Ewa Michalak BM Naomi 70DD

This is my 2nd BM. I ordered this at the same time I ordered the Tajemniczy Ozgrod. Even though they’re the same cut they fit differently. Overall this bra is the smaller of the two.

I’ve had a few people mention this bra to me, mainly because I always talk about wanting brown bras (so they can be worn under light/white tops). I resisted for the longest because  thought it was going to be too big. Plus I wasn’t in love with the color. I like the dark brown of the cups, but not the ‘mink’ color of the rest of the bra. But I’m glad I actually took the plunge and bought this bra.

The lower parts of the cups, as well as the band have a thin black lining.

The lower parts of the cups, as well as the band have a thin black lining.

There is a piece of fabric that connects the straps to the cups.

4 rows of eyes.

4 rows of eyes.

There are mink and white polka dot bows.

There are mink and white polka dot bows.

The straps

There is a piece of fabric that connects the strap to the actual cup.

The straps are fully adjustable and I can wear this bra with the straps almost at their longest with no issue. The straps are nice and thin at half an inch in width (1.27 cm). The straps are stretchy, but don’t feel overly stretchy.

The band

The band feels firm and comfortable, it stretches to 28.8 inches (73.15 cm), so it’s very close to my comfortable snug measurement. I can wear this on the loosest setting with slight riding up. The band does seem wider than most of my bras. The wing height is 4 inches on this bra as well as my M opuncja, but on this bra the band seems to stay closer to 4 inches, whereas the band on the M gets smaller. I do get some wrinkling in the band, and I’m not sure what the cause is.

The cups

The cups feel lower on this than the T.O., there is literally 1/8 of a difference, but it feels like more than that. I also get more of a rounded appearance, not completely round, because there is a subtle peak. In a tight cami it looks like a ‘better’ version of my natural shape.

The bottom of the cups don’t seem to have as much projection at the wire, and I do get a little bit of wrinkling.

The gore

Like the other BM I have, the gore digs in after a few hours. The height of the gore is 2 inches. The tops of the wire are pretty close together, at a little over half an inch (.6 inches), so the gore is narrow enough for my breasts.

The wires

After a few hours the front of the wires bother me a bit.  The wires in this bra are just too heavy for me. Which makes sense, because this bra style is meant for medium to large breasts (as far as I know). The wires do come up high on the sides, enough that they can occassionally feel pokey (but it’s not often). The wires encase my breasts completely.



After trying this, and the T.O., I decided I really like Ewa’s unlined bras, so I ordered 3DM Amorek, and Rozowa Mgielka. The 3DM is an unlined style that is made specifically for smaller busts. I can’t wait for them to arrive. (I revered them about a week ago, and then added more stuff to my order, so I probably won’t get them for a month or so.

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