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Claudette Dessous Snakeskin 30E

Color: lipgloss snakeskin

I sold this bra within days of receiving it, so this will be more of a ‘bra fit’ than a review.

I got this bra from Love Claudette’s Encore Valentine’s Sale. All of the with red, pink, and coral were 50% off (I don’t recall the panties being on sale-I would have bought the matching panties because I love this print)


The fit:

From the side view it looks like the band is riding up. I don’t recall at this moment how stretchy the band was, but I know it wasn’t as firm as I was hoping, but it also wasn’t as stretchy as the other 30E Claudette’s I’ve owned.

This bra, as well as the Dessous longline are probably the ONLY two Claudette bras that I own that have a decent amount of projection. The two bras are definitely NOT for someone that’s shallow. I ended up getting this in a 30DD, (and even then I still had a little bit of room in the cups)


With a thin came on

Yes. You can see the seams, probably my areolas, and my nips- if they get hard.

I like the way the profile looks. Very natural, and not minimized. But also not overly rounded.

But as you can see, the sides of the cups came up rather high, so wearing this cami or a tank wouldn’t look very nice. Also, I think the sides of the cup had a high potential (for me) to irritate my skin.