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“Nude” undergarments

**The featured image is from Nubian skin**

Quick post

I hate when clothing companies use the term ‘nude’ to describe a color. 99.99% of the time nude is used to describe a color, it is in the beige family. Now that I think about it, I can add makeup companies as well.

In case you’re wondering, this is what “nude” looks like on me.

If I were to walk out my house wearing this, someone far away would be able to see that I was wearing a bra and panties (or perhaps a bikini).

However, this looks nude on me.

Someone standing at the same distance as the person (in the hypothetical situation) above will probably think I’m naked.

I wore this bra when I took pictures of a pink lace shirt that I was going to sell & a friend commented that I needed to put on a bra.

If you look between my breasts are you can see the little buttons on the bra.

These aren’t actually sets. I rarely buy sets; I love VS panties.

beige bra- b.tempt’d

Beige panties- VS mini cheeky (no longer made 😥)

Brown bra- Aerie (no longer avail in this color)

Brown panties-VS


A lot of companies will make a bra in a brownish shade.

I’m sure everyone has heard of Nubian skin, which makes various undergarment styles (bras, panties, hosiery etc) in various shades of browns.

A polish company by the name Samanta has bras in brown and caramel shades.

I have not bought from Nubian skin yet. As much as I love their colors and would love to support them, I do not like wearing molded/padded bras. Should they come out with some 3 part bras, I’ll buy.


*I am very aware that beige nudes don’t work on all white people.