Victorias Secret VSX Sports Bra Size 32DD

At the end of April, I decided I was going to start going to the gym.  My normal ‘bradrobe’ consists of regular bras and bralettes, but nothing that I could wear to the gym, and workout with. If did buy a few ‘regular ‘ sports bras, but quickly realized that they’re not for me. (I may review all of them together in one post later). This VS sports bra isn’t the first bra sized sports bra that I bought, but it is the first I want to review.

I bought this on eBay, because I loved the color, and the fact that it wasn’t a racerback, which I don’t care for. Unfortunately for me this bra doesn’t fit. I sized up from my other bra sized sports bra (even though they’re different brands), and this ended up being too big. So in this review, I can’t talk about how well it’ll work when working out.


For a 32 band it is pretty firm. Relaxed it’s about 24.75 inches, stretches its about 29.5 inches. It’s bigger than my underbust measurement, but it does not feel loose at all. There is a thick elastic band that goes across the whole length of the bra. It feels very comfortable. I’d be happy if all VS 32 bands fit like this. There is also 4 rows of eye closures.


The straps are part of the reason I bought this bra. There seems to be a lot more racerback , or criss cross back style sports bras, than regular strapped sports bra. These straps are only partially adjustable, and they can be clipped into a cross cross, which may help those that need shorter straps. The printed part of the straps are fairly wide, at 1.125″ wide, and they’re also somewhat padded.


I’m not 100% sure if this bra has wires or not. There is  something that feels hard, so it’s either a thin plastic wire, or just all of the material. The ‘wire’ is in the shape of a half moon, so I think that’s why the cup measures as wide as it does.


The cups on this bra are too big. When buying this, I forgot that when I’ve bought the padded D-DD bralettes from VS they were too big, and this bra seems to have the same characteristics as those.

The cup is too wide; it measures 7.5 across in width. The sides of the cup definitely come up too high. If I were to put this bra on before putting deodorant on, I’d definitely get some on the bra. It’s definitely in the area where hair grows. The height of the cup/bra, is actually perfect. It covers my tall roots, which no other sports bra seems to do. However, the cups are also too deep. I’d say there’s about an inch of space between my nipple and the apex of the cup. There’s space on the inner part of the cup, as well as above my breasts. There are 2 separate cups, so this isn’t a bra I’d wear to the gym (or anywhere really). If I wore this to the gym, it wouldn’t control any bounce.  I do think this bra would be best for those with tall roots.


The cups are so big on this, I wasn’t sure if I should go down 1 size or 2 when buying another one. I ultimately decided to go down one size (because I found it cheap on eBay).

Do do you own any VS spots bras?

Victoria’s Secret Green Padded Bralette size S

Color: Jade?

The bra:

Has a diagonal seam on the front.

The bottom has a triangular scalloping design

It’s a part of the pink line, so the inside of the cups are pink

This bra has a lot of padding 😣

A closeup of the wire- it is very short and isn’t the entire length of the bottom of the cup

There’s a small cute heart at the back.

The fit/review:

Yup, this is too small in the cups.

Small but sexy 😏

Even quadding on my smaller boob


This is the most comfortable ‘bra’ I own. This bralette and the other two like it are what got me through the 10 hour shifts at my job. As much as I love them, I’d only buy more when they go on clearance (I got this on clearance for around $15)

The two main issues with this bralette is 1- it is for shallow breasts. And 2- it stretches out A LOT. This is one of the few ‘bras’ that I will put in the dryer. I can’t not put them in the dryer. Every bralette I own I wear multiple times before washing (I’m sure that sounds gross, but I don’t actually sweat in them- when the really hot whether comes I may have to wash them after every wear). They stretch out to the point where it feels like they’re nipple covers, seriously. When it’s stretched I can feel the ‘band’ move as I move.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Date Unlined Bra size 32D

You can find the bra for sale here.

Color: black cherry (a purplish burgundy)

The bra:

The gore is short & wide

The cups are semi sheer

There is an elastic strip at the top of the cup. It is very stretchy, but this may not be the best style for FOT

The bottom portion of the cups have 3 vertical seams (they don’t go all the way to the top.

The Pink® logo on the side of the band

The straps are very thin; The straps are convertible in the back only; the lace does not go all the way around the band

Theres only 2 columns of hook & eyes. (Which is to be expected in this size as well as from VS)

The fit pics:

The cups are slightly small, and there is some slight cutting in. It’s is somewhat visible in real life, but I couldn’t capture good pictures of it. The lace is very stretchy & I attempted to stretch the top of the lace out, but I didn’t want to stretch it out too much

Pics of the slight cutting in

Pics of me in the bra with a top on

The bra doesn’t really uplift my breasts, it gives a very natural appearance. And minimizes my breasts somewhat.


Pics of the marks left by the wires

The width of the cup measures 5.25″ , and as you can see from the pics, it isn’t too wide for my breasts.


The review:

This bra is literally the most comfortable bra I own. I got it in the mail yesterday & I’ve been wearing it ever since (well I did take it off to shower & to sleep.)

The gore is wide, & most likely sitting on tissue, but it is not uncomfortable at all, and not stabby. I think I may alter the gore to make it thinner.

The band is stretchy, but I don’t believe it’s as stretchy as other VS bras. It’s not uncomfortably loose. It’s not noticeably loose, but I do have the adjusters slightly below the top of my shoulders. When stretched, the wires start to stretch around 29.5″, but it can stretch all the way to 32.5 (the wires were beyond distorted though).

I only paid about $20 for this bra with the coupons I had, so I think it was a good deal. Since I have a few secret rewards cards (and more coming in the mail) I will get a few more (I really want it in black). If I go to. Victoria’s Secret I would like to try on the 32DD, just to see how it fits. I may also try some of their other unlined bras.


VS tropical lace bralette additional pics

Here are pics of the bralette.  I didn’t want to make that post so picture heavy, since I had pics of both bralettes.

Review can be found here.


the lining of the bralette

seam going down middle of the bralette w/o flash

the straps are not too long


w/o flash

lining on the cup

the bottom of the lace








Victorias secret Tropical Lace Bralette size S (D-DD)

*Additional pics can be found here.

I initially purchased these bralettes because I wanted the free blanket.

But I actually ended up liking the bralettes.


Thankfully these bralettes come in band AND cup sizes. Well, sort of. These are the sizes they come in:

XS (AA-B), S (AA-C), S (D-DD), M (A-C), M (D-DD), L (A-C), L (DD). So they don’t have the whole spectrum of sizes, but they have more sizes than regular bralettes. My preferred size would have been XS (D-DD), but they don’t make that size (yet), so I went with the S (D-DD). It was a good choice.

The fit:

It’s actually a good fit.





I did notice that after the first wear, it does seem to stretch out some– notice in the burgundy bra pics 3, 4, & 5, the bottom of the bralette isn’t touching my skin in certain spots. (The pics were taken on 2 different days)

The bralette is very comfortable. I wore it to work one day, and while I was at a red light, I started panicking because I thought I forgot to put a bra on. My breasts aren’t very big, and they’re self supporting, so I don’t know how well this bralette would work for someone with heavier/bigger breasts. I like this bra enough that I’d get more, but not for the $23 price. Not that $23 is a bad price, I just don’t want to pay that much for a bralette (or really a bra. I’m cheap like that.)

The bottom of the bra is actually very stretchy, so I really wouldn’t mind if they started making these bralettes in XS (D-DD).

Victoria’s Secret multiway biofit bra size 32c

I was going to write this review, yesterday, as I wore this bra, but I had a really bad headache after I got off work, and I basically went to bed after eating dinner.

Color: Miami tan

About the bra:

The Miami tan color is a very rich shade of brown. (Not as dark as the photo below)

It features a very very small gore (which is one thing I love about VS bras)

The inside of the bra is a beige suede-like material.

This bra is older than dirt. Lol. I bought this years ago, when VS first brought out the ‘multiway’ bra, and still sold the biofit style.

The inner part of the cups feature two places for the straps to attach, the normal area near the shoulder, as well as one close to the gore. This bra came with both clear and brown straps.

On the wing there is boning

The actual band of the bra has a bunch of ‘cut out’ areas for the strap to hook into, so that it can be worn with a variety of tops.

Close up of the band

The review:

I obviously knew this bra wasn’t going to fit. But I wore it anyway, because the dress I wanted to wear called for a strapless bra. And this is the closest thing I have to a fitting strapless bra. I figured if I wore it on the tightest setting it would be ‘okay’. It wasn’t.

this is how I looked when I got home:

Pas you can see, the wire is way below my IMF. The band was on the tightest setting, but the bra did keep sliding down.

I lifted it up, and S&S’ed

Beautiful cleavage. But that’s not what I was going for, because the top of my dress wasn’t low cut. The wire wasn’t completely in my IMF, if I put it all the way up there, I had some boob slipping out the bottom. So that was as high as it could go.

I had the issue of having space between my breast and the wire, but that was to be expected.

The gore obviously didn’t tack. It was a lot worse when I didn’t S&S.

Angle view

Side view

This bra was simultaneously too tight and too loose at the same time. I don’t know how that was possible. It kept sliding down throughout the day, even though it was on the tightest setting. And I think because it was on the tightest setting, it was too tight on my ribs. It would hurt a little when I inhaled. That was also probably due to the daft that the wires were on my ribs, and not in my IMF.

I was planning on keeping this bra (I listed 16 VS push-up bras on eBay), because I love the color (it’s my nude), and because it’s a strapless, but I think it may have to go into my ‘to sell’ pile. 😥

Victoria’s Secret Pink bra + swooping & scooping

I decided to make this post on a whim, so it’s going to be relatively short, and have only a few pictures.

Swooping and scooping is in general, something that I don’t particular up feel I need to do. Yes, I do want all of my breast tissue to be inside of my bra, however, I don’t believe that I have migrated breast tissue. I’m practically skin & bones, so there’s now her that the tissue has migrated to. But I swoop and scoop anyway.

Bra: Pink by Victoria’s Secret, wear everywhere Demi bra. Size 32C.

When I putt his bra on (just now), my initial thought was, ‘wow! The band is huge.’ VS bra bands are very stretchy. I used to love these bras (I literally own like 20 of them). They were my ‘go to’ bras. But since I’ve found the correct size, or close to it, I haven’t worn these bras since.

Anyway, these are pics of the bra BEFORE swooping and scooping.

The gore doesn’t tack.

Look at how much room is in the band!

Pictures AFTER swooping & scooping.

Close up

Yes, the gore is sitting on my breast tissue.

The gore still doesn’t tack

But it’s closer than before, but look at that quadding!

The band is still big, but not as big as before.

I was initially going to keep all of my VS bras, and just alter the band so they would fit, and I could still have them, but I think it’s time to let them go. Even if I take in the band, the cup is too small. If these bras were 32D, it may have been okay to alter the bands. I’ll probably list all the wear everywhere bras together, instead of selling them separately.

As you can see from the before and after pics, you can see the difference swooping and scooping makes. It’ll show you really. Whether or not a bra you’re wearing fits. I try on some bras and initially I think they’re a little too big, but then when I S&S, they fit.