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Gorgeous by Debenhams 30dd

Color: natural

About the bra:

This is the bra I ordered. Debenhams Gorgeous bra

Although I guess this is considered a three part bra, it actually has four part to the cup: the part attached to the strap the part attached to the gore, the lacy upper panel. And the piece that attaches the lace to the bottom two pieces.

The lacy panel is actually seen on too of that middle piece. I turned the flash off, so you could see the detail.

Bottom two pieces connected by a seam

Where the strap meets the bra

The gore, with a small flower attached. I do wonder how to take the tag off w/o ruining the flower…

Criss crossed elastic at the back of the gore

The straps are relatively thick.

The band is so stretchy I couldn’t even get it to lay flat for the photo.I found it interesting that there was, what looked like Arabic writing on the care tags.

And the bra is available up to an H cup

The Review:

I’ve tried this bra on about 4 times, sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn’t. The good news is, today the bottom of the gore tacks. Lol

It’s a really cute bra. One that, if I decide to keep, I’d probably dye brown.

Smaller boob doesn’t look to good from this angle. 😓


Looks okay from the side.

I dont know why that little crease is there.

Gives off a natural shape in a tight top

But you can see the seam under my cami

One of the things I don’t like about the bra is that second upper panel. It tends to crease, and it’s were my nipples sit.

One more frontal pic. I held the arm that wasn’t taking the pic down, and you can see how the bigger breast hangs low.