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Gorgeous bra update/ OOTD

The review for the bra can be found here >> Gorgeous bra by Debenhams.

So I wore this bra today, as I needed to go to a CPR class for 4 hours, but had nothing else planned for the day. And I figured why not wear a bra I haven’t worn yet, since I was only going to be out a few hours.

Everything about the bra was comfortable except for the gore. This bra is probably the softest I own. The straps seem really wide, but they don’t dig in. The wire is fine, the band is fine, the freaking gore, man.

The bottom of the gore doesn’t tack, it’s very slight, but I’m aware of it. The top of the gore tacks. But it apparently pushes down on my sternum. I think there’s two reasons for this.

I don’t have a lot of cushioning there.

The gore is wider than the space between my breasts.

You can imagine how fun it was doing chest compressions with a stabby gore.

When I got home, the gore was really irritating me, so I tucked the top of my shirt into the gore. And I left it like that. Hours later when I saw my brother he said, “there’s something going on with your shirt. Maybe you want to fix that.”

Speaking of my brother….

When I got dressed today I pretty much put,on the first thing I saw. Which was a camo top from Zulily ($3.99), and a pair of boyfriend jeans from The Loft, under their Lou & Grey line. Ordinarily, I hate boyfriend jeans. They don’t do anything or my shape at all. Baggy/loose fitting clothing does nothing for my shape period. But boyfriend jeans tend to flatten my butt. This particular pair doesn’t. These jeans when I wear with a belt really just come across as looking like a mid-rise jean with a looser fitting thigh (not baggy though). This was kind of the look I was going for, minus the mid rise. I like low rise jeans. I really just bought these jeans because I loved the distressing, and they weren’t baggy on the model on the website. Lately with jeans from the Loft, I’ve been needing to get 24 curvy petite. The few 24Ps that I have (in the regular denim, not the colored denim) are… rather tight. Not uncomfortable tight, but butt flattening tight. In my experience, the clothing from the ‘full retail’ Loft doesn’t stretch out like the jeans from the outlet store- which means my non curvy 24p are too small.

Yes I’m outside barefoot

Anyway, when my brother and I went to take his daughter to the Dr, he was walking behind me and he so nicely commented, “Those jeans make your butt look flat” 😡

Does my butt look flat to you? 😏


This outfit fits 2 out of the 3 things that I love when it comes to clothing: camo/army print & distressed jeans (the third being houndstooth)