Ewa Michalak M Carmen 70D

It took me some time to write this post. I’ve worn this bra at least twice a week since I got it. It took me so long because I was trying to find a flaw. This bra (along with all the other 70D M cut bras) is perfect for me–this bra is my holy grail bra ☺️. (I own 5, and have 3 on the way)

This set was gifted to me by Ewa.

The M cut is Ewa’s padded bra that is made specifically for smaller breasts. It comes in sizes 60A to 60G, and up to 95B. (70-95 come in AA cups). Although the M style is for smaller busts, if you like the particular pattern the bra can be ordered as S, PL, or CHP for 219 pln (this bra would look beautiful as a CHP). The M style does come with pads for asymmetry (all of my pictures are without the pads)


The cups fit me perfectly. I would say that the cups of the M cut are slightly wider than other cuts. The width of the cup on this bra is 5.1 inches, which does seem a little wide for 70D. After wearing this for the millionth time, I have noticed there is a little bit of folding over on the bottom of the cup on my bigger breast. The lacing at the bottom of the bra (in the front), doesn’t lay flat, but it doesn’t effect the fit of the bra.


The band is nice and firm. It only stretches to about 26.5 inches, which is my ‘breaking the tape’ measurement, but it’s not uncomfortable at all. I’ve worn this bra quite a few times since I’ve received it and I didn’t need to wear an extender with it. If I wear the band as low as it should be, it doesn’t feel too tight. The band has 2 layers of fabric, and the upper lace portion is a litte loose, so there’s a few wrinkles in the fabric.


The straps are nice and thin. They’re very reminiscent of VS straps, which is a good thing for me. I’m a petite woman, and I don’t like thick straps.  I would consider the straps on this bra, and all of the M bras, to be somewhat wideset. I consider myself to have broad shoulders, so the straps aren’t an issue for m, however they might be for those that have narrow shoulders. I do have the straps almost adjusted all the way, but they’re comfortable and not slipping off. Although the design on the straps is similar to others that I have, they’re very easy to adjust, but don’t slip once they’re adjusted.


The gore is nice and low- a real plunge. I don’t find myself falling out of the cups with such a low gore. The gore isn’t the lowest I’ve gotten at 1.75 inches


The wires completely encompass my breasts (they’re not too wide for me)


The panties

I was sent size 36 in the thong, which was the smallest size they came in. Ewa’s lace thongs there’s no elastic attached to the bottom, so they may feel a little looser than what you would normally expect. These fit true to size to the other size 36 Ewa thongs that I own.


I do wish there was a matching brief with this bra. As much as I’ve worn this bra, I think I need a matching brief as well. But I’ve noticed all of the M bras only come with thongs. However I’m sure if requested, Ewa would make a matching brief.



This set was gifted to me. All thoughts are my own.

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