Cleo Marcie Red 32D

Color: Red

The bra:

There is a blue bow at the gore

I love the lace design at the top of the cup

The cup

There is no bow where the cups and the straps meet

The design on the straps

There’s about 1/2 inch of space at the end of the wire channel

Front/back view:

Bigger breast

Smaller breast

The marks left by the wire:

With a white shirt on. As you can see, the red is very obvious underneath.

The review:

Theres not much to say about this bra. It’s very similar to the 30DD Cleo Marcies that I own. Having worn this bra for about 8 hours, I can say the wires aren’t trying to kill me. I can feel the gore (occasionally), as well as the sides of the wires, but they’re not stabbing me, (yet). This bra is very similar to the other 32Ds that I own, in that there is a sliver of space at the top of the band where the cup and the band meet. The cups do look like they’re a hair too small, but there isn’t any quadding. Oddly enough the band on this bra (the red) is {or feels} very firm. It is tighter than the 2 30Es that I have. I was surprised to see that the band was riding up when I looked at the picture. (The bra is hooked on the loosest setting)


I went to take this bra off, and I noticed that when I lift my arm, the bottom of the bra doesn’t touch my skin. 😧

Victoria’s Secret Pink Date Unlined Bra size 32D

You can find the bra for sale here.

Color: black cherry (a purplish burgundy)

The bra:

The gore is short & wide

The cups are semi sheer

There is an elastic strip at the top of the cup. It is very stretchy, but this may not be the best style for FOT

The bottom portion of the cups have 3 vertical seams (they don’t go all the way to the top.

The Pink® logo on the side of the band

The straps are very thin; The straps are convertible in the back only; the lace does not go all the way around the band

Theres only 2 columns of hook & eyes. (Which is to be expected in this size as well as from VS)

The fit pics:

The cups are slightly small, and there is some slight cutting in. It’s is somewhat visible in real life, but I couldn’t capture good pictures of it. The lace is very stretchy & I attempted to stretch the top of the lace out, but I didn’t want to stretch it out too much

Pics of the slight cutting in

Pics of me in the bra with a top on

The bra doesn’t really uplift my breasts, it gives a very natural appearance. And minimizes my breasts somewhat.


Pics of the marks left by the wires

The width of the cup measures 5.25″ , and as you can see from the pics, it isn’t too wide for my breasts.


The review:

This bra is literally the most comfortable bra I own. I got it in the mail yesterday & I’ve been wearing it ever since (well I did take it off to shower & to sleep.)

The gore is wide, & most likely sitting on tissue, but it is not uncomfortable at all, and not stabby. I think I may alter the gore to make it thinner.

The band is stretchy, but I don’t believe it’s as stretchy as other VS bras. It’s not uncomfortably loose. It’s not noticeably loose, but I do have the adjusters slightly below the top of my shoulders. When stretched, the wires start to stretch around 29.5″, but it can stretch all the way to 32.5 (the wires were beyond distorted though).

I only paid about $20 for this bra with the coupons I had, so I think it was a good deal. Since I have a few secret rewards cards (and more coming in the mail) I will get a few more (I really want it in black). If I go to. Victoria’s Secret I would like to try on the 32DD, just to see how it fits. I may also try some of their other unlined bras.


Altered Black Cleo Marcie (babydoll)

As I’ve said in a previous post, I bought this bra specifically to alter.

I didn’t want to make this a lengthy post, so I didn’t take a lot of photos. But it’s pretty straight forward.

This is how the inner part of the babydoll looked.

This is how the inner part of the babydoll looked, with the skirt pulled back

This is how the outer part of the babydoll looked.

I think the skirt part was sewn in between the two layers making the front and back of the bra. So without taking the whole thing apart, I decided to just cut the skirt off.

Now it looks like a regular bra. 😁

You can’t even tell it was a babydoll

I accidentally cut one picot off accidentally on one side

And I accidentally sniped a picot on the opposite side.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with the excess fabric.

The bra:

I did wear this out the day I cut the skirt off. I only noticed that for about 5 minutes or so in the middle of the day the gore was stabbing me. But somehow it went away and didn’t come back.

The gore on the 32d Marcie’s is slightly higher than it is on the 30dd, and that little bit of length is enough to irritate me.

So as it stands the yellow 30dd Marcie is the best fitting.

Cleo Marcie black babydoll 32d

Color: black

Style: This is a babydoll.

It does have a hook/eye closure like a bra.

The top portion very much looks like a bra.

Much like the bra, there is a polka dot bow at the top of the gore, between the cups

And, there are no bows where the cups and the straps meet.

There are embroidered polka dots on the cups

The top of the cup has the signature bow above the lattice design on the lace

The skirt part of the baby doll also has embroidered polka dots, as well as a picot trim

The polka dots are slightly raised.


The fit:

I bought this intending to turn it into a bra. So at the time of this post, I haven’t worn the babydoll. I don’t have anyone to wear it for, plus it’s too cold.

It,is actually cute as is.

I really love the rounded profile I get from Marcie bras.

The back doesn’t cover everything…

This is almost a perfect fit. Except, there seems to be a small area on both sides of the cup that bulges out. (My 32d raspberry Marcie did the same thing, so it’s something between my breasts and 32 bands.

A bratabase member suggested that I sister size up for this babydoll and I’m glad that I did. I originally put the 30dd in my cart (eBay), but it sold out while I kept debating on whether or not to get it.

Please sw stay tuned for the alteration post. 👍


Do you own a Marcie babydoll? Have you altered one?

Cleo Marcie 32d raspberry

Color: raspberry

The bra:

There is a magenta & white polka dot bow at the center of the gore.

There is not bow where the cups and the straps meet.

Embroidered dots throughout fabric

Embroidery on the lace of the cup

Bow embroidery at the top of the lace

One thing I’ve noticed on done of my newer Cleo bras is writing on the wire casing ‘Crafted for fit. Styled for fun.’ Cute

The straps

Something cute I noticed with the tags. They added a tag.

The fit:

I bought this bra specifically to alter, since I couldn’t find this color in 30dd. So as it is, with a 32 band it is a little big.

Nicely rounded profile

Wrinkling in the cup in the smaller breast.

There is some space in the cups, and the gore tacks (somewhat)

The band isn’t completely straight, but close.


Please stay tuned for the post on the alterations!