Aimerfeel Houndstooth bra & panty set 65e & M

**This is going to be a lengthy post

You can find the bra here, and the panties here.

Color: black & white houndstooth

One of the things I absolutely love when it comes to clothing/accessories, is houndstooth. Everyone that I know, knows this. My boss once bought me a bunch of pens once because they were houndstooth (and they were also on sale). I’d be so happy if I could find a houndstooth purse that wasn’t a cloth material (I want something that can be wiped down)

Anyways, when I saw this set on Rakuten, I had to temporarily suspend my bra hiatus. Because houndstooth. Although I’m not entirely sure of my US size, I consider myself 28e, since most of the ones I’ve one across fit. This bra is from Japan, so it has Japanese sizing. There was about 9 sizes that this bra came in, but only three that were available for purchase. 65E being the largest oft goes sizes. That translate to about a 30DD. 30DD is a sister size of 28E, so I figured it should fit. On Rakuten, when you’re viewing a page, at the bottom it shows you similar items, and/or items from that seller. So I looked around, and dad died to buy a pair of matching panties as well. Normally I’m a thong girl, but I decided to get the matching panty with lace.

The ordering process:

I normally try to stick with US companies when placing orders, because I am so impatient. I hate waiting. But this was houndstooth, so I had to get it. I placed my order Aug 12th. In the email it states something to the effect of payment not going through until the seller adds the shipping fee. Which when I placed my order had no idea what the actual amount was going to be. But I assumed it was going to be around $10 (if I was lucky). August 12th I got an email from the seller about the shipping confirmation, but it didn’t state the amount, so I couldn’t pay. Aug 17 with still no word from the company. I emailed them asking them for a shipping amount so that I could buy the items. I receive it the next day, and I send payment. Aug 18th I received an email stating it was shipped out. (Yay!) Today is Aug 22 and I got the package already! It took 4 days to go from Japan to the US.

About the bra:

The bra is very ‘Cleo-esque’ in nature. A three piece balconette style, with the side piece made to push everything forward.

There’s a big black bow at the gore

The wing and band are very long, almost like a longline bra.

The inner part of the bra is black

There are removable ‘cookies

About the panty:

The panty is all houndstooth, front and back.

There is a black bow in the front

There is lace which is very soft that goes along the sides of the back.

The gusset is a black cotton fabric

The review:


When I initially tried this bra on, I didn’t realize that there were cookies in them, I just thought that tie as heavily padded. I don’t particularly like padded bras. I decided one day about two years ago that I was going to stop wearing padded bras because they make my breasts look bigger than they are. I’m not happy with the face that this bra is padded AND seamed, as those bras don’t work for me. But this is houndstooth…

I love the look of this bra on. I have cleavage, but no quad boob. The band feels nice & snug. The straps feel okay, but I may have to loosen them a bit because my back/shoulders hurts a bit.

This looks exactly like my Maya & Meg bras.

The gore tacks, but there is a little bit of space on the smaller cup right near the gore.

This bra doesn’t look so nice under a cami

And it looks kind of pointy in the profile

I don’t like the way it looks.

After I took out the cookies:

I have less cleavage with the cookies out, but I don’t really like them in because they make the bra feel so bulky. The space by the gore on the smaller breast is more pronounced.

But it looks better under my cami

I’m so glad there wasn’t an ‘S’ option for the panties. Because I would have bought them, and they would have been way too small. I spoke to my Japanese coworker today about the fit of panties in japan compared to the US, and she said that the Jp size M is like the US size S or XS. They’re tight. Not constricting tight, but tight nonetheless. They’re low rise and site below my hip bones.

In the pictures below, I have a pair of VS cheekiness on underneath. You can see how much higher they are compared to these panties.

Im debating on ether or not to keep the bra. I really want to separate it from the thick lining, but I don’t know how that will look, it may totally destroy the look and fit of the bra. The panties, I’m definitely keeping. I think I may order more (in a large), and in all three of the styles available.

One thought on “Aimerfeel Houndstooth bra & panty set 65e & M

  1. I love houndstooth, too. Does it seem like the profile is noticeably rounder without the pads in? I had a similar experience when I removed the pads from a Satami bra. I actually hope you kept the houndstooth bra as well as the panties. Are you going to do an update on the panties?


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