really nice about it. She told me to mail it back, and they would refund me the full amount that I paid. They refunded me quickly.

i wasn’t sure what they were going to do with the bra, and I hoped they didn’t sell it. But as of now. I can see the bra is still on there site, so beware, if you buy it, it will have stains in it. That’s probably why the bra was so cheap when I bought it.

The fit:

A few things I remember about the fit of this bra

I had the straps at the longest setting, and they still felt like they were digging in. Something I’d never felt before when I was wearing the incorrect size.

This bra, as with all of the other cleo bras I have, had an effect of pushing all of my breasts to the center of my chest. Sounds good in theory, and may be what women with bigger breasts want. But on me, it just made me look smaller. When I looked at myself from the front (especially with a shirt on), I was like, geez where did my breasts go? 😨’ Actually, I think the only cleo soft bra that doesn’t do that is the Lucy. I am used to having an hourglass shape, albeit a slim one. With this bra (and the Maya & Minnie) I look like a (slim) pear shape. While neither shape is bad, I prefer to make my breasts look bigger rather than smaller. Bigger without the use of padding/molding.

The cups felt simultaneously too big and too small. Too small because I believe I had some side boob escaping– it was lower than what I’d been used to. Too big because there was some gapping, and wrinkling Β  In the upper part of the cup, but not directly at the top- basically where the purple strip of fabric was.

I have both of these pictures in my gallery, and I didn’t take notes on the actual fit, so I assume one before S&S’ing, and one is after.

Gapping at the top when arms are raised.

I do wish that I come across this bra in a 28e, because I think it would fit better. I do feel that when I come across bras in sister sizes 28e & 30dd, the 28e seems to fit me better. (Yes, I know a 28e, would be a bigger cup size)