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Melissa Dessous order

My Melissa  dessous bras came, yesterday. I had to wait to pick them up because I just missed the mailman yesterday. I was so anxious waiting to get to the post office today.

The bras came in a box.

Wrapped in some wort of pink wrapping fabric (it’s not tissue paper, it’s a lot thicker)

The bras are very beautiful & soft

Both bras are 60E, and while neither really fit, one of them I couldn’t close without using my extender!!! ­čś│


How I ordered:

Tue two bras I bought were in the sale section. You cannot put sale items in a shopping cart, you, have to email them telling them what you want. In my email I asked them if they shipped to the US, and if so how much was it. I believe I wrote them in English and below it had a Polish translation. Their response came back in English. The shipping cost ended up being around $15, so I paid $45 for 2 bras. The shipping took about 1 week, from the time it was shipped to the time it arrived.