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Ewa Michalak CHP Cappuccino 65E

Color: cappuccino

The bra:

The cups are beige with a black lack overlay

There is cuteness happening at the gore.

Closeup of the bow & diamanté design

There is also a bow were the strap and cup meet

There is an additional bow higher up in the strap

The inside of the bra

A closeup of the cups. You can see the the seams are not straight up and down, but on an angle (the space at the top is bigger than the space at the bottom between the two seams)

The fit:

The black lace overlay doesn’t lay completely flat at the top, but there isn’t any gapping in the cup.

With a shirt on:

I posted these pics because oddly enough I was wearing the same exact shirt both times (early April & middle/end of May)

The embroidery on the cup is visible through a thin shirt.


Pics of the marks left by the wires

A closeup of th marks left by the gore 

In case you’re wondering, yes that hurt. The gore was very stabby after a few hours. When I say stabby, I mean of Cleo proportions. I don’t know what happened, but this bra never really irritated me like it did this last time. The gore is 2.1 inches in height, and the width is .6, so it’s not particularly high or wide.


The review:

I do love the way my breasts look in the CHP. I like the way it feels on– it’s “padded”, but not overly so. I found myself constantly touching my chest throughout the day. And even though the bra is “padded” when I touched my breasts, I was feeling my breasts. (Unlike if you touch your breasts in a VS bra, you feel mounds of padding). If I sized down (or wear pads) I could have cakes on a plate cleavage. That is something I’d like, but I don’t like to wear the pads (I have them all in a large ‘sandwich’ bag.), and I also don’t want to buy a size down.

I also want to point out that it may look like the straps are in my armpits, but there isn’t any irritation for me.