Ewa MIchalak unlined bras comparison– 3DM vs BM

I recently purchased a BM Chaberek (from bratabase), and a custom 3DM Malinowy. Right after I got the BM Chaberek, I decided there needs to be a comparison post for the 2 cuts from Ewa. I own both bras in 70DD.

I own:

3DM Malinowy

3DM Burek

3DM Rożówa Mgiełka

3DM Amorek


BM Naomi

BM Chaberek

BM Tajemniczy Ozgród


I chose these 2 bras because they’re similar in material (the Amorek, Rozowa Mgiełka, and Burek all are made of stiff fabric. The Ozgród is a totally different fabric).  The biggest difference between these 2 bras, is that the BM is lined, and the 3DM is not. With the Chaberek, the lining is a stretchy beige fabric.


The measurements of the bras:

As you see some of the measurements of the bras are similar, with the BM being .2 inches wider; the 3DM being .2 inches deeper; both the strap width and the cup separation is exactly the same .6 inches; the wings only have .1 inch difference. The 2 biggest differences (and for me, the most important) are the wire length, the BM being .8 inches longer, and the gore of the BM being .7 inches higher.

These are important for me, because I have close set breasts, and Ewa’s wires tend to be too hard for me, so the 3DM is okay, because the gore is only 1.6 inches (short enough to not bother me), but the BM’s gore is 2.25 inches. That extra height definitely causes the gore in the BM to be painful for me, and the outer wires tend to poke me, and leave marks. Surprisingly, the cup height on both is 5.5 inches.


You can better see in this closeup the difference in gore height.



The technical differences that will hopefully be of use to someone:


One of the things I think is interesting to note is that the nipple to neck measurement is .5-.75 inches higher in the bras, than me being braless. I think it’s interesting because when I measured my breasts from IMF to nipple, in all 3 scenarios it was the same measurement (3.5 inches). So there is some ‘pushing up’ of my breasts, but the bottom isn’t effected.

For the breast perimeter of both breasts, I measured from the outer portion where my breasts end. This shows that with both bras on my breast tissue gets narrower.


Ewa has said she won’t make a bra that comes as BM into a 3DM, but I don’t see why, because the BM literally only has 1 extra layer of fabric, that if removed would make the BM (fabric wise) exactly the same as the 3DM. I will point out that I don’t have the BM styles that are half lace, like the BM scarlet, so I can’t say how the fabric difference is on that.


More pics


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