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Claudette dessous 30E (pink)

Color: pink

About the bra:

Like all of the dessous Bras from Love. Claudette, this bra is made of sheer mesh. This particular bra, is a very stretchy mesh. Too stretchy actually.

The bra is a brighter pink than what I was expecting.

The top of the cup is one layer of fabric, while the bottom is lined.

There is a black ribbon bow at the center gore.

As well as where the straps meet the cup

Around the bra, there is black frilly detailing.

The review:

The band on this bra is so stretchy. Its not big per se, but it’s just very stretchy. Stretchy enough, that if I had bigger breasts that needed support, I don’t think I would get it unless I sized down. I would have sized down in the band, if Claudette had a 28 available in this particular bra, but they didn’t. As I predicted, the cups are tall- tallest gain what I’d like. I do however, think that I have a tall root. That is, I believe my breast tissue starts at a higher point than on some people. There is some room in the cups, but not enough to size down comfortably, in my opinion.

As you can see, there’s some wrinkling in the cup on my smaller breast.

Smaller breast

Larger breast

The gore tacks at the top,

But not at the bottom. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but I suspect it’s because the band is so stretchy.

The side view is okay. Slightly pointy, but not too much.

As with basically all the Claudette bras, except cool cotton, my nipples are above the apex of the bra. This bra is cute, but I don’t love it. It is going to be a bra, that if I keep, I’ll definitely have to alter the band someway. I think if I alter the band, the cups won’t have so much wrinkling in them. I do however wish the cups weren’t so tall. I’ve been wondering, if I got a different size, would I be able to have smaller cups. The size I was thinking, was either a 32C, or a 32D. I think to get a cup as low as it is on the models, I’d need a bra that I’d have to adjust the straps as long as they could go or close to it.

I kind of wish I’d bought one of these 30E Dessous bras in a 30DD, so that I could compare it to the Dessous Sucre, and also, so I could see if the cup size dictates the stretch ones of the band.

Claudette Dessous 30E (leopard)

Color: leopard

About the bra: This is a very cute bra. I originally wanted the leopard with the pink, but that wasn’t available in any of the sizes I would want to try. The whole bra is made from a (very) stretchy mesh fabric.

There is a black bow made of ribbon on the gore

There is also a cute little bow where the straps meet the cup.

A majority of the bra is leopard print mesh.

w/o the flash so you can see the true color.

Even on the band/wings!

The lower portion of the cup is double lined, the inner lining is a beige color.

There is a cute little frilly design going around the bra.

The review:

I’m not particularly in love with this bra. It’s cute, but it doesn’t fit me correctly. The biggest issue is that the band is too big. On my bigger breast, I can tighten the strap so that the metal piece is almost touching my clavicle/top of my shoulder. Doing so makes the bra look very nice, but it’s hurting my shoulder. I                   do, however plan on tightening the band, although I’m not sure which method I am going to use.

I went with the 30E for this bra, because when I read other reviews, a lot of women said it ran a cup size small. I do agree with that. I think if I had went with a 30DD, it would have been too small. The band may have been tighter, but I’d have some quadding on my bigger breast. I would have preferred this bra in. A 28 band, but love Claudette didn’t have this bra in 28 bands. If it came in a 28 band, I’d have had to debate about getting the 28E or the 28F, and I probably would have went with a 28E, because I don’t think an F cup would fit me.

As it is, the bra is ‘cute’. It doesn’t fit the way it looks in pictures/ the way I wanted it to look, but I knew that was going to happen. The cups come up a lot higher than I want them to. It essentially looks like the full coverage bra it’s described as.

Bigger breast

Smaller breast

Side view: As you can’t ell from these pics, the apex of the bra is not in the same place as the apex of my breast.

Bigger breast

Smaller breast

Because the band is big, the bottom of the gore doesn’t tack correctly, and there’s some space.

But it tacks at the top.

When I lean over, there’s a good amount of wrinkling.

The sides of the cup, that connects the band to the straps, is a little on the high side.

As I’ve said,this bra is cute. It’s not the best, and it’s going to require some alterations to get it close to being perfect. I almost want to attempt to turn it into a balconette. But I feel for something like that, I’d have to break out my sewing machine, and I’m still in summer mode. Plus I have to see how the cups fit once I tighten the band. I’m thinking the cups would fit a lot better, with less space (there’s not a lot when I’m standing regular), but I also think it’ll made the sides of the bra cut in more, since it’ll be farther to the back.

it is worth mentioning that the cups on this bra are all mesh, stretch mesh. On my skin it’s rather irritating, but this is just from trying it on, not actually wearing it around. I think it’ll get less irritating as you wear the bra, as well as when you wash it.

Claudette Dessous Sucre 30dd

Color: black

About the bra:

While this bra in pictures looks like it’s a balconette style, it’s called (and fits like) a full coverage bra.

It is made from mesh, the main parts of the bra are black, with the trimmings, straps and closure being a bright pink. The upper part is one single fabric, while the bottom is double fabric. This bra is sheer.

The bow in the center is also pink

There are also bows where the cups meet the straps.

The straps are pink and relatively thin.

The review:

Okay, so, I tried this bra on twice, just for hell of it, and it fit differently both times. The fittings were only a few dead apart, and I didn’t gain any weight, so I don’t know why there’s a difference. I will post comparison pictures, so you can see the difference.

First try

Second try

The biggest difference I can see in these pics above is that in the first picture, my left breast (which is on the right side of the pictures) looks higher/taller than it does in the second picture. It’s like you can see a clear definition of where my breast starts. Difference #2 is that you can see some wrinkling at the top of the cup on my right breast in the first picture (which is on the left in the pictures). The third difference is that there seems to be more cleavage in the second picture.

First try

Second try

Oddly enough, there is some wrinkling on the cup in the second picture, that isn’t there in the first picture, and also wasn’t present in the set of pictures above. And you can kind of see that in both pictures it looks like the top of the cup is cutting into my tissue. It’s not quite quadboob.

Initially when I tried the bra on, the gore wasn’t racking, but the second time it was.

Firs try- look at that space!

Second try

This is a closeup of the gore from the second time trying the bra on. There’s some slightly wrinkling between the cups.

A close up of the tightness at the top. I don’t think this would be good for someone that’s FOT, because of the pink elastic at the top. However it does stretch.

Another thing I’ve noticed with this bra is that there seems to be some sort of odd ‘dent’ or indentation on the side right where the cup meets the wire meets the band. It doesn’t hurt, it just looks weird.

The side profile looks okay. I’m still getting used to not wearing molded bras, so the side profiles don’t look rounded enough to me, yet.

A few few things I want to point out:

This Claudette bra is called ‘Dessous Sucre’, Claudette makes other bras that are just called ‘Dessous’. I don’t know if there is a difference in the fit, but the description on the Love Claudette website is the same. I do have my eye on one of the ones without sucre in the title, I’m not sure if I’m going to but it yet. I think that possibly the non Sucre Dessous bras are not full coverage, they’re a little less than full,

The mesh on this bra is very scratchy. When I tried it on, I more or less felt like this was a ‘sexy time’ bra, and not an everyday bra. (If you do indeed wear bras during sex)

Another thing I noticed was that it was so thin that the seams show through on tops/dresses that aren’t very thick. When I got cold I was ever so able to slightly detect where my nipple was, because as you can see from the above pics, my nipples are in the sheer area.