Cleo Marcie Red 32D

Color: Red

The bra:

There is a blue bow at the gore

I love the lace design at the top of the cup

The cup

There is no bow where the cups and the straps meet

The design on the straps

There’s about 1/2 inch of space at the end of the wire channel

Front/back view:

Bigger breast

Smaller breast

The marks left by the wire:

With a white shirt on. As you can see, the red is very obvious underneath.

The review:

Theres not much to say about this bra. It’s very similar to the 30DD Cleo Marcies that I own. Having worn this bra for about 8 hours, I can say the wires aren’t trying to kill me. I can feel the gore (occasionally), as well as the sides of the wires, but they’re not stabbing me, (yet). This bra is very similar to the other 32Ds that I own, in that there is a sliver of space at the top of the band where the cup and the band meet. The cups do look like they’re a hair too small, but there isn’t any quadding. Oddly enough the band on this bra (the red) is {or feels} very firm. It is tighter than the 2 30Es that I have. I was surprised to see that the band was riding up when I looked at the picture. (The bra is hooked on the loosest setting)


I went to take this bra off, and I noticed that when I lift my arm, the bottom of the bra doesn’t touch my skin. 😧

One thought on “Cleo Marcie Red 32D

  1. Marcie is a great bra. I have it in three colors, though not this one. The back of my bands look like they’re riding up, too. It doesn’t mean they’re too loose, though. I think it’s just the way I’m built. I think women on the slender side sometimes are just built that way. I believe that’s what may be going on with your Marcie here.


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