Ewa Michalak BM Tajemniczy Ozgród 70DD

 Tajemniczy Ozgròd translated means Secret Garden. Such a cute name for a cute bra.

When I first saw this bra, I said ‘I need to have that!’ But I did not know if/how the BM cut would fit me. The BM cut can be described as a full coverage lightly lined bra which gives a less round shape than most other Ewa cuts (that is obviously not something I paid attention to before I bought the bra)

The bra

The bra

Stretchy tulle at the top of the cup

Stretchy tulle at the top of the cup

The parts of the cup

The parts of the cup

The floral design goes all the way across the band

The floral design goes all the way across the band

Lace that goes all the way across the bottom of the bra.

Lace that goes all the way across the bottom of the bra.

4 columns of 'eyes'

4 columns of ‘eyes’

So, before I start the review, I do want to talk about what I did to this bra before I wore it. The cups were a little too big (there was a slight wrinkle in the bigger cup, and from the side it was pointy), and the band was too big. So I decided to attempt to shrink it. What I did was get a plastic container and put hot water in it. From my days of trying to shrink jeans, I knew the best thing to do would be to use extremely hot water. I was impatient so instead of actually boiling water I put the bowl of water in the microwave for around 7 minutes. After 7 minutes, I added about a capful of vinegar to the water, to keep the color from fading/running. A lot of Ewa bras mention that they need to be washed with a powder. I then placed the bra in the water for around 15/20 minutes. I then rung it out, and placed it in the dryer (in a lingerie bag, by itself) on the delicates cycle. According to the dryer the cycle was for 29 minutes. I wasn’t watching the dryer, but 30 minutes later when I took it out the dryer it was still a little damp. When I got home and tried the bra on, it did feel a little tighter, so I was happy with it.

The band

The band is actually too loose for me. Normally I’d order a 65E, but since the last two 65 bands I got from Ewa were way too small, I wasn’t taking that chance again. I’d rather have a band that’s a little too big than too small.  I have extenders, but I keep losing them. Originally when I measured the band it stretched to 30 inches (76.2 cm). There’s a total of 4 columns, and when I wear this bra, I have it hooked on the second to the tightest hook. So it’s definitely larger than any band I currently wear. I do think I would have been okay with a 65 band in this bra.

The cups

Measurement wise, this bra fits- the width is 5 inches (12.7 cm), and 8.5 inches (21.59 cm) for the depth, with a cup height of 6.1 inches (15.49 cm) (I do wish it was a little shorter, but it’s not actually too tall for me). **The depth of the bra after being shrunk measures 8.25 inches- 20.96 cm; The height of the cup after being shrunk went to 5.9/6 inches- 14.99/15.24 cm. So it’s not a huge difference, but it was enough since the bra wasn’t huge on me.

The top of the cup is a stretchy tulle, which is perfect for FOT breasts. I almost want to consider this a 4 part cup, because there is technically 4 pieces to the cup- the outer lower portion, the inner lower portion, the upper portion (which are the main 3 parts), but there’s also a piece that attached the strap to the outer bottom & upper portion of the bra. This bra in particular does not have a thick lining, the material is almost like a very sof/silky feeling interfacing.

The gore

The one thing that keeps Ewa’s from being 100% for me (in most of her styles) is the gore. The gore on this is 2.25 inches (5.72 cm), and .75 inches (1.91 cm) wide, which is the same as my Conexims, BUT the gore on this bra stabs me. It’s not an immediate thing. I didn’t feel the gore until 11am, so about 4 hours after I put it on. I would be very happy if it had a soft tack.

This style is considered a balconette, but the gore isn’t as high as the wires on the side. It’s a I shape, but the inner part is shorter than the outer part.

The wires

The wires are too hard for me. I can feel them throughout the day. The wires encompass my breasts completely. There is a little sore area at the top of the outer area on my bigger breast where the wire was occasionally poking.

Ewa please use softer wires on smaller sizes. 😩

The straps

The straps are fully adjustable. I can’t say whether they’re too wide or not because they for me okay.

For me, the appearance from the side isn’t as round as I would like, but that’s partly because I have pointy breasts.

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