Comexim Eris plunge 65F

This is a bra that I got in my very first comexim order, when I wasn’t sure of my size. On this bra in particular, I only requested that the gore be lowered


The design on the bra, looks like it’s glittery red hearts, but it’s actually glittery apples. In case you’re wondering the glitter does occasionally come off. I’ve worn this bra often, and I’ve noticed some glitter in random places (like on my steering wheel)


The straps

The straps are plain, and stretchy. They don’t particularly seem wide set, but my shoulders are not narrow.

The band

The band is TTS, but very stretchy. There is 4 sets of hook and eye closures so if you’re between band sizes, I think you’d be okay with sizing down. The design on the cups (red apples) goes all the way around the band

The cups

The cups are lightly padded, perfect for hiding ‘headlights’, but not overly padded. There could be more depth at the wire- it’s not shallow, but it’s not like an Ewa bra. I do have some creasing in the cups close to the bottom, but it’s not buckling.

Pic on left is when bra was first out on. Pic on the right is at night after being worn for a few hours.

When I first put the bra on and swoop and scoop, I get a lot of quadding on both breasts. But since the band is loose, my breasts don’t  stay that way for long. The quadding is due to the bra being a cup size too small. The width of the bra is 5 inches exactly (12.7 cm-which is optimal for me, but I can go up to 5.25- 13.33 cm), but the depth is only 7.5 inches (19.05 cm), which is too small for me.

Seeing as how I’m low set, with tall roots the sides of the cup don’t cup up too high on me, and there isn’t any space where the straps and the cups meet.

Left: quadding Right: creasing at the bottom of the bra.

The top edge of the cup is picot

The wires

Click on pic for larger version

Comexim wires are very soft, and as such, I didn’t feel the wires at all. Since this bra is technically 1 cup size too small, the wires were sitting on breast tissue. But I literally didn’t feel it. The combination of the wires being soft, and the band being ultra stretchy, the wires didn’t leave any marks on my skin

The gore

I asked for a reduced gore, and the gore measures approx 2.25 inches (5.72 cm). I believe I read the ‘normal’ gore height is about 2.75 inches (almost 7 cm), so {if that’s true} then this was reduced about 1/2 an inch. The gore is a little more than half an inch wide. 

I think since the cup was too small, the gore was being pushed by my bigger breast, so it wasn’t centered (something I wasn’t aware of until after I took the bra off). The top of the wire channels are slightly overlapped, but the actual wires of the gore aren’t. One thing I noticed about Comexim, is that the bottom of the gore is stretchy. I’m sure other brands are also stretchy at the bottom of the gore, but I really took notice when I started wearing Comexim.

The gore has a soft tack.


Under a top

Excuse the lighting, this picture was taken at night.

The seams are somewhat visible. Since the bra is lightly lined, it doesn’t add any inches or cup sizes to my breasts.


When I first started wearing Comexim, I didn’t care for the way it made my breasts look (compared to Ewa). Imo, Comexim gives off a more natural shape whereas Ewa gives a very rounded, add a cup shape (which is not bad). I considered Comexim to be minimizing.

I should probably sell this bra, since it’s too small. But I love it, it’s red, and glittery. I do own this bra as a 3 part halfcup, which you can read here.

3 thoughts on “Comexim Eris plunge 65F

  1. Interesting how it’s an entire cup size too small yet not painful because of the soft wires. I would order more Comexim bras if they would lower the gores to a height that works for me, 1.5″ or so. I’ve tried five times, and every gore is over 2″ like yours. I’m assuming the same bra in three part halfcup is in your correct size, fits better, and gives better shape? Looking forward to the review.


    • I definitely think it gives a better shape. I can’t say that it fits ‘better’ the top is closed off so it does give the impression of being too small. But I wouldn’t get it in a bigger size.
      Comexim won’t make a gore that’s 1.5″?


      • Comexim said they would make bras with my specified measurements for gore height, gore width, and wing height. Those alterations were never evident in the bras I received. I tried ordering directly through them and through two different retailers who have strong relationships with Comexim. I provided drawings with desired measurements as well as email text specifying those same desired fit features and measurements in list form. I appreciate Comexim is willing to make alterations, but their lack of follow-through has just about caused me to give up on them.

        I’m glad you have found some success with them, in 3HC cuts. Your latest review makes it clear not every alteration you request makes it to production, either.


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