Tutti Rouge Betty 30DD

I bought this back when Tutti Rouge had a sale- buy 5 items or more and get 55% off. I didn’t initially buy this bra for that sale, I’d bought 2 Liliana bras with matching panties, and another Liliana bra. Two of the Liliana bras didn’t fit at the time, so I sent them back for an exchange, they didn’t have replacements in smaller sizes, so I bought this and a Pearl bra. My main reason for buying this bra was because it looked like it fit similarly to the Tutti Rouge Frankie bra, which fit me at the time.


When I initially bought this bra, there was some room in the top of them cups, but at the time of me taking the pictures (October), I’d had some growth, so there wasn’t extra space. If I still had the bra today, there would definitely be some quadding. The sides of the cup come up kind of high, and have the potential to irritate. There did seem to be some space at the bottom of the cup, directly above the wire.

Even though this bra was lightly padded, I got a very pointed shape. A lot of Tutti Rouge bras are known to be wide and shallow, and this was definitely a wide one. The cups were 5.6 wide with a depth of 8.6 inches. The depth ratio 1:1.54, which means it’s slightly shallow to average.


The band is tts,  stretching to 30 inches. At the bottom of the bra, on the front, there is a ruffle. It’s cute, but wouldn’t be practical underneath a tight top.


The gore is 1.4 inches high, and about 1 inch wide. Although it was relatively low, I could tell it would have been painful to wear after a while.


The straps are wideset. Surprisingly they’re too wideset for me, which is something that doesn’t happen often. The straps are only partially adjustable. The sliders on the straps are hearts.


Have you tried any bras from Tutti Rouge? How did you like them?

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