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Tutti Rouge Nichole 28D/28DD Collection

I bought 5 of this style of bra knowing that they would all fit. And since the fit of them is just about the same, I decided to make this as one if post instead of 5 separate posts. Most of the pictures posted with be all 5 bras together.


Sugar Pink/Noir 28D

Noir/Pink 28D

Powder Blue/Noir 28D

Papaya 28D

Purple/Pink 28DD

There is a leopard print bow at the gore, with a small pink heart

There is a small bow where the cups and straps meet. The bow matches the color of the thread

And the lace at the top of the cup also matches the thread.

There are cute little heart adjusters ☺️

Some of the heart adjusters are gold and some are silver.

Papaya has gold; sugar pink has silver

Tutti Rouge is ‘engraved’ on the closure

The fit:




This is a view from the bottom, so you can get an accurate view of the shape.

A view from the top so you can get an accurate look at the shape

I tried the greenish bra on inside out,and was able to get better pictures. These are more accurate to what I actually see.

Black and white versions of 2 pics

The red line is where I think my breast should be.


I just… Don’t even know why this style looks so wrong on me. I don’t know how it could have been fixed. There is no real fix for this bra, because the 28D was the smallest size. I think there needs to be more fabric on the sides of the cup, or more stretch to the fabric.

The bra is like, pushing the sides of my breast to the front (front and center), but it’s not working the same way it does on my Cleo bras (Minnie and Maya for example). It pushes my tissue in too much.

Are my breasts too firm for this bra? Every other woman I’ve seen wear this bra have not had this issue, so I don’t know if it’s just my breasts, or if this style is incompatible with smaller breasts (everyone that has reviews of this bra seem to have breasts a lot bigger than mine)

People have said this bra fits similarly to Cleo Marcie, but it doesn’t.

I think one issue I have with this bra, is that for 3 of the 5, the wires are too narrow. 3 have widths of 4.5″, sugar pink has a width of 4.75″, and purple has a width of 5″, but the purple is also a bigger size.

I think there’s enough depth at,the bottom of the cup, but not enough on the outer side; and there’s a little too much depth at the apex.