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Cleo Jude 28e

Color: black

About the Bra:

This is a molded contour cup tshirt bra. There is lightly lined, enough to cover nipples, but not overly thick like a push up bra. Most of the bra is black, except for the bright pink bow on the front, the ribbon along the cups, the straps, and the closure.

The review:

I decided to keep this bra, since it wasn’t getting any attention on bratabase. A lot of people say this bra doesn’t fit most women, and it seems to be $15 on amazon quit often, so I’d have to lose money in trader to sell it. And even with a lower price, I couldn’t be guaranteed to sell it, since it’s not the best fitting bra.

The first time I wore this, I wore it two days in a row. I don’t even remember why. So this is a review made after the bra was worn.

So like 90% of the rest of the people that have tried this bra on, it doesn’t fit me. I get a ridiculous amount of cleavage after I S&S.

It is very closed on top, so it isn’t a good fit for FOT shapes, or probably shallow shapes either. I am FOB/even, and you can see it’s cutting into my tissue as well. I believe this is why it doesn’t fit that many women. It’s too closed on top.

The gore tacks

It’s too shallow at the bottom, so I have space between my breast and the wire.

The side of the cups come up kind of high. High enough that it bothered me every so often (but not too much)

I will admit, this bra is actually very comfortable on. One of the days I wore it, I literally forgot I was wearing a bra. I walked into my bedroom and thought, ‘I should probably put a bra on’ then I looked in the mirror and remembered I was wearing one. It was that comfortable. ┬áHaving said that, I wouldn’t buy another one. These days I prefer to wear soft bras.

Cleo Jude 28f

Color: black and magenta

About the bra:

Molded bra. A bra with molded cups. Molded bra cups will keep their shape. The cups are rounded.

The main color of the bra is black.

There is some pink lacing around the top of the cup. At the gore, there is a small lacy pink bow.

the straps and the hook & eye closure are both pink.

The review:

I bought this bra because it was part of the amazon prime day deals, and also because I have it in a 28e, and that was deemed too small. I did however attempt to cancel the order after I made it, but it was too late.

When I swoop and scoop I get a good amount of cleavage, even though this bra doesn’t have any push up padding.

Even though it is an f cup, it still cuts off my tissue.

Side view with some quad boob.

Looks perfect with a cami on.

However, the gore doesn’t tack at all.

Not even a little bit. ­čś×