Curvy Kate Portia/Princess 28e

Okay. If you’re confused about the title, it’s because this bra is labeled as ‘Portia’, but it’s actually Princess.

As per the CK website

  • Princess: soft raised polka dot & floral embroidery with a ribbon slot. Rounded shape.
  • Portia: criss cross detailing, ribbon slot & flirty bows.

Once you start looking at the pictures below, you will see that this is not a Portia, as labeled, but Princess. I don’t know of the cut is different or not.

Color: white

The bra: this was sold to me as a used bra, so it’s not as white as it once was– fine with me because I’m going to dye it.

the gore with the bow.

It has the characteristic fuzzy polka dot pattern, floral embroidery and ribbon slot.

Some discoloration on the polka dots

The straps have the same floral embroidery as the top of the cup.

The review: this is a 28e, and I knew there was a chance this bra would be too big or wouldn’t fit. I have a pink CK Princess bra in a sister size (30dd) and it’s too big.

You can see somewhat from the front that it’s too big.

And from an angle


But there is some space at the top on my smaller breast.

There’s a good amount of space so the top of the bra, which is why I’m going to alter it later.

The gore tacks, but it is kind of pressing into my sternum.

But for some reason there’s an area at the bottom of the bra on BOTH cups where the wire doesn’t touch my skin. It is where two seams meet, and around the area where the band connects with the wire. No matter how much scooping I do, it’s there. I got this bra used, so it is possible the previous owner(s) bent the wires.

Another issue I have is that on my smaller side, the cup kind of cuts my underarm. Now I’m one of those people that loves side boob to be completely covered, but this is a little too high for me. (Which is a first)


The bra does however, look very nice in the profile.


This is going to be a keeper. Mainly because I want to dye it and alter it. Plus I got it very cheaply.

Update: I decided to compare the wires. I’m pretty sure these were bent to give some sort of shape for the previous wearer.

The wires of the bra side by side.

When I push in the wires closest to the band. You can see the gore section doesn’t touch.

When I push the wires closest to the gore together.

I dyed the bra purple.

2 thoughts on “Curvy Kate Portia/Princess 28e

  1. It’s too bad the previous owner didn’t disclose she had bent the wires. However, it’s great to have a bargain bra to dye.


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