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Curvy Kate Princess 30d Cranberry

  • Color: Cranberry

The bra:

The contrasting ribbon is black, not the navy blue that it looks like from these pictures.

There is an excess of ribbon on both cups, that doesn’t lie flat when worn (and annoys the heck out of me)

The cute flowers at the top of the cup

The signature raised fuzzy polka dots thought the front of the bra

The straps with the ribbon & the flowers

The review:

It looks like it’s cutting in on my smaller breast

That little extra ribbon… 😒

With a cami on

With the shirt I decided to wear today (2/20/16)


Pics of the marks left by the wires:

The gore is definitely sitting on tissue

I think this side looks okay

Looks like the wire could be a little farther back

I bought this bra, mainly because I thought it would fit me better an the 28dd I have (band too tight), and the 30dd (cups too big). Although the cups seem to be a little small, I consider tiny a bra that fits. When I look at the get in person, it doesn’t look as tight in the cups as if does in the pictures. But I also think after wearing for a few minutes my breasts settled into the cups

From the side view, the bra reminds of the fit of Cleo Marcie. Very rounded, which isn’t something I think I’ve gotten for CK. I like it, which is why I ordered more.

I wore this bra today, just about the whole day. I thought the gore would bother me, but it didn’t. I think if I wore this 2 days in a row, it would bother me. The one  issue I saw with this bra was after a few hours, where the lower side of my breast meets my chest wall, the wire was bothering me. I didn’t mark it on the photos, but a little higher up from where the bottom of the band meets the wire. On both sides. I’m not sure what caused this, but I’ve noticed some of my 30 bands feeling tighter (mainly on both my Natori feathers. Both are small in the cups.) I measured my under bust, and it’s still 26.75 btt, and 28 snug.

Cleo Meg 30d

This isn’t going to be a review per se, but it’ll be as close to one as I can get because I don’t own this bra anymore.

I bought this from The Lingerie Store back in July for about $15+ shipping. Now if something’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is…. When I received the bra, I saw that it had about 3 brown stains. I have no idea what the stains were, but it went through the fabric, so I had a feeling it probably wouldn’t wash out. I quickly called the store to see what I could do. I didn’t just want to return it and have time think the stain came from me/my house. I spoke to Amber and she was really nice about it. She told me to mail it back, and they would refund me the full amount that I paid. They refunded me quickly.

i wasn’t sure what they were going to do with the bra, and I hoped they didn’t sell it. But as of now. I can see the bra is still on there site, so beware, if you buy it, it will have stains in it. That’s probably why the bra was so cheap when I bought it.

The fit:

A few things I remember about the fit of this bra

I had the straps at the longest setting, and they still felt like they were digging in. Something I’d never felt before when I was wearing the incorrect size.

This bra, as with all of the other cleo bras I have, had an effect of pushing all of my breasts to the center of my chest. Sounds good in theory, and may be what women with bigger breasts want. But on me, it just made me look smaller. When I looked at myself from the front (especially with a shirt on), I was like, geez where did my breasts go? 😨’ Actually, I think the only cleo soft bra that doesn’t do that is the Lucy. I am used to having an hourglass shape, albeit a slim one. With this bra (and the Maya & Minnie) I look like a (slim) pear shape. While neither shape is bad, I prefer to make my breasts look bigger rather than smaller. Bigger without the use of padding/molding.

The cups felt simultaneously too big and too small. Too small because I believe I had some side boob escaping– it was lower than what I’d been used to. Too big because there was some gapping, and wrinkling   In the upper part of the cup, but not directly at the top- basically where the purple strip of fabric was.

I have both of these pictures in my gallery, and I didn’t take notes on the actual fit, so I assume one before S&S’ing, and one is after.

Gapping at the top when arms are raised.

I do wish that I come across this bra in a 28e, because I think it would fit better. I do feel that when I come across bras in sister sizes 28e & 30dd, the 28e seems to fit me better. (Yes, I know a 28e, would be a bigger cup size)

Cleo Neve 30D

Color: floral

About the bra: this is a molded bra- a bra that has molded cups that are made from synthetic fibers. This particular bra (thankfully) doesn’t have any seams in the cups. Molded bras will keep their shape.

The main color of this bra isn’t white; it looks the way white fabric does when it gets washed with something that bled red or pink in the water. It’s like a pale pink.

The gore on this bra is very short, with a cute little orange button.

The band has the design on it.

A close up. The bottom has pink ‘frilly’ detailing

The straps are relatively thin and blue with slightly raised dots.

This bra reminds me very much of the ‘wear everywhere lightly lined’ bras from the VS pink line, except the cups are thicker. Kind of thick for my tastes.

Cup from the inside.

When I received the bra, the cups were stuffed with tissue paper. I guess the person that processed this did that to keep the cups from flattening out? My two Neves came this way, but my Jude didnt.

The review:

Okay, so technically, this bra doesn’t fit correctly. There’s quadboob galore (aka cleavage), and from this pic, it looks like the wires are below my IMF. The cups are essentially too small, and too shallow on the bottom for my breasts.

You can see the quadboob from the side.

I like the shape, but I’m not particularly in love with it. I’m not sure why I took this pic.

This is a cute bra. Definitely for the young at heart, and those that like florals. When I tried the bra on, I did feel as though it was tight where the wires were, but that could be due to the fact that the cups are too small. And I think the molding is thick enough that it may show through certain tops. If you don’t gave any quad boob going on. I have quadboob, and I think there may be a line where the bra ends.

Panache Loretta Plunge 30d

Color: caramel

About the bra:

Plunge style. The center of the tea is cut very low. The sides of the cups are at an angle. Most plunge styles are padded at the bottom of the cup, to push your bust up and give you the maximum amount of cleavage. This bra is not padded.

This is bra is made up of all mesh, with the bottom portion (in 30dd) doubled. The upper part is sheer.

The gore of this bra is very short, with the length being approximately 1 inch high.

The beautiful design at the top portion of the cups.

The straps have a ribbed design, but they are fully adjustable.

the sides of the cups, from the wire to the strap have an elastic band.

The review:

So I got this bra in the mail today, it was essentially an exchange for the 30DD that was too big at the top. UPS came earlier than they normally do, which is around 7:30-8pm. Today the guy came at 5, and I’ve been pretty much wearing the bra since I took it out of the packaging. It’s very comfortable.

However, I’m not sure if it fits correctly.

*Unlike the 30DD, I don’t have to censor my nipples, because the design goes down that low.

Doesn’t look back from this angle either.

But if you look carefully, there is an indent in the upper part.



The gore tacks

Side view looks okay

But I’d prefer it to look like this:

With a tight top on

But if I get cold you can see my nipples somewhat.

Parter wearing this bra for a few hours, I can say I honestly like it. At one point I was laying on the couch, and it felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bra at all. But right now, 7 hours in, the wire on one side is digging in a little bit. Time to take it off & go to bed. 😉

This is how I looked when I was slouching on the couch. How tacky. Lol