Comexim Mascotte size 65G

I’d never heard of this bra until I saw it for sale. It was cheap, and my size, so I bought it. I did end up selling it because I didn’t “love” it, but it was a cute bra.


When I bought this it was preowned (hence the price), and I believe that contributes to the wrinkled cup appearance. The wrinkled didn’t bother me, as I don’t think they would have been noticeable when worn. The width of the cup is 5 inches and the depth 8 inches, so this bra was slightly too small. On my bigger side I did have some in cup quadding. The cup height is 6 inches, which is okay for me, but I think some would consider that high (the cup height hasn’t been altered imo)


The band stretches to 28 inches, this is 1/2 and inch smaller than my snug, but the band does seem to be riding up in some pics. The wings measure 4 inches high, this is a nice because it doesn’t cause any rolls.


The straps are black, plain and very stretchy. I don’t think they were moved in, but they don’t bother me.


The gore is 2.5 inches high, this may or may not be lowered. The width of the gore is .6 inches, and the wire channels were overlapping.




Have you you heard of this bra?

Comexim Scarlett 70F

I was ecstatic when I saw this pop up on bratabase. I love any and everything animal print. And the fact that there was an animal print comexim? Had to have it.

This bra was brand new with tags, that I’m assuming the original owner bought and left in the drawer and forgot about it. Since it actually had the Comexim tags, I assume it was unaltered. Normally unaltered comexim’s aren’t an issue for me, but this bra wasn’t the best fit, we’ll see why.


The bottom of the band was tight on me, this seems to be an ongoing issue for me with a lot of Comexim bands, but never really with a 70 band. The band stretched to 28.5 inches, which is my snug measurement, however, the band appears to be riding up in the pictures. The wings are 4 inches in height, which I’ve come to love. (I used to dislike such wide wings, but I’ve noticed it’s a common thing with Polish bras, so now when I wear U.K. bras where the wings are shorter it feels weird)


This bra is a plunge, and even though the width of the cup is 5 inches, it was sitting on tissue. The depth of the cup is an issue because it’s only 7.75 inches, however, there was some room in the cup, especially at the top.

The bottom of the cup is very shallow, and the bottom half of the cup also isn’t really rounded.



The gore is high, at 3.1 inches, it’s higher than most Comexim gores in this size, which seem to be about 2.75 inches (unaltered). The width of the gore is .75 inches, which considering the height, makes this too wide for me.


The straps are plain and fully adjustable.


You can see from the side view that the wire is sitting on my tissue

I have since sold this bra, and luckily, the buyer already owned the matching panties.

Comexim will be coming out with another animal print bra soon, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Comexim Rose halfcup 30FF* & 32F*

Left-30FF Right-32F

I liked the look of this bra, and for the longest I would go on Comexim’s site, and debate on whether or not to get it. I didn’t want it in a longline (which is how it’s sold on their site), and I’d read that the ribbon at the top was bad for FOT breasts. One night in August before I went to bed I decided I was going to order it when I woke up the next day. Unfortunately for me, the very next morning it wasn’t available on Comexim anymore. I emailed them and they said the bra was available at breakout bras (but Comexim still had the panties for sale, so I knew they still had the fabric).

Sometime in the summer Breakout bras started selling Comexim bras for $65. Breakout bras has their own sizing for Comexim (hence the 30FF, and 32F in the title, instead of 65H, and 70G). Breakout bras sizing is weird. It’s completely different from Comexim, and will require you to either do some math to try to figure out the correct size, or contact breakout bras.

I know with Comexim, I need the 7th cup (G). BOB write that this bra runs small, so order 2 sizes up from what you normally would.

So when I initially ordered a bra, I ordered 30G (UK), which was 2 sizes up. But then I thought about it, and emailed them telling them I wanted to order the 30FF (UK), which was 1 cup size bigger (the 8th cup). BOB has double letters, which Comexim does not, so that makes the sizing harder. But on top of that, they’re also kind of going by US sizes. They have U.K. DD listed as US DD(E), UK E as US DDD(F), so that was also confusing. I kept wondering, do I go by the US size or the U.K. size? I believe the correct answer to this is to go by their US size, as it seems to correspond with Comexim sizing. So the 30FF would be a Comexim 65H- one size bigger than the 65G I wear.


I did end up returning the 30FF, as this was a black banded bra, which means it ran small. I was able to exchange it for a 32F. It took around 3-4 weeks for me to get the first bra, but a week or 2 to get the exchange.

I will be reviewing both bras together, since they fit similarly.


The cups on both bras felt big overall. The width was 5.25, and 5.5 (30FF), and both had a depth of 8.75 inches). The cup height was 6.25/6.375 inches. In both bras, the ribbon was closed off, but not cousin any cutting in, BUT there was some space in the cup directly below the ribbon.

This was bothersome to me, but I did debate on keeping the bras. However, what made me decide to return both (and get the 32E) was that the sides of the cup came up too high, and was a source of irritation.


This was either due to the cups being too wide, or the straps being too wideset, since the bras were not purchased directly from Comexim, there weren’t any alterations. Also worth mentioning, there was some space at the wire on both bras.




The gore on both bras was only .5 inches wide (perfect), and 2.75 inches high. The wire channels were overlapping at the top.


The straps were wideset, and bothersome on me. The straps were also hard to adjust; I literally broke 3 nails trying to adjust the straps. To adjust the straps you can’t just push the slider down, you have to use an object, like a pin.


The band on the 30 stretched to 28.5, which is my snug, but it felt too tight; the 32 band stretched to 29.5 inches, an inch bigger than my snug, but it felt comfortable. I’d say the band feels firm.


30FF (65H)




I ended up returning both bras, and getting a 32E (70F) that I kept (which is now too small 😔)

Sometime after I bought these bras, Comexim brought the longline back on their site. I will soon review the 32E, and the matching briefs

Zathiya Exclusive Comexim Annika 3HC 65G

The Comexim Annika bra is an exclusive to Zathiya, that is, you can only buy it from them. When I first saw this bra, I knew I had to have it. It’s a brown bra, it will most certainly function as a nude for me, even though st somewhat darker than my skin.

The Annika bra was sold as both a plunge and a 3HC (3 piece half cup). It also come with a copper colored ribbon along the top of the cup as well as a copper bow at the gore. Truth be told, I didn’t care for the copper color, that would take away from the ‘nudeness’ of it. So when I decided to order it from Zathiya, I asked for there to be no bow, or ribbon at the top, as well as a 1cm reduction of the cup and gore *if it could be done*. Aisha responded that I could have the bra without the upper ribbon, but I had to have a bow. She said they were able to put a brown bow, instead of copper. At the time I wasn’t happy that I had to have a bow at the gore, but I’ve since received a few bras without the bow, and the bow does add “a little something” to it (and I will not be requesting any bras without the bow at the gore anymore)

When I confirmed with Aisha that I wanted the bra, I had to put down a 25% deposit, which came to about $12.75, this was excluding shipping. When the bra was received my Aisha, she sent me an invoice for the rest and the shipping (~$4). When the invoice was paid, the bra was shipped to me. The transaction went through without a hitch. Ordinarily I don’t order from Zathiya (or braobsessed), unless they have something exclusive that I want, simply because both companies rarely have anything in my size in stock. Both companies seem more aimed towards bigger cup sizes.


The band looks like it’s riding up in the profile pics, because it is. For the longest time I wore the bra with the straps adjusted to a certain level, but the last time I wore it, they felt too tight, so I loosened them. The band does stretch to almost 30 inches, essentially making it too big because my snug underbust is 28.5 inches. I don’t feel the band move when I wear this bra.


Fit wise, I think the cups are perfect. The width is 5.25 inches, and the depth is 8.25 inches. The cup heigh is 5.25, so it’s not too tall, and not too low. I do get ‘cakes on a plate’ cleavage in this bra (and pretty much all of my Comexim 3HCs.)


I’ve worn this bra a lot. I am now noticing that the tops of the cups are curved a little bit, but that is most likely due to the fact that there’s no ribbon at the top. It does bother me, because it is noticeable through shirts.


The straps were really hard to adjust. I had to use a safety pin to be able to adjust it. I don’t believe the straps have been moved in, since it wasn’t an alteration I asked for, but they don’t seem to be too wide set.


Comparing Comexim 3HC-altered, unaltered, and lightly altered

This is going to be a long comparison consisting of 5 bras. I intally wanted to do 2 or 3 bras, but with some of the altered bras, I’m not 100% sure what alterations were done. I will have pictures and measurements, so this will be a long post. There will be pictures of how I measured the bras, for your information.


Rita 70F- Unaltered aside from the fact it is a 3HC

Annika 65G- reduced gore (possibly reduced cup)

Snake 65G- reduced gore* (possibly reduced cup and straps moved in)

Veronique 65G- reduced gore, reduced cup and straps moved in

Basic 70F- reduced gore, reduced cup and straps moved in


For all intents and purposes the Veronique and the Basic are to be considered completely altered, and the Annika and the Snake are considered somewhat altered. I can’t say with 100% certainty that any alterations aside from rom the reduced gore were done on the Annika and the Snake, or if they were altered by 1 cm instead of 2. Anyone that has ordered from Comexim knows that they don’t really confirm whether or not they will do or have done an alteration. So hopefully this will help someone.

All of the pictures will follow this order- Rita and Annika together, and Snake Veronique and Basic together, with the basic being the last bra.

Fit wise the Rita is the cup that is the most open on me, and it actually has a bit of room at the top. The basic is the cup that is the smallest on me with The Veronique closely following. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but to be completely honest, I’d want all of my bras to be as low as the basic. I know that it looks too small, (well it is too small), but that’s the height that I would like for bras. Seeing as how I have tall roots, I have no issue with taller cups.

*I know all the bra except for the Rita lol too small in the cups, but my breasts settle after a while.


Top of the cup:

The actual measurements may be slightly off from the picture, but it was kind of hard to get the tape to curve the way the bra does.

Rita 6.5 inches

Annika 6.25 inches

Snake 6 inches

Veronique 5.75 inches

Basic 5.875 inches

Thoughts: The Rita is a little too open on top for me. The basic doesn’t have the smallest measurement, which is why there isn’t a lot of quadding. I do want to mention that the Annika is supposed to have a copper ribbon at the top, I requested that my bra not have that ribbon because I don’t really like the color.



Rita 5 inches

Annika 5 inches

Snake 5 inches

Veronique 5.25 inches

Basic 5 inches

Thoughts: I’m not sure why, but I’m surprised to see that the width is pretty much the same for all the bras. Theoretically since they’re either the same size or sister size, it should be the same. But it goes to show that just because a cup is altered, the width still stays the same.



Rita 8 inches

Annika 7.75 inches

Snake 7.5 inches

Veronique 8 inches

Basic 8 inches

Thoughts: its interesting to see that the depth on the Snake is the smallest, and that the Veronique, Rita and basic all have the same depth. I would have expected the depth of the basic to be less than the other bras, since it seems a lot smaller while on.


Cup height:

Rita 6.25 inches

Annika 5 inches

Snake 5 inches

Veronique 5 inches

Basic 5 inches

Thoughts: this was measured near the outer seam of the 3HC. All of the bras except the Rita have the same measurement. The Rita is 1.125 inches taller than the rest, so this can account for why the Rita seems a little too big



Rita 2.75 inches

Annika 2.25 inches

Snake 2.75 inches

Veronique 2.25 inches

Basic 2.125 inches

Thoughts: the gore on both the Rita and Snake bras can be considered  unaltered. I definitely asked for a reduced gore on the snake bra, so it wasn’t done. 2.75 inches is the height of the gore on my unaltered 65Gs/70Fs.


Strap to wire:

The actual measurements may be slightly off from the picture, but it was kind of hard to get the tape to curve the way the bra does.

Rita 2 inches

Annika 2 inches

Snake 2.125 inches

Veronique 2.5 inches

Basic 2.375 inches

Thoughts: I’m guessing this is what matters most to the people that need the straps moved in, because as you can see, the area is larger on the very altered bras and smaller on the unaltered. I don’t have narrow or sloping shoulders, so moving the straps in, isn’t a necessary alteration for me.


Seam to seam (top):

Rita 1.5 inches

Annika 2 inches

Snake 1.75 inches

Veronique 1.75 inches

Basic 1.75 inches

Thoughts: I’m not sure if this measurement will help anyone with anything, but it is interesting to me that the Rita has the smallest measurement, and the Annika has the largest.


Seam to seam (bottom):

Rita 1.125 inches

Annika 1.125 inches

Snake 1.25 inches

Veronique 1.125-1.25 inches

Basic 1.125 inches

Thoughts: I’m not sure if this measurement will help anyone with anything, but it is interesting to see that the measurements are almost the same.


Actual comparisons of the bras:

Top: cup height difference +gore height LL: side of cup LR: difference in strap

Top: strap placement Bottom: cup height

Top: cup height Bottom: strap placement/side of cups

UL: cup height UR: side of cups Bottom: strap placement, cup height

Top: gore height, cup height Bottom: strap placement, cup height

Top: cup height difference Bottom: side of cup, strap placement

UL: cup height differences UR: Side of cup Bottom: The gore- Veronique is 1/2 inch lower

Top: cup height LL: gore LR: strap placement, side of cups

Top: side of cups Middle: cup height Bottom: side of cups


So hopefully this post has helped someone when they’re deciding whether to try an unaltered or altered Comexim 3 piece halfcup. If you get nothing out of this post, just know that Comexim will reduce the cup on a 3HC (and that reduction does not come from the middle of the cup.


🌟What are your thoughts?🌟

Comexim Coco 70F

After receiving and wearing the Comexim Donna and the Chloe I decided I wanted to try the Comexim unlined halfcup. I’ve loved the way it looked since seeing other bloggers/women talk about this bra, but I was never sure if the top of the bra would work for my tall roots. Plus I don’t like the way most unlined halfcups look on me. I feel like they’re more for looks than of function. In my case function would be  any sort of lifting.
As with most black bras, I decided to size up in the band. When I looked at the measurements for 70E and 70F, 70E looked like it was a better fit, 70F was a little deeper than what I can wear.  I went with an F cup and asked for the cup to be reduced 1cm, and the straps moved in 1cm.


Overall this bra is very comfortable to wear. I wore it 3 days in a row (gross, I know- but I didn’t sweat so that okay, right?) and barely felt any discomfort. The cups were only slightly itchy every so often.

The band

As I’ve said above I ordered this in a 70 band. I really could have gone with a 65, because this is too loose. On the loosest setting the band rides up, a lot. I can comfortably wear this on the tightest setting. Thankfully the band doesn’t move around when I wear it on the loosest setting. The band stretches to 31 inches (78.74 cm).

For a while I’ve noticed that with my Comexim bras (and only my Comexims) that the bottom of the band ends up feeling tight after a few hours. Naturally I was thinking that it was me- My torso was somehow incompatible with Comexim bands. But as you see in the 2 pics above, it’s not me. Comexim seems to make the upper portion of the band looser than the lower part of the band. When I wear this bra on the tightest setting, I get the gap you see above, on both sides. I believe it is like this on the tightest setting because the bottom of the band is being stretched, but the top part isn’t (because the top part is longer than the bottom part). I will eventually put a dart on both sides of the band to make the top and bottom parts even, and that will hopefully prevent the band from riding up.

The cups

The width of the cups is 5 inches. I think realistically I need 5.25 inches to be completely contained. When I put this bra on I have to make sure my whole breast is in the cup. There does seem to me more depth at the wire than in Comexim plunges. I’ve read other reviews where it is mentioned that this bra is minimizing, I don’t think it is (on me). With the bra on my standing overbust is still 34.5 inches  (87.63 cm). While it isn’t minimizing, it does give me a round shape, because it pushes my nipples/areolas in. (While my nipples aren’t prominent, I do believe they lead me to constantly having s pointy appearance in some bras).

The very first time I tried this bra on, the sides of the cup felt like they were rubbing, but I haven’t felt that since that day.

The top of the cups is stretchy. I don’t get any cutting in or quadding, but I could potentially see that happening if someone FOT got a size too small, or for someone that was very FOT.

The gore

The gore is 2.5 inches high and only .5 inches wide!!! The wire channels are overlapping (I did not ask for this, but I like it)

The wires

I have to be careful with the wires and make sure they’re not sitting on breast tissue when I’m wearing the bra. When the band is on the loosest setting it moves around and can cause the wire to not completely encase my breast (because it’s not being stretched at all). One of the times I wore this the wires were sitting on my tissue, and I didn’t feel it. I didn’t notice it until after I took of the bra. I think because comexims wires are so soft, I didn’t feel it.


Comparison pics. The top pics is with the band on the loosest setting, and the bottom pics is the tightest setting.

In general I’d say I’m happy with my purchase, except for the issue with the band. The bra is 100% comfortable to wear for a 10 hour shift. I don’t find myself adjusting anything throughout the day. The bra isn’t as itchy as the Donna or the Chloe.

Comexim Donna 70E

This bra is literally the only unlined Polish bra that I have that fits. I’ve tried Ewa, Kostar, Valea, GAIA, and some Comexims, and NONE of them fit. *I will try to review some of those unlined bras this weekend/next week.*

In case you’re wondering why I chose this size, it’s because I tried the same bra in 70F and it was too big. 70F being the Comexim size I wear for black bras/tight bands. I was worried that this would be too small, but thankfully it fits perfectly. I do recall reading that with the Comexim (and possibly Ewa) you should size down for unlined bras, but apparently. Forgot by the time I placed my first Donna bra.

The Straps

The straps work for me, but I could see them being a little wide for some people.

The band

As with most black bras, I sized up 1. This was the correct decision, as this band does run small, stretching to 28 inches (71.12 cm)

The cups

The cups are completely sheer. In this size the bottom layer is only 1 piece of fabric. The lace isn’t very stretchy (it stretches up & down, but not side to side). The design on the bra, barely extends past the upper portion. It is also,visible through thin shirts. The fabric is kind of scratchy. I found myself scratching my breasts throughout the day. I’m hoping the fabric gets softer after being washed. One of the things I really like about this bra, is that my nipples line up wth the seams.

The gore

I believe I asked for a reduced gore, and this gore measures 2.5 inches (6.35 cm), so it was reduced about .25 inches (.635 cm)- assuming the unlined bras have the same gore height as the padded bras. The fabric on the bottom f the gore on the inner part, bothers my skin a little bit. It’s because of the design.

The wires

I feel as though the wires may be harder than those on the padded bras, because I can feel the top of the gore, but it doesn’t hurt. The wires aren’t as thick/heavy as the wires on Ewa bras. After taking the bra off, I see the wires are 1-2 mm too narrow.


This is bra is currently still available on Comexim’s website. I wanted to buy the white version since I like this bra so much, but I see it isn’t available in white anymore.

Comexim Noir plunge 70F

I got this from a user on bratabase. This was literally my very first Comexim bra. When I bought it I wasn’t 100% sure of my size, but I figured based on the measurements that it would fit. I chose the 70 band because a lot of people mention that black bands tend to run smaller. What’s funny, is that after buying this bra (which is a sister size to my correct Comexim size), I still bought 65F comexims, instead of 65G.

As far as  know, the bra isn’t altered in any way.


The straps

The straps feel okay on me. Some may consider them to be wide set.

The cups

The height of the cups is perfect for me. They aren’t too tall. The cup height measures 6 inches (15.24 cm) The only issue I see with the cups, is that the ribbon part of the bra cuts in a little bit. I would t consider it to be quadding, as it’s not visible through a shirt. Also the lace part below the ribbon doesn’t lie flat (and that can be seen under a shirt).


The gore

The gore doesn’t bother me, I don’t even feel it. The gore measures 2.6 inches (6.60 cm), so this may have a reduced gore. The very top of the wire channels are overlapping, but the wires are not.

The band

Sizing up in the band was a smart thing to do. The band does run 1 size small. I’ve noticed that with Comexim bands, after a few hours the bottom elastic ends up feeling too tight. This bra is no exception. I think I can be considered to have a flared ribcage, but this band thing seemingly only exists with Comexim bras.


I don’t think there’s much I can say about this bra, as it’s just about perfect.

Comexim Eris 3HC 65G

This is one of the bras I got from my most recent Comexim order. I ordered every bra as a 3 piece halfcup (3HC). I do already own this bra as a plunge, but it doesn’t fit correctly, so I wanted to try it in a bigger size and a different style.

Just like the plunge style, the halfcup has glitter apples

The straps

The straps are plain, and stretchy. They don’t particularly seem wide set, but my shoulders are not narrow. And while the don’t seem wide set, they do seem wider than the straps from the plunge. I did request the the straps be moved in 2 cm, but I don’t know if that was done

The cups

*I did request that the cup height be reduced, but ALL of my Comexim half cups have a cup height of 5.25 inches, so I don’t think that alteration was done.

There is some ‘quadding’ on my breasts with this bra, but I don’t think it’s because the cup s too small, I think it’s because the top is closed off. The width of the cup is 5 inches (12.7 cm), and the depth is 8 inches (20.32 cm), which is what I need for padded bras.

The bottom of the cups above the wire are visibly more projected (compared to the plunge)

The top of the cup has a picot stitch design, and not ribbon (like some 3HCs)

The wires

The wires line up with my IMF perfectly on my larger side, and is a hair wide on my smaller side.

The gore

I asked for a reduced gore, and the gore measures approx 2.25 inches (5.72 cm). I believe I read the ‘normal’ gore height is about 2.75 inches (almost 7 cm), so {if that’s true} then this was reduced about 1/2 an inch. The gore is a little more than half an inch wide. The appearance of the bra visually looks more like a plunge than a halfcup IMO, but I thinks that’s because the gore is reduced, of the gore was 1/2 an inch higher it may look more like a halfcup.

The band

The band feels true to size. The band stretches to approximately 27 inches (68.58 cm) before the wires start to distort. Like the Eris plunge, the band has 4 rows of hook and eyes. The apple design goes around the band.

Under a top

I put the same top on that I wore yesterday, so if you wanted to compare the appearance, you could.


This bra is very comfortable. I’ve owned it for 15 days, and I probably wore it about 5 times. I even wore it on vacation.

The Comexim 3 part halfcup is now my favorite style. I think from now on, every bra I order directly from Comexim will be as a 3HC.

Comexim Eris plunge 65F

This is a bra that I got in my very first comexim order, when I wasn’t sure of my size. On this bra in particular, I only requested that the gore be lowered


The design on the bra, looks like it’s glittery red hearts, but it’s actually glittery apples. In case you’re wondering the glitter does occasionally come off. I’ve worn this bra often, and I’ve noticed some glitter in random places (like on my steering wheel)


The straps

The straps are plain, and stretchy. They don’t particularly seem wide set, but my shoulders are not narrow.

The band

The band is TTS, but very stretchy. There is 4 sets of hook and eye closures so if you’re between band sizes, I think you’d be okay with sizing down. The design on the cups (red apples) goes all the way around the band

The cups

The cups are lightly padded, perfect for hiding ‘headlights’, but not overly padded. There could be more depth at the wire- it’s not shallow, but it’s not like an Ewa bra. I do have some creasing in the cups close to the bottom, but it’s not buckling.

Pic on left is when bra was first out on. Pic on the right is at night after being worn for a few hours.

When I first put the bra on and swoop and scoop, I get a lot of quadding on both breasts. But since the band is loose, my breasts don’t  stay that way for long. The quadding is due to the bra being a cup size too small. The width of the bra is 5 inches exactly (12.7 cm-which is optimal for me, but I can go up to 5.25- 13.33 cm), but the depth is only 7.5 inches (19.05 cm), which is too small for me.

Seeing as how I’m low set, with tall roots the sides of the cup don’t cup up too high on me, and there isn’t any space where the straps and the cups meet.

Left: quadding Right: creasing at the bottom of the bra.

The top edge of the cup is picot

The wires

Click on pic for larger version

Comexim wires are very soft, and as such, I didn’t feel the wires at all. Since this bra is technically 1 cup size too small, the wires were sitting on breast tissue. But I literally didn’t feel it. The combination of the wires being soft, and the band being ultra stretchy, the wires didn’t leave any marks on my skin

The gore

I asked for a reduced gore, and the gore measures approx 2.25 inches (5.72 cm). I believe I read the ‘normal’ gore height is about 2.75 inches (almost 7 cm), so {if that’s true} then this was reduced about 1/2 an inch. The gore is a little more than half an inch wide. 

I think since the cup was too small, the gore was being pushed by my bigger breast, so it wasn’t centered (something I wasn’t aware of until after I took the bra off). The top of the wire channels are slightly overlapped, but the actual wires of the gore aren’t. One thing I noticed about Comexim, is that the bottom of the gore is stretchy. I’m sure other brands are also stretchy at the bottom of the gore, but I really took notice when I started wearing Comexim.

The gore has a soft tack.


Under a top

Excuse the lighting, this picture was taken at night.

The seams are somewhat visible. Since the bra is lightly lined, it doesn’t add any inches or cup sizes to my breasts.


When I first started wearing Comexim, I didn’t care for the way it made my breasts look (compared to Ewa). Imo, Comexim gives off a more natural shape whereas Ewa gives a very rounded, add a cup shape (which is not bad). I considered Comexim to be minimizing.

I should probably sell this bra, since it’s too small. But I love it, it’s red, and glittery. I do own this bra as a 3 part halfcup, which you can read here.