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Freya Pansy 28dd

I got a few bras from Debenhams, because a bratabase user was so kind to order them for me (the particular bras I wanted were on the original Debenhams site, but not the US version). This was my first time trying out Freya bras.

Color: Midnight

About the bra:

It has a beautiful floral design consisting of blacks, blues, white, purples and yellows.

The gore has a bow that is black and blue.

There is a cute little scalloped design on the black lace (which is stretchy).

The lace looks different on the pictures in the models.

There is a cute little decoration throughout the bottom of the bra

Where the strap meets the cup, there is also a black & blue bow.

The back of the bra straps is have black and half of the floral design.

But I feel like that makes the straps only partially adjustable.

Closeup of straps

The review:

I like this bra. It’s cute. I was kind of tight when I was wearing, so I’m probably going to use my bra extenders when I wear it again.

Okay from the side view. Pointier than what I would like, but I’ll live.

I think this bra wouldn’t work on someone that’s FOT. I have a little cutting of the tissue. The lace is stretchy though.

This is the main area that was hurting me when I was wearing the bra. The ‘pain’ started about two hours after I put the bra on. I was on my way to MD, so I had no choice but to continue wearing the bra.

When I took the bra off there were marks on my skin.

I did also notice that on my bigger breast the marks left by the wire were sitting on my breast tissue, not next to it. So I’m thinking I need to either attempt to stretch the wire, slightly, or get a 28E.


This is what I wore over the bra. A cami from walmart (for only $1.68!), and a hello kitty tank also from walmart.

Because of how pointy the Freya bras are on me,  I’m hesitant to get more. I am going to attempt a Freya Arabella though.