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Coffee dyed bras

I have more than a few bras that are beige. Beige is not a color that I like, especially in bras. So I decided I was going to change the color of some of the beige bras. I actually wanted to dye all of them, but I forgot one.

Anyway, I really wanted to get the bras as dark as I could– dark enough that they would look ‘nude’ on my skin. I googled and say that with something that has polyester as a part of the fabrication, rit dye or something similar, may not take, if it did take, it wouldn’t be as dark as an animal fabric. I saw that there was ‘idye’ for synthetic fabrics, but it says that you have to keep the items in boiling water for 30 minutes. Given that I was going to dye 2 Ewa bras, I wasn’t going to take the chance of damaging the bras before I even wore them. (Years ago when I tried to shrink some jeans I would put them in boiling water. They never got damaged-and I tried it on at least 20 pairs-, but they did shrink temporarily. Shrinking bras isn’t what I wanted to do.) So I decided to dye them using coffee. Using tea was another option, but in all the pics I looked at the coffee dyed items came out darker.

Here is what you’ll need (if you want to try this):

  • Water
  • a pot
  • coffee (preferably instant)
  • a large container
  • a stirring utensil
  • a strainer/coffee filter (if using regular coffee)
  • Measuring cup (or something similar)


I got a large pot filled it about 2/3, then poured coffee into it. I didn’t actually measure how much water or coffee, but I used about 2-3 scoops with an ice cream scooper.

I let the coffee come to a boil. I put the hot coffee in the fridge for 5 minutes or so, to cool off a little. Then I put my bras in.

This is why you need a filter if not using instant coffee. I am no a coffee drinker,no it didn’t dawn on me the grounds wouldn’t be dissolved until after I put the bras in.

I stirred red the bras/coffee for a few minutes, then put a smaller pot with the coffee container on top so that all the bras were completely submerged.

I took the bras out after an hour.

I wasn’t happy with the color, thinking I could get it darker if I let it sit longer, so I poured the coffee into a large container. I used the remnants from the Marcie baby doll to filter out the ground coffee (smart!)

This is how the pot looked after. 😧

As as you can imagine there was ground coffee in the bras.

I put the container with the coffee in the microwave for around 10 minutes. I put the bras in, and then put the small pot filled with heavier items back on top to keep everything submerged. I left it like this overnight. So the bras were essentially soaking for 12 hours in coffee. I just knew when I took the bras out of the water they’d be darker than my skin.

They weren’t. They were the same color as before. 😔 Except now 2 of the bras had a black mark on them. Boo.

After I rinsed the bras off, there was still coffee grounds in the water.

Here are some comparison pics. As you can see the bras became a caramel/golden color. Better than beige, but still not what I was looking for.

Gorgeous bra

Top- new color Bottom- original color

Left- new color Right- original color

Closeup of the bow that didn’t change color. You can see the difference

CHP cappuccino

Top- original color Bottom-dyed

Top- original color (natural sunlight. No flash) Bottom- new color

PL Triumf

Top- original color Bottom-new color

Top- original color Bottom- new color

I adjusted the straps longer & you can see the slight color difference

The unlined bra took the color the best, while the chp cappuccino looks very close to the original.

So this may be ideal for someone where beige is a little too light for. Also you could probably get away with leaving the bras in the coffee for an hour, no need to keep it overnight like I did. I do wonder though if I would have been able to get a darker color if I put the bras in the hot water immediately.

Also, another thing worth mentioning, these bras have a scent to them. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s not the same as when you spill coffee. It’s slightly irritating. I did wash & (briefly) dry the bras and the smell is still there. But I suppose if I were to soak something in bleach for 12 hours whatever didn’t get dissolved would smell like bleach.

I may attempt to dye the triumf again.


Eta: I decided to quickly try the 2 Ewa’s on before going to bed, and they both shrink in length. The original I stretched length that I measured for the pl triumf was 21.75″, but the current I stretched length is 20.5″. I decided to re measure because the straps felt like they needed to be adjusted longer again. Also with the cappuccino, the original unstretched measurement was 22.75″, it’s now currently 22″. Which is actually a good thing for me because when I first got it, I had to put it on the 2nd set of hook instead of the loosest because it was a little loose. (This one has 4 settings)