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Cleo Darcy 30DD

Color: neon green-yellow

The bra:

Molded cup

There is a cute pink bow in the center, at the gore.

Pretty pink lace at the top

There is no bow where the cup and the strap meet.

The flamingo design goes all the way around the band.

The fit:

Right (larger) side

Left (smaller) side

With a cami on

Marks left by the wires:

The wire is in my imf.


I wore this bra no less than 5 times. I like it a lot. And as you can see, it actually fits. Technically it shouldn’t because it’s a good bra for shallow breasts, and people say my breasts aren’t shallow.

I took this pic after the last time I wore it, so you can see there is no creasing at the bottom of the cup.

I don’t recall¬†having any issues when wearing this bra, except for the very last time. That particular day, the bottom of the wire was pushing in my skin.


This looks and fits a whole lot better than the 30E. I do think that technically it would be considered too small because the lace lies flat for the most part.

I liked this bra so much, that I bought a Juna in 30DD.