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Victoria’s Secret Pink bra + swooping & scooping

I decided to make this post on a whim, so it’s going to be relatively short, and have only a few pictures.

Swooping and scooping is in general, something that I don’t particular up feel I need to do. Yes, I do want all of my breast tissue to be inside of my bra, however, I don’t believe that I have migrated breast tissue. I’m practically skin & bones, so there’s now her that the tissue has migrated to. But I swoop and scoop anyway.

Bra: Pink by Victoria’s Secret, wear everywhere Demi bra. Size 32C.

When I putt his bra on (just now), my initial thought was, ‘wow! The band is huge.’ VS bra bands are very stretchy. I used to love these bras (I literally own like 20 of them). They were my ‘go to’ bras. But since I’ve found the correct size, or close to it, I haven’t worn these bras since.

Anyway, these are pics of the bra BEFORE swooping and scooping.

The gore doesn’t tack.

Look at how much room is in the band!

Pictures AFTER swooping & scooping.

Close up

Yes, the gore is sitting on my breast tissue.

The gore still doesn’t tack

But it’s closer than before, but look at that quadding!

The band is still big, but not as big as before.

I was initially going to keep all of my VS bras, and just alter the band so they would fit, and I could still have them, but I think it’s time to let them go. Even if I take in the band, the cup is too small. If these bras were 32D, it may have been okay to alter the bands. I’ll probably list all the wear everywhere bras together, instead of selling them separately.

As you can see from the before and after pics, you can see the difference swooping and scooping makes. It’ll show you really. Whether or not a bra you’re wearing fits. I try on some bras and initially I think they’re a little too big, but then when I S&S, they fit.

Curvy Kate Eden 28e

Color: Rose print

About the Bra: When I firstt saw this, I said to myself, I NEED to have this. The print on it is so beautiful. Pink is my favorite color. I love roses. So therefore this bra was perfection.

The bra consists of magenta flowers, light pink flowers, and green leaves. The bra has a sheen to it.

W/o flash

W/ flash

There is a green and magenta bow at the gore.

There is a cute little scalloped design at the top of the cups.

W/ flash

W/o flash

There is also a cute little green & magenta bow where the cup meets the straps.

The upper portion of the straps has the floral design

The lower half of the straps is just magenta. This bra isn’t fully adjustable.


The wings and the band are magenta.

The review:

I got this from brastop thinking that at worse, this bra would be one cup big, which isn’t an issue, because it would be an easy fix. Boy was I wrong. This bra isn’t 1 cup too big, it’s more like 2, and it’s not an easy fix.

Before I get to the review I just want to say something.

I’ve mentioned being a denimaholic. I have the ability to look at a pair of jeans/pants and KNOW without even trying them on whether or not they will fit me. And 99% of the time I am correct. I actually worked at 2 denim stores, so I was blue to get it down to a T. I also had the ability to look at someone and know what size they would be in a pair of jeans- men and women. After leaving both denim stores, I’ve lost that ability (for other people). But that ability for myself, has stemmed into pretty much all forms of clothing-shirts dresses panties, and now bras. So immediately after taking this bra out of the package, I KNEW it was going to be too big. And not a little big, but very big. Like wearing my orders sister’s bra, big. 😟

When I first put the bra on without swooping and scooping, I knew there was no fixing this.

Swooping and scooping didn’t really change the appearance.

Theres a good amount of space between the top of the cup, and my breast.

A lot of space.

Oddly enough there was more space on my bigger breast.

So much space, in fact, that I could fit my whole fist in the space!


I’d say it looks okay from the side, if my breasts were that big.

But they’re not. I’m pulling the fabric. And it actually looks nice– if only I could alter it to look this way.

Another issue with this bra, aside from the cups running so big, is that the side of the bra cuts into my underarms because it’s so high. It’s not the wire that’s high, it’s just the fabric. If the bra actually fit, and I could wear it, this would irritate my skin.

Before I forget, the band on this is very firm.

Curvy Kate bras are supposed to be really good for FOT women. Obviously I’m not FOT, so I can’t really comment on that. But I do feel as though for this particular bra to fit, a woman would almost have to have really round breasts. Like this:

I found this picture online. It is a woman that has just gotten implants. I’m sure this is what people mean when they say ‘cakes on a plate’.

I really wish this bra fit me because it is so beautiful.

Claudette Cool Cotton 30dd

Color: American Tan

About the bra: has a low scooped neckline. It’s supposed to be an everyday bra meant to be worn under t-shirts & tank tops.

American tan is a brown color.

It is actually light and airy, like it’s made of t-shirt material. There is a small button at the gore where the wires meet.

There is one vertical seam that goes down the center of the bra.

There is also some sort of side panel on the inner part of the bra, which is visible when worn. 😕

It really is a simple everyday bra.

The review:

Apparently on the Love Claudette site it says some women prefer to go up a cup size. while, I did see that little blurb, I wasn’t (and still am not) completely sure of the correct size for myself, so I got a 30DD. I am okay with buying 30DDs, some are okay, some are too big. But I haven’t encountered one that was too small. Until now. I obviously wouldn’t have thought a 30DD would be too small, and I’m not too keen on buying 30DDD/E, since they would most likely be too big. But with this bra, I may have to go up to a 30E…

Without swooping and scooping, this bra doesn’t look too bad, it actually looks like it kind of fits.

But when I swoop and scoop…

The gore is sitting on my breast tissue. You can see the quadboob.

From this view, you can see the side support panel. As well as the quadboob. The side panel’s visibility doesn’t go away with bigger breasts/cups.

The side profile view, is horrendous, there’s no other way to describe it. It makes my breasts look saggy!!! Which they don’t even look in real life! Again you can see the side panel thingy.

Sagginess, quadboob and nipple visibility, all in one pic!

It looks okay with a low cut top. But not a higher cut top.

With my thin maxi dress, you can see my nipples AND the vertical seams.

I really hate hate that this bra fits me like crap, it is so very comfortable. It literally feels like I’m not wearing anything at all.

I’m really really debating on getting the 30E. The fact that I’d have to pay $7 shipping, and Love Claudette doesn’t accept returns is keeping me from purchasing it.

Panache Loretta Balconette Black 30dd

I got this as a part of amazon’s prime day deals. It was cheap and came with free shipping/returns, so I said ‘why not?’

Color: black

About the bra:

Balconette/balcony style. This bra offers less coverage than a full coverage bra. It is shaped in a way that provides a full and round appearance of the breasts.

This bra is made of all mesh, with the bottom half (in 30dd) doubled. The upper part is sheer.

W/o flash

With flash

The gore in this bra is relatively high, with the length being a little more than 2 1/4 inches

Lightened so you can see the detail

There is a cross cross design of elastic at the inner part of the gore.

There is a beautiful design at the top of the cups.

As well as at the bottom of the gore. Its very reminiscent of Chinese fans.

The straps have some sort of ribbed design, but they’re still fully adjustable.

There is elastic at the side of the cup, from where the cup meets the wire to where the cup meets the strap.

The review:

I wanted this bra to work out so bad, since it was cheap.  However. It doesn’t really look good on me.

it looks ‘okay’ in these pictures:

But there’s a good amount of wrinkling on both cups. I think the bra wants more center fullness than what I have.

You can somewhat see in the below picture, it’s slightly cutting off my tissue. It seems rather closed on top. I wouldn’t advise someone that’s FOT to buy this bra, as the design on the top doesn’t stretch at all.

It looks bad in the side view.

Even with a tight cami on.

It’s more pointy in real life.
If it wasn’t for the price, I’d have no qualms about returning it. But it’s definitely getting returned.