Freya Ignite 28dd

Color: yellow

About the bra: This is one of the bras I got from a member of A bra that fits, she purchased them for me from Debenhams. Every time I’ve seen this bra on a website, I’ve always looked at it as being a yellow bra with black clusters on it.

But in actuality, there are colors other than black.

There are a few shades of pink, a blue, and a pale greenish blue color

There’s a black bow at the top of the gore.

There is also a black bow where the cup meets the straps.

The beautiful top portion

The straps

There is some sort of stitching detail throughout the bra.

I just want to mention, that while this bra is a bright yellow, my pictures make it look brighter than it actually is. The picture of the bow by the straps, is the most accurate in color, since I didn’t have the flash on. The fabric has four way stretch, but it’s not overly stretchy.

The review:

When I first saw this bra in person, I thought, ‘oh my goodness, this is so cute, I’m glad I ordered it’. And then I tried it on and realized the cups were too small, 😥 I think I have a fear of buying E cups, since my breasts aren’t particularly big. And given the fact that some of my 30DDs are too big, I always think that E cups will be too big. But with this bra, I definitely should have gotten a 28E. I did have both sizes in my cart initially, but I decided to go with the DD. It’s not grossly too small but I do quad in it. I am in the process of trading with an ‘a bra that fits’ member for the 28E.

Larger breast

Smaller breast

An aerial view of the quadding. It even quads on my smaller breasts. So I know it’s too small.

Its so pointy from the side. Hopefully the 28E is less pointy.

View of the back. This is one of the few bras where I have a picture of the back. It’s so hard to take that pic by myself. I just wanted to show that I think the straps are adjusted too long, because the band looks so low on my back.

I can’t wait to get the 28E. I want to see hoe the fit of that differed from this. With this particular bra, I think the strap is very tight. I don’t know if it’s because the cups are too small or not. But if I were to keep this bra, I would definitely need to wear an extender with it.


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