Ewa Michalak BM Chaberek 70DD


I got this on a whim one day when I saw it listed on bratabase. I’d kind of been interested in it since I really like the M Chaberek, but noticed it was sold out on Ewa’s site. So when it popped up on bratabase for $15, I jumped on it.


The cups interest me. They are simply 2 layers, the upper layer is the blue lace, and the second layer is a beige stretch lace. I say this is interesting because Ewa will not make a BM into a 3DM because she says the fabric is meant for different breasts (or something to that effect). This bra could very well be made into a 3DM (if there was more fabric). On the upper portion of the bra, the lace isn’t attached to the beige fabric once it passes the diagonal seam. Whenever I put the bra on, I have to adjust that beige piece so it’s not folded under.

There is some wrinkling at the bottom of the cup, especially on my larger breast.

The top of the cups allow for upper fullness, so this is a good bra for those that are FOT and/or have tall roots. The height of the cup is 5.5 inches. The width is 5.1 inches, and the depth is 8.25 inches.


I had high hopes for the gore because it is very narrow, and overlapping, but it still ends up bothering me. It’s definitely an issue of how heavy the wires are because the height is 2.25 inches, and the width/separation is .6 inches. Well I guess if it was a little lower it wouldn’t bother me as much.



The bottom part of the wires don’t completely encompass my breasts. It’s like the bottom of the wire is more pointed than the bottom of my breasts. The wires (like all BM wires were too heavy for me)


The band feels perfect. It stretches to 28 inches, and it’s not too tight, and not too loose.

The straps appear very wideset, but they don’t cause me any pain, I don’t even feel them.  The straps will most likely be uncomfortable on someone with narrow shoulders.



The matching panties are sold out on Ewa’s site. 😔 I hope one day I come across a pair, because I would love the matching set.


Any other small bust women women have any BM bras?

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