Melissa Dessous 60E

This will be a very short review, because I just sold the bra, and I realized I never reviewed it.

This bra, along with the other Melissa Dessous bra are the first two Polish bras I ever bought. Neither bra fit, so I didn’t buy another Polish bra for a long time.

No bra only pics, because I forgot to take them.


Bigger side

Smaller side

There was a ridiculous amount of quadding.

I could not close this bra without an extender.

As you can see, this bra did not fit me at all. Cups way too small, and the band was also way too small. Also, from looking at the pics, it looks like the gore was too wide for me as well.

The gore was approx .75 inches wide, which seems normal/slightly wide, but as you can see in pic #6, the gore was sitting on tissue.

The wide of the cup was 4.75. inches, and the depth about 7.5. I’d need about 1 more inch in depth to be able to fit the bra. I think 1 inch would be about 2 cup sizes bigger. And ideally I’d like a width of 5 inches.

I’ve seen other bras on the site that I’ve wanted to order, but I don’t want to take the chance of getting a third bra that doesn’t fit, because this bra took months to sell.

The quality of the bra was very nice, and soft. I have no doubt that if this bra fit, it would have been a bra that I wore often.

The actual bra can be found here: in very limited sizes.

The post about ordering this bra is here.

Melissa Dessous order

My Melissa  dessous bras came, yesterday. I had to wait to pick them up because I just missed the mailman yesterday. I was so anxious waiting to get to the post office today.

The bras came in a box.

Wrapped in some wort of pink wrapping fabric (it’s not tissue paper, it’s a lot thicker)

The bras are very beautiful & soft

Both bras are 60E, and while neither really fit, one of them I couldn’t close without using my extender!!! 😳


How I ordered:

Tue two bras I bought were in the sale section. You cannot put sale items in a shopping cart, you, have to email them telling them what you want. In my email I asked them if they shipped to the US, and if so how much was it. I believe I wrote them in English and below it had a Polish translation. Their response came back in English. The shipping cost ended up being around $15, so I paid $45 for 2 bras. The shipping took about 1 week, from the time it was shipped to the time it arrived.