Cleo Juna 30DD red

I bought this (1) because it was red and (2) because the Darcy in 30DD fit me. I recall reading that the Darcy was the ‘patterned’ version of the Juna, and therefore they’d fit similarly. While they do fit me the same way, this Juna runs smaller in the cup.


The cups are obviously too small. Th depth of this cut is 7.75 inches- .25-.5 smaller than I believe it should be.

The lace lays flat and there is quadding. The quadding is visible through a t-shirt.



I wore this bra 2 times. The first time I didn’t have any gore irritation, but towards the end of the night the gore was pressing down a bit. The second time I wore this by 1:20pm the gore was very bothersome.


The straps are a partially adjustable, and half an inch in width.


The band stretches to about 30 inches, so it’s true to size, but a little big for me, since my underbust is 28.5 inches.


I have since sold this bra 😔. However, I do have a bigger size coming in the mail. 😀


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