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I dyed the Portia/Princess hybrid

Original post can be found here.

I used Rit Dye in the purple color. As the water was boiling, I read the side of the bottle that says not to use it on polyester fabrics. I already had my mind set, so I was going to do it anyway. But I had a feeling that it was going to dye, because I the dyed a white dress with pink Rit Dye, and the back of it that had mesh, didn’t dye. So I crossed my fingers. I probably used more dye than I needed to, but I wanted to make sure that the bra came out dark. I really wanted to dye it brown, but I forgot to go to the dye section when I was there yesterday.

On to the pictures:

In the above picture it looks blackish, but it’s not. It’s very purple.

I believe the polyester warning on the Rit dye bottle was for the stitching, in my dress the stitching stayed the original color. And as you can see the thread is still white, as is the floral design and the lacing. Well it actually got tinted somewhat.

I don’t know if this occurred because I used hot water & dye on the bra, but the lacing is comIng undone form one area on both of the cups. Oddly enough, on both cups it’s on the right side (when looking at it).

Inner part of the cup


The floral design

Underneath the floral design

The fit:

I don’t know if it was the dye, or it was the scorching hot water, but the bra shrunk. From my experience being a denim addict, I know that really hot water (too hot to touch) can shrink jeans.

so yeah, it shrunk, a good amount. Before I needed to alter the bra, now I don’t think there’s enough room to alter it. It shrunk enough that now it fits. The band, however feels really tight. I ordered some new extenders, so I’ll probably wait to wear this until those come in. Enough blabbering.

Right side

Left side

No gapping.

A little space in the upper panel on smaller breast.

Side view

I initially was going to make this a two part post, with the dye being one post, and the actual alteration another post, but I’m not going to alter it now.

What do you think?

Love Claudette order

I just placed my second order with Love Claudette. I placed my order around 6:20, and got an email around 7:20 saying it was shipped. Wow! That was fast. I assume I’ll be getting it either Saturday, or Monday, but most likely Monday. Doesn’t really matter what day it comes, because I’m going to Ocean City Maryland Friday morning and coming back early Monday morning, so I won’t get able to get to it until Monday.

I’m really hoping that all of these bras fit, as I bought 30E for all of them. The Cool cotton is the one I’m really worried about, because it it doesn’t fit, I don’t think I can alter it so that it does. Well, I can, but it’ll be more work than I want too do, and I’ll have to by some fabric to match the brownish color.

I got the leopard print w/ black, but I really wanted the Leopard w/ the pink, but it wasn’t available in a 30 band.

I also got the fluorescent pink. I’m hoping since they aren’t labeled ‘sucre’ that they’ll fit differently from the black w/ pink that I have. I really want them to fit they way they look in the pictures.

 And not like this: 

I’m sure it’s wishful thinking because 99% of the models look like the first picture! and 99% of is consumers look like the second picture. And I know it’s full figured and not a balconette/half cup.

Gorgeous by Debenhams 30dd

Color: natural

About the bra:

This is the bra I ordered. Debenhams Gorgeous bra

Although I guess this is considered a three part bra, it actually has four part to the cup: the part attached to the strap the part attached to the gore, the lacy upper panel. And the piece that attaches the lace to the bottom two pieces.

The lacy panel is actually seen on too of that middle piece. I turned the flash off, so you could see the detail.

Bottom two pieces connected by a seam

Where the strap meets the bra

The gore, with a small flower attached. I do wonder how to take the tag off w/o ruining the flower…

Criss crossed elastic at the back of the gore

The straps are relatively thick.

The band is so stretchy I couldn’t even get it to lay flat for the photo.I found it interesting that there was, what looked like Arabic writing on the care tags.

And the bra is available up to an H cup

The Review:

I’ve tried this bra on about 4 times, sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn’t. The good news is, today the bottom of the gore tacks. Lol

It’s a really cute bra. One that, if I decide to keep, I’d probably dye brown.

Smaller boob doesn’t look to good from this angle. 😓


Looks okay from the side.

I dont know why that little crease is there.

Gives off a natural shape in a tight top

But you can see the seam under my cami

One of the things I don’t like about the bra is that second upper panel. It tends to crease, and it’s were my nipples sit.

One more frontal pic. I held the arm that wasn’t taking the pic down, and you can see how the bigger breast hangs low.

Cleo Neve 30D

Color: floral

About the bra: this is a molded bra- a bra that has molded cups that are made from synthetic fibers. This particular bra (thankfully) doesn’t have any seams in the cups. Molded bras will keep their shape.

The main color of this bra isn’t white; it looks the way white fabric does when it gets washed with something that bled red or pink in the water. It’s like a pale pink.

The gore on this bra is very short, with a cute little orange button.

The band has the design on it.

A close up. The bottom has pink ‘frilly’ detailing

The straps are relatively thin and blue with slightly raised dots.

This bra reminds me very much of the ‘wear everywhere lightly lined’ bras from the VS pink line, except the cups are thicker. Kind of thick for my tastes.

Cup from the inside.

When I received the bra, the cups were stuffed with tissue paper. I guess the person that processed this did that to keep the cups from flattening out? My two Neves came this way, but my Jude didnt.

The review:

Okay, so technically, this bra doesn’t fit correctly. There’s quadboob galore (aka cleavage), and from this pic, it looks like the wires are below my IMF. The cups are essentially too small, and too shallow on the bottom for my breasts.

You can see the quadboob from the side.

I like the shape, but I’m not particularly in love with it. I’m not sure why I took this pic.

This is a cute bra. Definitely for the young at heart, and those that like florals. When I tried the bra on, I did feel as though it was tight where the wires were, but that could be due to the fact that the cups are too small. And I think the molding is thick enough that it may show through certain tops. If you don’t gave any quad boob going on. I have quadboob, and I think there may be a line where the bra ends.

Starbucks Mocha Coconut frapp

I took a wrong turn when I was going to walmart, and it ended up at Target. Since I didn’t actually need anything from target, I went yo the Starbucks. After waiting for 5 minutes for the guy that apparently decided he was going to go home, I asked the barista if they had the mocha coconut flavor in. And she said they did.*

so I got it. And I’ll say, I’m not impressed.

I can’t put my finger on what it is, but it tastes different than it did two years ago when it was summer drink. I’ll put it like this, 7 hours later I still have a frapp in a cup that’s about half full. That NEVER happens.

When I took my first sip, I thought the barista put too much coconut in it, but after that first sip I could barely taste it. When I finally made it to walmart I took a sip before I got out of the car and I could taste a hint of the coconut. I was at the Starbucks closest to my job the other day*, and they mentioned that there was a special mocha used to make this drink, so I’m wondering if that’s what it is? It’s almost like the drink leaves a weird taste in my mouth, the way fake sugar does (Splenda, sweet n low, anything with aspartame in it). But I really can.’t pinpoint if it’s from the syrup or the mocha that’s ‘annoying’ me.

For the record the mocha coconut was my favorite drink from Starbucks. Hands down. And this is coming from someone that doesn’t like chocolate (unless it’s cakes or brownies) nor coconut (I just like the scent). I may possibly try this again because years ago

*so the other day I went to the Starbucks by my job to get this drink. And I left pissed because I walked out empty handed after being in the store for literally 30 minutes. I was only planning on. Taking a 30 minute lunch break, but decided to go longer so I could go to Starbucks. Going to the Starbucks by my job is almost always a 30 minute thing- a reason my boss refuses to let me go there unless I’m off the clock. I currently work in an overly crowded outdoor mall, so when I walk into Starbucks it’s not uncommon to see a line that goes all the way to the door. I mean this is what you’ll see 90% of the time. There have been times in the past where the line was out the door.

Anyways of rom the time I walk in, to the time I get to the register, it’s 15 minutes. I pass the time by browsing the internet on my phone (using Starbucks wifi of course). I get to the register, and I’m like, ‘can I have a grande mocha coconut frapp no whip?’ There’s discussion amongst the workers because they don’t know how to ring it up, and they don’t actually know how to make it. This right here told me I should have ordered something else. But I didn’t. The girl ringing me up tells me they don’t have the correct mocha to  use for this drink, and they also don’t gave the coconut flakes that go on use top. Fine with me, I don’t like the flakes anyway. So I tell them to make the mocha frapp with coconut syrup. And I ask them a few times if they have the coconut syrup.  They say yes. They ring me up for the first for the correct drink, ‘grande mocha coconut’, then the guy takes it off, and rings it up as, ‘grande mocha + coconut! with a $.50 extra charge. That’s all it said, ‘coconut’. Every so often they charge for syrup, so I shrug it off. I pay with the $.75 on my gift card, and the rest on my debit card. 15 minutes later, my drink is done. As I always do, I taste it before I leave. It tasted off (not like today though). I take another sip, and then decide I’m going to get a refund. I go to the register, and there they tell me they don’t have the coconut syrup, and that they used coconut milk. 😡

i asked them THREE times if they had coconut syrup and they said yes! Butt get didn’t have it. They said they could remake my drink, but they’d be using coconut milk. I didn’t have the time, and didn’t want that. So I left. Empty handed and mad as hell.

i wrote an email to Starbucks and included my phone number in the letter so they could call me, and what do they do? Send me the generic email that try always send when you complain, and put $5 on my gift card. And then they said they would forward a copy of that email to the location I went to. Hopefully when they do that they bleep out my number, because in don’t want the employees contacting me, unless they’re a part of management.

Cleo Lucy black & white 30dd comparison

I’ve read many times on bratabase that the Cleo Lucy bra in black, as well as a lot of other bras in black, run smaller. I bought the Lucy in both black and white in size 30dd. The white didn’t fit, but the black did. Click on the picture for the reviews.


This post is going to be mostly pictures.

First things first, the tags are completely different. The font styles are different. The black tag has ‘Cleo’ in all capitals, but the white tag has it in all lower case letters.

The way the sizes are labeled on the tags is different as well. The white tag also has the washing instructions with the sizes, but the black one doesn’t.



You can see that the double lined portion of the cup on the white bra comes up higher than it does on the black part.

The gore:

When the bottom is lined up:

With the top lined up:

Where the cup meets the strap:

When the bands are lined up.

The bands:

With the bottom of the band lined up

The top of the bands lined up.

The part of the band with the ‘eye’ is longer on the white.

The part if the band with the hook is slightly longer on the black.

Overall the white Lucy was just bigger. I wonder if the bras were made at different factories, or if they’re from different seasons.

I didn’t take any measurements for the differences, although I should have. But it’s too late now, because the white bra has been returned.

the measurements from Bratabase

White Lucy bra

Black Lucy bra

Curvy Kate Portia/Princess 28e

Okay. If you’re confused about the title, it’s because this bra is labeled as ‘Portia’, but it’s actually Princess.

As per the CK website

  • Princess: soft raised polka dot & floral embroidery with a ribbon slot. Rounded shape.
  • Portia: criss cross detailing, ribbon slot & flirty bows.

Once you start looking at the pictures below, you will see that this is not a Portia, as labeled, but Princess. I don’t know of the cut is different or not.

Color: white

The bra: this was sold to me as a used bra, so it’s not as white as it once was– fine with me because I’m going to dye it.

the gore with the bow.

It has the characteristic fuzzy polka dot pattern, floral embroidery and ribbon slot.

Some discoloration on the polka dots

The straps have the same floral embroidery as the top of the cup.

The review: this is a 28e, and I knew there was a chance this bra would be too big or wouldn’t fit. I have a pink CK Princess bra in a sister size (30dd) and it’s too big.

You can see somewhat from the front that it’s too big.

And from an angle


But there is some space at the top on my smaller breast.

There’s a good amount of space so the top of the bra, which is why I’m going to alter it later.

The gore tacks, but it is kind of pressing into my sternum.

But for some reason there’s an area at the bottom of the bra on BOTH cups where the wire doesn’t touch my skin. It is where two seams meet, and around the area where the band connects with the wire. No matter how much scooping I do, it’s there. I got this bra used, so it is possible the previous owner(s) bent the wires.

Another issue I have is that on my smaller side, the cup kind of cuts my underarm. Now I’m one of those people that loves side boob to be completely covered, but this is a little too high for me. (Which is a first)


The bra does however, look very nice in the profile.


This is going to be a keeper. Mainly because I want to dye it and alter it. Plus I got it very cheaply.

Update: I decided to compare the wires. I’m pretty sure these were bent to give some sort of shape for the previous wearer.

The wires of the bra side by side.

When I push in the wires closest to the band. You can see the gore section doesn’t touch.

When I push the wires closest to the gore together.

I dyed the bra purple.

Starbucks Cinnamon Toast Crunch frapp

As I’ve decided to try a few of the frappuccinos off of the Starbucks secret menu website, my second drink of choice was the cinnamon toast crunch frapp. It consists of:

  • a white mocha frapp with
  • cinnamon dolce syrup
  • hazelnut syrup

Thats it!

I figured since the ingredient list was so small, it wouldn’t taste like CTC. There’s no way. Hazelnut? I don’t think so. I was going back and forth between that and the white macadamia nut frapp. CTC won. Mainly because it was the one I was looking at when it was my time to order.

I made some sort of happy sound when I took the first sip. It really does taste like CTC. Like you know how when you are a kid (or hey, sometimes as an adult), and you drink the milk after you’re done eating the cereal? Well that’s what it tastes like. But BETTER. It’s cold and it’s sweet. Very sweet actually. “too sweet” as my coworker said. The main reason why I get frapps at Starbucks is because of the sweetness (and flavor). The frapps seem to be more flavorful than say, the lattes or macchiatos. Years ago, I’d get the caramel macchiato, with extra caramel. And I’d swear I couldn’t taste the caramel.

But here’s a secret, I’m not actually a coffee drinker. I hate coffee. I don’t drink it. It makes me have to pee, makes my heart race, and makes my body temp go up like 100 degrees. Plus it’s too strong. I really don’t see how people drink coffee. Iced coffee. Yuck.

Anyway. The CTC can come with the coffee base or without. The first time I had it I had it without coffee (and it tastes more like the cereal), but this time it had the coffee in it becuse I forgot to tell my friend not to get the coffee. It was still good.

Enough babbling, here’s a pic

Now, since I didn’t order this, and I wasn’t too specific, you can see there is whipped cream on top. That is not really something I get on my frapps unless I’m not at work. I mainly get Starbucks when I work.

This frapp is a brownish color, but if you order the drink without coffee (which I urge you to, to get the REAL taste) it’ll be lighter in color, like this:

The color is more of an off white.

What’s funny, is I was googling this drink to see if I could find images of the actual color, and I found this. Another girl named Renee drinking this marvelous drink. ☺️

Here is the link to the drink Cinnamon toast crunch frappuccino

My outfit was 🔥🔥

Don’t laugh at my title, lol.

Today, I’m going to talk about my outfit from yesterday (since it’s 1:45est). I’m going to try to make this short, but is know it won’t be.

I wanted to leave for work at 2, so that I could stop and get some food. I’ve been so lazy the past couple of days, and it’s been so hot, that I have t cooked anything. The food at the food court where I work is very expensive. A “filling” meal will cost at least $9. So I decided to get penne aka vodka, because it costs $11.25.  Sounds like a lot, but it’s enough for 3 meals.

I wake up, eat, shower, and put a load of clothing in the washing machine. Then I go back to sleep at 10:45am, because I was very tired. I wake up around 1:20. I start looking around for something to wear to work.

My job has a dress code, either we can wear current product, or we can wear all black. Seeing as how I plan on leaving my job soon, I stopped buying stuff unless I absolutely NEED it, and even then I try to wait until it’s cheap. So just about everyday when I got to work, I look like I’m going to a funeral. All black everything. Today’s as obviously going to be no different. Every so often I do rebel, and wear clothing from previous seasons, but that normally requires me to think of the outfit ahead of time, which I didn’t do. I start looking through my clothes, and coming up with reasons for not wearing something. It needs to be ironed-not wearing it. It’s shorter than when I feel like wearing- not wearing it. It’s longer than what I feel like wearing- not wearing it. I had a maxi dress that I wanted to wear- it’s cute, but it’s like a tube top, I need a strapless bra. All my strapless bras are 32Cs, and require me to constantly pull them up, because that band size is too big, and I haven’t found a strapless 28/30 banded bra. So that was out of the picture. All of the black clothing that I washed before I went to sleep was also out of the picture, because it wasn’t going to be dry by 2:00. I end up putting two random pieces together.

A black top I got from H&M earlier this year (still had the tags on), and a lacy high waisted skirt that I got from target about two years ago, also new with tags. I bought the skirt, because the store I work for had a pair of pants that looked exactly the same (I bought the pants- this is how I know how long ago I bought the skirt).



I really didn’t think it was going to go together, but it ended up looking very cute.



I really hate that the bra I chose to wear was visible at the sides.

The bad thing about the skirt, is that there wasn’t a slit at the bottom, so I couldn’t really open my legs that much. I guess this skirt was telling me to be more ladylike.

This is how wide I was able to open my legs. 😅

Panache Loretta Plunge 30d

Color: caramel

About the bra:

Plunge style. The center of the tea is cut very low. The sides of the cups are at an angle. Most plunge styles are padded at the bottom of the cup, to push your bust up and give you the maximum amount of cleavage. This bra is not padded.

This is bra is made up of all mesh, with the bottom portion (in 30dd) doubled. The upper part is sheer.

The gore of this bra is very short, with the length being approximately 1 inch high.

The beautiful design at the top portion of the cups.

The straps have a ribbed design, but they are fully adjustable.

the sides of the cups, from the wire to the strap have an elastic band.

The review:

So I got this bra in the mail today, it was essentially an exchange for the 30DD that was too big at the top. UPS came earlier than they normally do, which is around 7:30-8pm. Today the guy came at 5, and I’ve been pretty much wearing the bra since I took it out of the packaging. It’s very comfortable.

However, I’m not sure if it fits correctly.

*Unlike the 30DD, I don’t have to censor my nipples, because the design goes down that low.

Doesn’t look back from this angle either.

But if you look carefully, there is an indent in the upper part.



The gore tacks

Side view looks okay

But I’d prefer it to look like this:

With a tight top on

But if I get cold you can see my nipples somewhat.

Parter wearing this bra for a few hours, I can say I honestly like it. At one point I was laying on the couch, and it felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bra at all. But right now, 7 hours in, the wire on one side is digging in a little bit. Time to take it off & go to bed. 😉

This is how I looked when I was slouching on the couch. How tacky. Lol