It’s Christmas in July!!!

So today my packages from Amazon, LoveClaudette, and Macy’s came!! 

I knew the amazon stuff was coming (thank you amazon prime!), but the Macy’s was a surprise, because I ordered it Wednesday. And the Love Claudette, I kind of forgot about. Lol.

I will be talking about each bra tomorrow, probably.

from Love Claudette, I bought 4 bras, 2 Dessous, and 2 Cool Cotton (they came in brown!) from Macys, I ordered a pair of Coach sneakers because they were having a sale and they were $29.99, with free shipping. I ordered a pair for myself and a pair for my mom. My pair was out of stock. 😰 

And from amazon I ordered 2 cleo Lucy’s, 2 cleo Neve’s, 3 panache Loretta’s, and 1 cleo Jude. I tried to cancel the Jude bra about an hour after I bought it but they wouldn’t cancel that order.


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