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Starbucks White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Frapp

I had one last free drink at Starbucks, so I decided to get the WCMN (I’m abbreviating because I’m lazy). This was the drink I’d debated getting when I first tried CTC frapp. Both drinks are similar, white mocha with a ‘nut’ syrup. Since this was my last free drink, I got the Venti. If I have a free drink I get the biggest size, since I’m not paying for it.

The ingredients for the WCMN frapp are:

  • White mocha frapp
  • toffee nut syrup
  • java chips
  • caramel drizzle

Looking at the ingredients, I just realized I didn’t ask for the java chips. I think that would have been an interesting addition. Oh well. I also didn’t ask for the caramel drizzle, because whenever I have WCMN cookies, I don’t taste caramel, so it didn’t strike me as something to add to it. I should have, because when I got the drink, it wasn’t that sweet. It was good though, good enough that I actually drank the whole thing. If I get the drink again, I’ll definitely get the caramel drizzle, and maybe the java chips.

Here is the link to the WCMN frapp

Starbucks Cinnamon Toast Crunch frapp

As I’ve decided to try a few of the frappuccinos off of the Starbucks secret menu website, my second drink of choice was the cinnamon toast crunch frapp. It consists of:

  • a white mocha frapp with
  • cinnamon dolce syrup
  • hazelnut syrup

Thats it!

I figured since the ingredient list was so small, it wouldn’t taste like CTC. There’s no way. Hazelnut? I don’t think so. I was going back and forth between that and the white macadamia nut frapp. CTC won. Mainly because it was the one I was looking at when it was my time to order.

I made some sort of happy sound when I took the first sip. It really does taste like CTC. Like you know how when you are a kid (or hey, sometimes as an adult), and you drink the milk after you’re done eating the cereal? Well that’s what it tastes like. But BETTER. It’s cold and it’s sweet. Very sweet actually. “too sweet” as my coworker said. The main reason why I get frapps at Starbucks is because of the sweetness (and flavor). The frapps seem to be more flavorful than say, the lattes or macchiatos. Years ago, I’d get the caramel macchiato, with extra caramel. And I’d swear I couldn’t taste the caramel.

But here’s a secret, I’m not actually a coffee drinker. I hate coffee. I don’t drink it. It makes me have to pee, makes my heart race, and makes my body temp go up like 100 degrees. Plus it’s too strong. I really don’t see how people drink coffee. Iced coffee. Yuck.

Anyway. The CTC can come with the coffee base or without. The first time I had it I had it without coffee (and it tastes more like the cereal), but this time it had the coffee in it becuse I forgot to tell my friend not to get the coffee. It was still good.

Enough babbling, here’s a pic

Now, since I didn’t order this, and I wasn’t too specific, you can see there is whipped cream on top. That is not really something I get on my frapps unless I’m not at work. I mainly get Starbucks when I work.

This frapp is a brownish color, but if you order the drink without coffee (which I urge you to, to get the REAL taste) it’ll be lighter in color, like this:

The color is more of an off white.

What’s funny, is I was googling this drink to see if I could find images of the actual color, and I found this. Another girl named Renee drinking this marvelous drink. ☺️

Here is the link to the drink Cinnamon toast crunch frappuccino

Starbucks tiramisu frapp

Since the tiramisu frapp is no longer an option at Starbucks, I decided to try the tiramisu that’s on the Starbucks secret menu. I always get nervous when I try drinks from that menu.

Since I had a free drink, I got the venti, which is the largest frapp size. I wasn’t going to drink it all, so I planned on sharing *some* of it with a coworker.

This drink, from the secret menu site consists of:

  • a coffee frapp with
  • 1/2 pump hazelnut
  • 1/2 toffeenut
  • 1 pump caramel flan syrup
  • 1 pump mocha syrup
  • 1 espresso shot affogato (whatever that is).

And caramel drizzle, mocha & caramel flan sauce at the top.

Heaven in a plastic cup.

 It was starting to melt a little by the time I got to take this pic.

Update: the drink was way too strong and not sweet with the espresso affogato shot, so I had the barista remake it. She took that out and added full pumps instead of half pumps. It was very sweet! Id be lying if I said I got frapps for anything other than the sweetness. Lol.

I’d shared the drink with my friend, who so nicely double dipped their spoon in the drink instead of poring it into a cup AND then proceeded to pour the spoon back into to the cup when I asked why she was double dipping. 😒

I’m not even going to talk about that because it’s going to make me mad.

Anyway, right after I finished drinking what I had, I felt weird. I can’t accurately explain it, but I’ll just say I was aware that my heart was beating. I won’t say my heart was racing, because it really wasn’t. I used to have tachycardia when I was younger and it was nothing like that. But I was just aware that my heart was beating (you know how you normally don’t feel it beating?) That feeling lasted for about 30-45 minutes.

I probably won’t be ordering that again.

But in wonderful news- the barista at the register (is barista the correct term?) told me that Starbucks is coming back out with mocha coconut. 🎉🎉🎉 I can’t wait. 😍😍 I’ve been dying for them to bring that drink back for 2 YEARS. But it’s normally a simmer drink, so I’m curious as to why they’d be bringing it back now, practically at the end of July.

If they bring back mocha coconut I swear I’m putting $50 on my Starbucks gift card. Okay maybe not $50. 😏

Here is the link to the Tiramisu frapp