Starbucks Mocha Coconut frapp

I took a wrong turn when I was going to walmart, and it ended up at Target. Since I didn’t actually need anything from target, I went yo the Starbucks. After waiting for 5 minutes for the guy that apparently decided he was going to go home, I asked the barista if they had the mocha coconut flavor in. And she said they did.*

so I got it. And I’ll say, I’m not impressed.

I can’t put my finger on what it is, but it tastes different than it did two years ago when it was summer drink. I’ll put it like this, 7 hours later I still have a frapp in a cup that’s about half full. That NEVER happens.

When I took my first sip, I thought the barista put too much coconut in it, but after that first sip I could barely taste it. When I finally made it to walmart I took a sip before I got out of the car and I could taste a hint of the coconut. I was at the Starbucks closest to my job the other day*, and they mentioned that there was a special mocha used to make this drink, so I’m wondering if that’s what it is? It’s almost like the drink leaves a weird taste in my mouth, the way fake sugar does (Splenda, sweet n low, anything with aspartame in it). But I really can.’t pinpoint if it’s from the syrup or the mocha that’s ‘annoying’ me.

For the record the mocha coconut was my favorite drink from Starbucks. Hands down. And this is coming from someone that doesn’t like chocolate (unless it’s cakes or brownies) nor coconut (I just like the scent). I may possibly try this again because years ago

*so the other day I went to the Starbucks by my job to get this drink. And I left pissed because I walked out empty handed after being in the store for literally 30 minutes. I was only planning on. Taking a 30 minute lunch break, but decided to go longer so I could go to Starbucks. Going to the Starbucks by my job is almost always a 30 minute thing- a reason my boss refuses to let me go there unless I’m off the clock. I currently work in an overly crowded outdoor mall, so when I walk into Starbucks it’s not uncommon to see a line that goes all the way to the door. I mean this is what you’ll see 90% of the time. There have been times in the past where the line was out the door.

Anyways of rom the time I walk in, to the time I get to the register, it’s 15 minutes. I pass the time by browsing the internet on my phone (using Starbucks wifi of course). I get to the register, and I’m like, ‘can I have a grande mocha coconut frapp no whip?’ There’s discussion amongst the workers because they don’t know how to ring it up, and they don’t actually know how to make it. This right here told me I should have ordered something else. But I didn’t. The girl ringing me up tells me they don’t have the correct mocha to  use for this drink, and they also don’t gave the coconut flakes that go on use top. Fine with me, I don’t like the flakes anyway. So I tell them to make the mocha frapp with coconut syrup. And I ask them a few times if they have the coconut syrup.  They say yes. They ring me up for the first for the correct drink, ‘grande mocha coconut’, then the guy takes it off, and rings it up as, ‘grande mocha + coconut! with a $.50 extra charge. That’s all it said, ‘coconut’. Every so often they charge for syrup, so I shrug it off. I pay with the $.75 on my gift card, and the rest on my debit card. 15 minutes later, my drink is done. As I always do, I taste it before I leave. It tasted off (not like today though). I take another sip, and then decide I’m going to get a refund. I go to the register, and there they tell me they don’t have the coconut syrup, and that they used coconut milk. 😡

i asked them THREE times if they had coconut syrup and they said yes! Butt get didn’t have it. They said they could remake my drink, but they’d be using coconut milk. I didn’t have the time, and didn’t want that. So I left. Empty handed and mad as hell.

i wrote an email to Starbucks and included my phone number in the letter so they could call me, and what do they do? Send me the generic email that try always send when you complain, and put $5 on my gift card. And then they said they would forward a copy of that email to the location I went to. Hopefully when they do that they bleep out my number, because in don’t want the employees contacting me, unless they’re a part of management.

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