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Parfait Madeleine 30dd white

I just feel like I can’t win with a Parfait bra. I haven’t come across one yet that actually fits me. I have this bra in both black and white, and neither one fits me.

I bought both bras on a whim. Someone posted a groupon for two bras for $14.99, so I said, why not. With the shipping, the bras came to $19.99, not bad for two bras. Unfortunately they don’t fit. 😥

From the following pictures, the bra looks okay. A little bit of wrinkling, but still okay.

This bra, however, was anything but comfortable. I wanted to rip it off as soon as I put it on! The band was tight, and I think that was causing the entire length of the wire to press onto my skin. The ends of the wire were poking my skin something serious. Needless to say, this is not a bra I’ll wear.

I think you can see from this pic how tight the band is. It was so painful, I didn’t think about getting my bra extender.

The top of the bra is somewhat closed off, so it doesn’t look too big, but there is space in the upper portion of the cup. But not enough space for me to size down.

The gore tacked (obviously)

Not the best appearance with a cami on.

Parfait Delphine 30dd

In my rush to return this bra, and the 30d, I forgot to take pictures of the bra so I could talk about it. Oops.

Color: Summer print

About the bra:

The Delphine bra from parfait, is a half padded bra. The lower half of the bra has a thing ‘foam’ like lining, and the top is a stretchy lace. This particular bra is the summer print, which features bright pinks and deep purples in a floral pattern. The lace on the bra is bright pink. The bows on the bras are blue.

The Review:

When I first tried this bra on, I didn’t adjust the straps, so it gave me a really pointed look. It literally looked like this >.

This bra fits, but it doesn’t. Seems to be the story of my {bra} life. The top of the lace cuts in slightly, but there’s a little room where the cup meets the lace. This bra is looking for someone with a little more center fullness than what I have, but less upper tissue.

The sides of the cup are too high. If I wore this bra I would be irritated under my arms within five minutes.

The gore is also too high.

A not so good view from the side