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Comexim Scarlett 70F

I was ecstatic when I saw this pop up on bratabase. I love any and everything animal print. And the fact that there was an animal print comexim? Had to have it.

This bra was brand new with tags, that I’m assuming the original owner bought and left in the drawer and forgot about it. Since it actually had the Comexim tags, I assume it was unaltered. Normally unaltered comexim’s aren’t an issue for me, but this bra wasn’t the best fit, we’ll see why.


The bottom of the band was tight on me, this seems to be an ongoing issue for me with a lot of Comexim bands, but never really with a 70 band. The band stretched to 28.5 inches, which is my snug measurement, however, the band appears to be riding up in the pictures. The wings are 4 inches in height, which I’ve come to love. (I used to dislike such wide wings, but I’ve noticed it’s a common thing with Polish bras, so now when I wear U.K. bras where the wings are shorter it feels weird)


This bra is a plunge, and even though the width of the cup is 5 inches, it was sitting on tissue. The depth of the cup is an issue because it’s only 7.75 inches, however, there was some room in the cup, especially at the top.

The bottom of the cup is very shallow, and the bottom half of the cup also isn’t really rounded.



The gore is high, at 3.1 inches, it’s higher than most Comexim gores in this size, which seem to be about 2.75 inches (unaltered). The width of the gore is .75 inches, which considering the height, makes this too wide for me.


The straps are plain and fully adjustable.


You can see from the side view that the wire is sitting on my tissue

I have since sold this bra, and luckily, the buyer already owned the matching panties.

Comexim will be coming out with another animal print bra soon, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.