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Latest bras + update

I bought some bras from Amazona few days ago and they are all fails.😟

Freya Parade longline 30d

Freya Patsy 28dd (you would think going down a cup size would work… Since the 28e was too roomy in the cup)

Curvy Kate 28dd princess (black/magenta)

Brad I bought within the last week or so:

Curvy Kate Princess also 28dd (light pink/white)

Curvy Kate Emily 28dd

Freya parade plunge 28e
I’m going to say now that I think the issue with the 3 Curvy Kates, is that the band may be too tight causing the wires to distort.

I bought some plastic underwire for to see if that helps with digging wires. I was planning on puting them in one of the new curvy Kate bras, but now I’m not sure. I think I need to try those on with a bra extender. 

I will try to make a post tomorrow about the FreyaParade, as I wore that bra today, 12/11. But I was called into work and right after I’m going out. I won’t have a day off until Wednesday, but I want to try to get it out before then.

Actually, now that I think about it, I can switch the wires on my CK Princess/Portia hybrid bra. πŸ€—

And completely unrelated to bras, I dropped my Starbucks cup. πŸ˜–πŸ˜– 


Curvy Kate Emily 28dd

I bought this bra fromΒ The link was posted on ABTF. The bra was 80% off and I ended up paying about $9 +shipping. I also bought a curvy Kate princess also 28dd and also for $9.

I was hoping it fit, and it does. But not perfectly. Well the cups fit…

Color: teal/white

Style: soft cup

The review: this is a bra that I actually wore. I wore it today at work.

This is how it looked with my top on:




Without top:






The view from the back looks too tight. I may try this on with an extender, but I think that’ll make the cups a little bit bigger.


I do think that the sides come up too high.


I also think the wire is a little too far back.


There is a pinch of space in the lace on the smaller breast.


The gore was very uncomfortable after a few hours. *something I’ve been dealing with lately with these soft bras. I put 2 pieces of tissue to soften the pain, and it kind of helped.




I took this bra of as soon as I got home and you can see the marks it left.


Indentation from the tissue.



The wire does look a little far back


Pushing the tissue back to confirm the wire is too far back.