Cleo Maya 28dd

Color: animal print

About the bra:

This bra features two different fabrics, lace and a non stretchy polyester/polyamide blend, both which have animal prints on them. I’ve see women mention they didn’t like the different animal prints, and while I can see why they would say that, I personally think it’s cute.

The upper mesh part, has pink and green stitching, and a pink serged outer seam.

The gore in the middle features a neon green bow. The green is the same as the stitching on the mesh.

It’s slightly greener in person.

The actual cups have animal print in a dark blue, blue, light green, pink, and white. Both cups have different patterns. On my particular bra the left cup has a darker color scheme than the right cup.


The band s a dark blue color, with pink at the bottom.

The straps, as well as the hook and eye closure is a beautiful coral pink.

The review:

I love this bra. When I first saw it, I said “I gotta have it!” So I bought it in a 30dd, but it didn’t fit, so I got it in a 28dd. This is the best fitting bra, next to the cleo lucy.

the gore tacks. Although I think it is a little on the high side.

There is no gapping at the top!!

This bra has a lot of uplift.


This is almost VS level of cleavage!

Another view of the cleavage.

The only thing is, I think if I gain even a little bit of weight in my breasts, I’ll start quadboobing. But when I gain weight, it goes to my lower half.

The side view, is nice, and rounded.

I personally would prefer more side coverage. The one issue I always seem to have is not enough side coverage with most bras. But most of the bras I have don’t fit.

Something I notice about {the} Cleo bras {that I own}, they seem to push everything to the front, making me look slimmer. I think most women would like this, but I’m already only about 108lbs, so I don’t really want to look slimmer. I also think it makes my breasts look smaller, which again is not something I want.

But this is a bra I will definitely keep, as long as it fits. ☺️

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