Victoria’s Secret Green Padded Bralette size S

Color: Jade?

The bra:

Has a diagonal seam on the front.

The bottom has a triangular scalloping design

It’s a part of the pink line, so the inside of the cups are pink

This bra has a lot of padding ūüė£

A closeup of the wire- it is very short and isn’t the entire length of the bottom of the cup

There’s a small cute heart at the back.

The fit/review:

Yup, this is too small in the cups.

Small but sexy ūüėŹ

Even quadding on my smaller boob


This is the most comfortable ‘bra’ I own. This bralette and the other two like it are what got me through the 10 hour shifts at my job. As much as I love them, I’d only buy more when they go on clearance (I got this on clearance for around $15)

The two main issues with this bralette is 1- it is for shallow breasts. And 2- it stretches out A LOT. This is one of the few ‘bras’ that I will put in the dryer. I can’t not put them in the dryer. Every bralette I own I wear multiple times before washing (I’m sure that sounds gross, but I don’t actually sweat in them- when the really hot whether comes I may have to wash them after every wear). They stretch out to the point where it feels like they’re nipple covers, seriously. When it’s stretched I can feel the ‘band’ move as I move.

VS tropical lace bralette additional pics

Here are pics of the bralette.¬† I didn’t want to make that post so picture heavy, since I had pics of both bralettes.

Review can be found here.


the lining of the bralette

seam going down middle of the bralette w/o flash

the straps are not too long


w/o flash

lining on the cup

the bottom of the lace








Victorias secret Tropical Lace Bralette size S (D-DD)

*Additional pics can be found here.

I initially purchased these bralettes because I wanted the free blanket.

But I actually ended up liking the bralettes.


Thankfully these bralettes come in band AND cup sizes. Well, sort of. These are the sizes they come in:

XS (AA-B), S (AA-C), S (D-DD), M (A-C), M (D-DD), L (A-C), L (DD). So they don’t have the whole spectrum of sizes, but they have more sizes than regular bralettes. My preferred size would have been XS (D-DD), but they don’t make that size (yet), so I went with the S (D-DD). It was a good choice.

The fit:

It’s actually a good fit.





I did notice that after the first wear, it does seem to stretch out some– notice in the burgundy bra pics 3, 4, & 5, the bottom of the bralette isn’t touching my skin in certain spots. (The pics were taken on 2 different days)

The bralette¬†is very comfortable. I wore it to work one day, and while I was at a red light, I started panicking because I thought I forgot to put a bra on. My breasts aren’t very big, and they’re self supporting, so I don’t know how well this bralette¬†would work for someone with heavier/bigger breasts. I like this bra enough that I’d get more, but not for the $23 price. Not that $23 is a bad price, I just don’t want to pay that much for a bralette (or really a bra. I’m cheap like that.)

The bottom of the bra is actually very stretchy, so I really wouldn’t mind if they started making these bralettes in XS (D-DD).

Wetseal bralette size M

This is the first bralette that I’ve bought in over 10 years. I’m not really a fan of bralettes, and for the longest time I’ve wanted to hide my breasts since I’ve always hated the way they look. Even now,I hate the way they look, and at some point in the near future, I think I want to get breast implants. But I want to have children first…

So I bought this from wetseal, when they were having a 40% off sale and free shipping.¬†Hot pink bralette. I also bought¬†this¬†(which I don’t particularly care for, but I can’t return it), and¬†this, which I love. Since I’m short, it hits mid thigh. I’m so glad I bought the shirtdress, because it is now sold out in size small, and I’ve been dying for a shirtdress.

Anyway, this is not really going to be a review, because I only tried it.

Color: Hot pink. From the pictures online, it looks like a coral color

But it is indeed a hot pink color

There’s a cute scalloped design at the top of the cups, as well as at the bottom of the bralette

The bottom portion is sheer

The cups are fully lined though

And there is a cute black bow between the cups

The fit:

As I’ve said, I didn’t actually wear this, so my comments are going to be short. I chose the medium, because I knew the cups on a small would be too small. I was worried that the ‘band’ part would be too big, but it didn’t seem like it was. Another issue I may have encountered if I got a small, would be whether it could stretch enough to fit over my butt. I’m sure most women put bralettes on by pulling them over their heads. But whenever I put dresses on, I pull them up (over my hips) rather than pull them down (over my shoulders), if possible. My shoulders are actually wider than my butt/hips (only by about 2 inches).

On to the pics. I don’t think I’m a fan of the fit of this bralette. I don’t think it looks horrible, but I don’t think it looks good either.

looks okay from the front

Okay from an angle

Meh from the side

In the last pic, it almost makes my breasts look… Saggy? I don’t think saggy is the word I’m looking for, but it doesn’t seem to provide any lift. Granted, I didn’t S&S, because I totally forgot.

All in all, I don’t think I’d buy another bralette, unless I caught it on a good sale. I do however, still plan on making one, someday.