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Panache Jasmine 30dd (blue)

Color: watercolor

The bra:

The lining of the bra is a blue fabric

There are 4 parts to this cup.

Dark blue bow at the gore.

There is no bow where the cups & straps meet.

The lace

The watercolor design doesn’t go all the way around the band.

The review:

Left/smaller side

Right/bigger side

There is some space at the lace in the smaller breast, but none in the bigger breast.

The back

With thy my shirt on. I think the bra gives a nice natural shape

I felt like the wires were too wide, especially on my right/bigger side. (This is something I initially thought about my houndstooth jasmine bra– but later changed my mind). I think I gave this ‘issue’ with some bras, where it seems like there’s room between my breast and the wire, but in actuality there is not.

The gore is sitting on breast tissue & kind of high. The marks from the wires don’t look like the bra is too wide.


I made the mistake of wearing this bra today (3/28), as its one of my long days at work. Normally on my longs days I try to wear a bra that I know will be comfortable, because I don’t want to be uncomfortable 5 hours into a 10 hour shift. But this was the first bra that I picked up, so I wore it. Around 4pm, the bottom of the wire was digging into my left breast. By the tine I got home, I wanted to rip the bra off.

I love my Jasmine bras, but they’re not the most comfortable to wear. The main reason bring the poking gore. I have not yet tried to bend the gore on any of my Jasmine bras.