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Ewa Michalak Pl Triumf 65E

This is going to be a very brief review because I literally just got the bra, and I plan on changing the color soon.

The bra:

The fit: This bra is very comfortable. I haven’t really taken it off since I put it on. I tried it on without the pads (that’s how it came), with the thin pads, and then with these thick pads that came in a target bikini that I just bought.

Without padding:

With the Ewa thin pads:

With the thicker target pads:

Comparison pics of all three:

My bigger breast is on the left side of the pics (where the writing is). As you can see the amount of cleavage I have gets bigger as the padding gets thicker. So this can go from an ‘everyday’ bra, to a sexy bra with the use of padding. (I don’t use any padding at all in any of the bras I currently wear). As I add padding, there is some stretching of the cups that’s closest to the gore, so I should probably wear it without any padding. With the padding the bra is essentially too small.


These are the pads that I was given with the bra

These are the pads from a target bikini


The gore is nice and low.

The wires don’t seem wide– to me.

The measurements of this bra seem similar to what I need in unlined bras. 5.25″ width, and 8.75″ in depth. Oddly enough, my depth measurement is bigger than what is in Bratabase. (Mine 8.75, the other person has a depth of 8″)

The band is nice and firm.

I love that this bra isn’t “full coverage”. This will most likely be an everyday bra for me. A bra that I can comfortably wear on the days that I work longer shifts.