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Today’s my birthday 🎉🎉

It is currently 1am 11/07. I should probably be asleep, but I’m up writing this. And I’m not particularly tired.

But it is my birthday. I’m not really going to do anything, because I’m not the celebrating type. The only thing I have planned is to go to a The Cheesecake Factory with my family, and friends. Oddly enough, before this year I hated going to the Cheesecake Factory. But I’ve gone there about 4 or 5 times already this year. And by now, I’ve grown to like one dish in particular. Louisiana Chicken & pasta. I’ll be honest and say I don’t really care for the chicken. It’s okay. The parts that are seasoned are really good, but the parts that aren’t taste like they aren’t. Aka they don’t have flavor. The sauce that is on the pasta is spicy. I don’t like spicy foods, but I love this.

Once upon a time I planned on trying to make this myself. I got the recipe online, and I got as far as buying the pasta and the shrimp. But I didn’t buy anything else. Lol. Maybe one day soon.

The only other thing I have planned for tomorrow, is going with my mom to Bonton. Apparently they’re giving out $20 gift cards to the first 200 people. They did it today also, but she didn’t know until 30 minutes after the store opened & decided that 200 people have probably walked in the store by that time… I’ve only been to Bonton once or twice, it seemed like a more expensive JC. Penney, or a Macys.

Thursday at work, my boss/friend gave me a gift and a card for my birthday.

I know what the gift is. It’s a wallet from the store that I work at. It was discounted down from $95. It ended up being $15 with the sale and our discount. (To be fair though, it was never sold for $95. It was always on sale). I know the card was signed by a few people (that’s what they always do at my job), but I don’t know who signed the card (I haven’t opened it or the gift. I want to wait until later). It does feel a little heavier than a card would, so maybe there’s something in it. 😉 *prays your a Starbucks giftcard*. J/k

Speaking of Starbucks…

One of the many perks of having a registered Starbucks giftcard. A free drink for your birthday. 😊😊

Normally, I emails from companies about free stuff, or coupons, one of the reasons I leave my emails with companies– I like free stuff. I got a $10 VS gc, which I may use tomorrow. I haven’t gotten my $10 gc from the Loft yet. It is possible that I’ll get it later in the day though. I do have my free pancakes at IHOP. I always end up wasting that coupon, because I don’t eat pancakes at IHOP. I always get the French toast. I think I have two weeks to use that coupon.

Also Thursday at work, one of my coworkers made cupcakes for me. She used to always bring cupcakes to work during the fall/spring like every weekend. Now, I’m not sure what happened (and I didn’t question it), but she initially said she was making 36 cupcakes. I don’t know if she did or not, but this is what I came to

I’m not complaining by any means. I said I only needed/wanted 6 for myself (and family). There was only 9 when I got to this. I did get to it an hour after she came in. So I assume she made 15 and the rest was taken by my coworkers.

It is, what it is. The cupcakes were finger licking good.


Years ago, when I turned 28, I just about had a quarter/mid life crisis. I was like, ‘omg. I’m so “old”, I don’t have any kids, I’m single and I don’t have my life in order. What is wrong with me?’

But then when I turned 30, I was just like ‘eh. Whatever. It’s another day’. I guess o felt somewhat more better because although I still didn’t have any kids, or a husband, I was going to school with a purpose. And for the first time in about 3 years I don’t have school and homework to think about. I have a usable degree AND a professional license (well actually two, but they go hand in hand). 

I would love to say in working on the kids and husband, but I’m not. Hopefully I’ll have either one before I turn 33.