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Curvy Kate Dreamcatcher 28E

Color: Yellow

The bra:

There is a blue bow at the top of the gore

There is also a blue bow where the cups and the straps meet

Dreamcatcher design goes all the way around the cups

But does not extend to the band.

The strap is not too thin and not too wide

The fit:

Here you can see the space in the cup

The sides of the cup come up too high, and it rubs

You can also see some wrinkling in the cup

With a thin cami on

The review: I returned this bra the next day after I got it. As you can see in most of the fit pictures, the cups were too big. There was a lot of room in the top of the cups. I did want to try a size down, but it wasn’t available when I bought this.

On my bigger side, my nipple is close to the apex— my nipple is a little more forward than the apex of the bra (on both breasts), but on the bigger breast, my nipple is higher up, and on my smaller breast my nipple is a little lower than the apex.

I bought this bra back last fall, and I would like to try it on again, just to see how it would fit now. (I don’t think my breasts have gotten bigger, but my measurements have changed a little)