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Cleo Marcie 30dd yellow

Color: yellow

The bra:

It is a beautiful summer yellow.

There are the signature embroidered dots throughout the bra.

There is a fucshia bow at the gore with a button in the middle

Unlike most unlined bras, this does not have any bows where the cup and the straps meet

Embroidery on the lace

I didn’t realize until I was taking pictures that there’s little bows embroidered on the top of the cup

The straps


The review:

I love absolutely everything about this bra.

The side profile I so round. But that is something Cleo bras are known for. There is literally no flaws in this bra. No stabby gores, no space in the fabric. NOTHING.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked when I first put this bra on. How could a bra that us for FOT, fit me? Someone that is FOB? Wearing this bra (as well as Panache Jasmin) made me realize that I am most likely even, with tall roots, so I function as FOT. Or more correctly, {some} FOT bras work with my shape.

Here are some pics I took from when I first got the bra (excuse the color)


So I got this bra as an exchange from a bratabase member. She contacted me and asked if I was willing to trade my new CK Princess bra (which I am one realizing I never reviewed :facepalm: ) in 30dd for this bra> Cleo Marcie 30dd. I wasn’t too sure at first because at the time I preferred to wear 28e, as that was the size that mainly fit me (I know 28e and 30dd are sister sizes, but the tightness of the band in 28s seem to make the bras fit better). But then I realized the curvy Kate didn’t fit me anyway, so I said yes to the exchange. And I’m so glad I did!

Cleo Meg 28e

Click here to see the original post about this bra.

Color: dark blue with red mesh, and blue and white

The bra:

There is only one bow in this bra, and it had a small bird ornament hanging from it

**pics of the bra after it was thoroughly washed**

The review:

There is some wrinkling on the band

As well as throughout the cups

At the top

The bottom

Even though there is some space/wrinkling, I do consider this to be a bra that fits.

The gore tacks

I initially thought the wires were a little wide, so I took pictures after I took the bra off to see.

As you can see the gore does sit on my breast tissue somewhat, but all my bras do.  I think I need a gore where one wire sits on top of the other.

My breasts no longer look like this. I have dark marks from stabby gores. 😓

Pics when I wore the bra to work.

Beautiful. 😍


1 month later

Overall there seems to be less wrinkling/more filing out the cup.

There is still some wrinkling on the bottom, but it looks like there’s not as much as before

Another day when I wore this to work. It was undetectable under my shirt.


At some point since I joined bratabase/abrathatfits my measurements changed slightly. So the pictures could be before and after.

I’ve worn this bra a handful of times since getting it off poshmark. I don’t recall having any complaints with the wires. The only time the wires bothered me was when I wore a few uncomfortable bras consecutive days for like a week, then when I got to this bra, the gore bothered me after a few hours.

*The first set of pics was taken 09/15/15, the second set 10/15/15

Love Claudette polka dot longline 28f

I know I have like 30 bras to review, but I’m just got this one today, and I have to review it.  I love it so much.

When I first bought it, I kept going back and forth on which size to get. It was suggested to me to get a size 28f & I was like, there’s no way in hell that’s going to fit me. I did an ‘eenie meanie mini mo’ thing and ended up with a 28e in my cart. I ordered it, and then 5 minutes later cancelled that order and bought the 28f.

My hesitation was due to the fact, that none of my Claudette bras are size 28. They’re all 30″ bands, and some fit okay, others are too big. The looser fitting bands are on the 30Es. The cups on those are slightly big. The 30DDs I have, are slightly small in the cup. So it’s like I need a 30DD.5. So this is why I kept going back and forth between the sizes.

So enough about that…

Color: Peacoat polka dot (yes it says Peacoat, not Peacock).

The actual color of the bra is a mauve-y white, with dark blue, almost black polka dots, and a hot coral trim.

With flash

There’s the little coral bows

The straps have this beautiful ribbon going down the middle.

The inner lining of the bra is blue.

The fit/review:

Obviously I haven’t worn the bra yet, as I just got it earlier today. So this is how it fits right out of the bag. 😀

With a cami on:


My my nipple is very close to the apex of the bra. Initially I felt like on my bigger breast the wire was 1/4″ too far back, but I think I somehow fixed that. The band seems firm. If my 30e bras had as firm a band as this, they would be perfect.

I may wear this to work tomorrow, but I don’t know how comfortable a long line will be after working 8 hours.

(As of now) I love this bra and want more 28 band Claudette bras.

1/31/16 Update:

I wore the bra today to work. This really is my new favorite bra!!! I think I spent a good amount of time looking at my breasts in the mirror at work. So much time in fact that one of my managers commented that I must be in love with myself. Lol I feel like this bra makes me look like I have breasts. Unlike Cleo bras (like Minnie & Maya) this bra doesn’t push everything to the center, so some people may not like this bra. But I like it because the above cleo bras make me look flat chested (imo), and make me look thinner on top. I’ve always had issues with the size of my breasts, so anything that makes them look bigger (without padding), or not smaller, makes me happy.

The seams were visible under my knit shirt.


The side profile was actually very round, despite looking a little pointy in the pic.

Heres another front pic

and profile pic

Notice there isn’t any wrinkling in the cup as the pictures from yesterday. I think I forgot to swoop and scoop yesterday. Also, you can kind of see where my nipples are.

For some reason on my bigger breast, I did have some irritation on the side of the cup, but not on my smaller breast.

One thing I feel like I should note, is that the top and bottom of the gore tack, but in the middle where my 3 fingers are, isn’t tacking. I’m not sure why that is.

The boning beneath the wire on my left breast (smaller breast) kept digging every so often at work.

The size label on the bra kept irritating my skin, but a lot of tags irritate my skin. However, there seemed to be a sharp area that also kept irritating my skin when I was at work.

Green circle is where sharp area is.


Consensus: I need to get more of this bra. ASAP. I got off work 5 hours ago, and still haven’t taken this bra off. I’m at home chilling and still wearing my bra. I also feel the need to mention that the gore on this bra is not digging in, and that is a rare thing lately. I’ve had this bra on for 12 hours and no stabby gore! 😳😳😳 that’s unheard of!mthe gore does seem to be about 1/2 an inch higher than most of the bras I own (I haven’t taken measurements yet)

All in all, I await Love Claudette coming out with different colors of this bra. (I am very tempted to order this same exact bra, in the same color, and just dye it black).

Freya Ignite 28e

Color: yellow

About the bra:

This is a bra I got as a swap via braswap. I put the 28dd up for sale, but stated I really preferred an exchange for the same bra in a 28e. I didn’t think someone would have the 28e and need a 28dd, but I got lucky. This bra wasn’t new, but looks like it is.

Every time I’ve seen this bra on a website, I’ve always looked at it as being a yellow bra with black clusters on it.

 But in actuality, there are colors other than black

There are a few shades of pink, a blue, and a pale greenish blue color

There’s a black bow at the top of the gore.

There is also a black bow where the cup meets the straps.

The beautiful top portion

The straps

There is some sort of stitching detail throughout the bra.

I just want to mention, that while this bra is a bright yellow, my pictures make it look brighter than it actually is. The picture of the bow by the straps, is the most accurate in color, since I didn’t have the flash on. The fabric has four way stretch, but it’s not overly stretchy

The review:

I am so happy I was able to swap my too small 28DD, for the 28E. This bra fits perfectly. If my breasts grow, it will be too small. But that’s probably not going to be an issue because my breasts don’t change shape/size.

Side view

There’s not any space (woohoo!)

With a cami on

Cleo Maya 28dd

Color: animal print

About the bra:

This bra features two different fabrics, lace and a non stretchy polyester/polyamide blend, both which have animal prints on them. I’ve see women mention they didn’t like the different animal prints, and while I can see why they would say that, I personally think it’s cute.

The upper mesh part, has pink and green stitching, and a pink serged outer seam.

The gore in the middle features a neon green bow. The green is the same as the stitching on the mesh.

It’s slightly greener in person.

The actual cups have animal print in a dark blue, blue, light green, pink, and white. Both cups have different patterns. On my particular bra the left cup has a darker color scheme than the right cup.


The band s a dark blue color, with pink at the bottom.

The straps, as well as the hook and eye closure is a beautiful coral pink.

The review:

I love this bra. When I first saw it, I said “I gotta have it!” So I bought it in a 30dd, but it didn’t fit, so I got it in a 28dd. This is the best fitting bra, next to the cleo lucy.

the gore tacks. Although I think it is a little on the high side.

There is no gapping at the top!!

This bra has a lot of uplift.


This is almost VS level of cleavage!

Another view of the cleavage.

The only thing is, I think if I gain even a little bit of weight in my breasts, I’ll start quadboobing. But when I gain weight, it goes to my lower half.

The side view, is nice, and rounded.

I personally would prefer more side coverage. The one issue I always seem to have is not enough side coverage with most bras. But most of the bras I have don’t fit.

Something I notice about {the} Cleo bras {that I own}, they seem to push everything to the front, making me look slimmer. I think most women would like this, but I’m already only about 108lbs, so I don’t really want to look slimmer. I also think it makes my breasts look smaller, which again is not something I want.

But this is a bra I will definitely keep, as long as it fits. ☺️