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Panache Jasmine 30dd (blue)

Color: watercolor

The bra:

The lining of the bra is a blue fabric

There are 4 parts to this cup.

Dark blue bow at the gore.

There is no bow where the cups & straps meet.

The lace

The watercolor design doesn’t go all the way around the band.

The review:

Left/smaller side

Right/bigger side

There is some space at the lace in the smaller breast, but none in the bigger breast.

The back

With thy my shirt on. I think the bra gives a nice natural shape

I felt like the wires were too wide, especially on my right/bigger side. (This is something I initially thought about my houndstooth jasmine bra– but later changed my mind). I think I gave this ‘issue’ with some bras, where it seems like there’s room between my breast and the wire, but in actuality there is not.

The gore is sitting on breast tissue & kind of high. The marks from the wires don’t look like the bra is too wide.


I made the mistake of wearing this bra today (3/28), as its one of my long days at work. Normally on my longs days I try to wear a bra that I know will be comfortable, because I don’t want to be uncomfortable 5 hours into a 10 hour shift. But this was the first bra that I picked up, so I wore it. Around 4pm, the bottom of the wire was digging into my left breast. By the tine I got home, I wanted to rip the bra off.

I love my Jasmine bras, but they’re not the most comfortable to wear. The main reason bring the poking gore. I have not yet tried to bend the gore on any of my Jasmine bras.

Cleo Marcie 30dd yellow

Color: yellow

The bra:

It is a beautiful summer yellow.

There are the signature embroidered dots throughout the bra.

There is a fucshia bow at the gore with a button in the middle

Unlike most unlined bras, this does not have any bows where the cup and the straps meet

Embroidery on the lace

I didn’t realize until I was taking pictures that there’s little bows embroidered on the top of the cup

The straps


The review:

I love absolutely everything about this bra.

The side profile I so round. But that is something Cleo bras are known for. There is literally no flaws in this bra. No stabby gores, no space in the fabric. NOTHING.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked when I first put this bra on. How could a bra that us for FOT, fit me? Someone that is FOB? Wearing this bra (as well as Panache Jasmin) made me realize that I am most likely even, with tall roots, so I function as FOT. Or more correctly, {some} FOT bras work with my shape.

Here are some pics I took from when I first got the bra (excuse the color)


So I got this bra as an exchange from a bratabase member. She contacted me and asked if I was willing to trade my new CK Princess bra (which I am one realizing I never reviewed :facepalm: ) in 30dd for this bra> Cleo Marcie 30dd. I wasn’t too sure at first because at the time I preferred to wear 28e, as that was the size that mainly fit me (I know 28e and 30dd are sister sizes, but the tightness of the band in 28s seem to make the bras fit better). But then I realized the curvy Kate didn’t fit me anyway, so I said yes to the exchange. And I’m so glad I did!

Parfait Madeleine 30dd white

I just feel like I can’t win with a Parfait bra. I haven’t come across one yet that actually fits me. I have this bra in both black and white, and neither one fits me.

I bought both bras on a whim. Someone posted a groupon for two bras for $14.99, so I said, why not. With the shipping, the bras came to $19.99, not bad for two bras. Unfortunately they don’t fit. 😥

From the following pictures, the bra looks okay. A little bit of wrinkling, but still okay.

This bra, however, was anything but comfortable. I wanted to rip it off as soon as I put it on! The band was tight, and I think that was causing the entire length of the wire to press onto my skin. The ends of the wire were poking my skin something serious. Needless to say, this is not a bra I’ll wear.

I think you can see from this pic how tight the band is. It was so painful, I didn’t think about getting my bra extender.

The top of the bra is somewhat closed off, so it doesn’t look too big, but there is space in the upper portion of the cup. But not enough space for me to size down.

The gore tacked (obviously)

Not the best appearance with a cami on.

Parfait Delphine 30dd

In my rush to return this bra, and the 30d, I forgot to take pictures of the bra so I could talk about it. Oops.

Color: Summer print

About the bra:

The Delphine bra from parfait, is a half padded bra. The lower half of the bra has a thing ‘foam’ like lining, and the top is a stretchy lace. This particular bra is the summer print, which features bright pinks and deep purples in a floral pattern. The lace on the bra is bright pink. The bows on the bras are blue.

The Review:

When I first tried this bra on, I didn’t adjust the straps, so it gave me a really pointed look. It literally looked like this >.

This bra fits, but it doesn’t. Seems to be the story of my {bra} life. The top of the lace cuts in slightly, but there’s a little room where the cup meets the lace. This bra is looking for someone with a little more center fullness than what I have, but less upper tissue.

The sides of the cup are too high. If I wore this bra I would be irritated under my arms within five minutes.

The gore is also too high.

A not so good view from the side

Natori feathers black 30dd

Color: black

About the bra:

A beautiful black bra

The gore is short with the lacing around it

That same lacing is at the top of the cups.

The outer part of the cup is a sheer lace, with a molded cup behind it, unattached

The lacing goes all the way around the back to the hook & eye closure

The straps are nice and thin.

The review:

This bra technically doesn’t fit me. For two reasons, 1- I probably need a 30DDD, and 2- this bra is mainly for women with shallow breasts. I have too much lower projection for this bra, and it shows in some of the pictures below. All of the pictures with a heart on them show the space between my breasts and the wire.

Without swooping & scooping

After swooping & scooping.

Bigger breast

Smaller breast

Looks okay from the side.

The gore tacks at the top

But it’s not as close to my skin on the bottom.

I tried to get a picture of the space, but it doesn’t look evident, and this was the best I took.

Below, I have my finger where the space is.

The cute lace design on the wings/band.

This bra is very comfortable to me, so I’ll be keeping it. Initially when I put this one on, it was bothering me on my bigger side by my underarm, because of the elastic, but now it’s fine. I love that this bra is simple, yet sexy. This is actually my second Natori feathers bra, the first one I got from Burlington Coat Factory.

Gorgeous by Debenhams 30dd

Color: natural

About the bra:

This is the bra I ordered. Debenhams Gorgeous bra

Although I guess this is considered a three part bra, it actually has four part to the cup: the part attached to the strap the part attached to the gore, the lacy upper panel. And the piece that attaches the lace to the bottom two pieces.

The lacy panel is actually seen on too of that middle piece. I turned the flash off, so you could see the detail.

Bottom two pieces connected by a seam

Where the strap meets the bra

The gore, with a small flower attached. I do wonder how to take the tag off w/o ruining the flower…

Criss crossed elastic at the back of the gore

The straps are relatively thick.

The band is so stretchy I couldn’t even get it to lay flat for the photo.I found it interesting that there was, what looked like Arabic writing on the care tags.

And the bra is available up to an H cup

The Review:

I’ve tried this bra on about 4 times, sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn’t. The good news is, today the bottom of the gore tacks. Lol

It’s a really cute bra. One that, if I decide to keep, I’d probably dye brown.

Smaller boob doesn’t look to good from this angle. 😓


Looks okay from the side.

I dont know why that little crease is there.

Gives off a natural shape in a tight top

But you can see the seam under my cami

One of the things I don’t like about the bra is that second upper panel. It tends to crease, and it’s were my nipples sit.

One more frontal pic. I held the arm that wasn’t taking the pic down, and you can see how the bigger breast hangs low.

Cleo Lucy black & white 30dd comparison

I’ve read many times on bratabase that the Cleo Lucy bra in black, as well as a lot of other bras in black, run smaller. I bought the Lucy in both black and white in size 30dd. The white didn’t fit, but the black did. Click on the picture for the reviews.


This post is going to be mostly pictures.

First things first, the tags are completely different. The font styles are different. The black tag has ‘Cleo’ in all capitals, but the white tag has it in all lower case letters.

The way the sizes are labeled on the tags is different as well. The white tag also has the washing instructions with the sizes, but the black one doesn’t.



You can see that the double lined portion of the cup on the white bra comes up higher than it does on the black part.

The gore:

When the bottom is lined up:

With the top lined up:

Where the cup meets the strap:

When the bands are lined up.

The bands:

With the bottom of the band lined up

The top of the bands lined up.

The part of the band with the ‘eye’ is longer on the white.

The part if the band with the hook is slightly longer on the black.

Overall the white Lucy was just bigger. I wonder if the bras were made at different factories, or if they’re from different seasons.

I didn’t take any measurements for the differences, although I should have. But it’s too late now, because the white bra has been returned.

the measurements from Bratabase

White Lucy bra

Black Lucy bra

Claudette Dessous Sucre 30dd

Color: black

About the bra:

While this bra in pictures looks like it’s a balconette style, it’s called (and fits like) a full coverage bra.

It is made from mesh, the main parts of the bra are black, with the trimmings, straps and closure being a bright pink. The upper part is one single fabric, while the bottom is double fabric. This bra is sheer.

The bow in the center is also pink

There are also bows where the cups meet the straps.

The straps are pink and relatively thin.

The review:

Okay, so, I tried this bra on twice, just for hell of it, and it fit differently both times. The fittings were only a few dead apart, and I didn’t gain any weight, so I don’t know why there’s a difference. I will post comparison pictures, so you can see the difference.

First try

Second try

The biggest difference I can see in these pics above is that in the first picture, my left breast (which is on the right side of the pictures) looks higher/taller than it does in the second picture. It’s like you can see a clear definition of where my breast starts. Difference #2 is that you can see some wrinkling at the top of the cup on my right breast in the first picture (which is on the left in the pictures). The third difference is that there seems to be more cleavage in the second picture.

First try

Second try

Oddly enough, there is some wrinkling on the cup in the second picture, that isn’t there in the first picture, and also wasn’t present in the set of pictures above. And you can kind of see that in both pictures it looks like the top of the cup is cutting into my tissue. It’s not quite quadboob.

Initially when I tried the bra on, the gore wasn’t racking, but the second time it was.

Firs try- look at that space!

Second try

This is a closeup of the gore from the second time trying the bra on. There’s some slightly wrinkling between the cups.

A close up of the tightness at the top. I don’t think this would be good for someone that’s FOT, because of the pink elastic at the top. However it does stretch.

Another thing I’ve noticed with this bra is that there seems to be some sort of odd ‘dent’ or indentation on the side right where the cup meets the wire meets the band. It doesn’t hurt, it just looks weird.

The side profile looks okay. I’m still getting used to not wearing molded bras, so the side profiles don’t look rounded enough to me, yet.

A few few things I want to point out:

This Claudette bra is called ‘Dessous Sucre’, Claudette makes other bras that are just called ‘Dessous’. I don’t know if there is a difference in the fit, but the description on the Love Claudette website is the same. I do have my eye on one of the ones without sucre in the title, I’m not sure if I’m going to but it yet. I think that possibly the non Sucre Dessous bras are not full coverage, they’re a little less than full,

The mesh on this bra is very scratchy. When I tried it on, I more or less felt like this was a ‘sexy time’ bra, and not an everyday bra. (If you do indeed wear bras during sex)

Another thing I noticed was that it was so thin that the seams show through on tops/dresses that aren’t very thick. When I got cold I was ever so able to slightly detect where my nipple was, because as you can see from the above pics, my nipples are in the sheer area.

Cleo Lucy white 30dd

Color: White

About the bra:

its a white bra made of both lace and mesh. In the 30dd the bottom half of the bra is 2 pieces of fabric, while the top is one. This is a multi-cup bra, featuring one horizontal seam, and one vertical seam, separating the bra cup into three parts.

The upper part of the lace and has a floral design.

The lower part has small flowers randomly placed throughout.

The very top of the cup has a small circular design, which is also present on my Cleo Minnie bra.

the gore has a small bow, the only bow on the whole bra.

has nice thin straps.

This is a cute, simple, yet not boring bra.

The review:

The Lucy bra in white fits drastically different in the white color, versus the black color.

I got it from Amazon when they were having their prime day deals, and it was relatively cheap, so I got both black and white.

This bra is too big. It looks ‘okay’ from the front,

But there is wrinkling throughout the cup

There is a good amount of space at the top.

The gore didn’t tack, there was actually enough room for me to put one finger down there.

side profile was ok, but you can see the wrinkling.

The side profile with my cami on isn’t a good look.

This is will be returned. I initially bought it so I could dye it brown, but I don’t feel like being bothered to go through with an exchange.

Panache Loretta Balconette Black 30dd

I got this as a part of amazon’s prime day deals. It was cheap and came with free shipping/returns, so I said ‘why not?’

Color: black

About the bra:

Balconette/balcony style. This bra offers less coverage than a full coverage bra. It is shaped in a way that provides a full and round appearance of the breasts.

This bra is made of all mesh, with the bottom half (in 30dd) doubled. The upper part is sheer.

W/o flash

With flash

The gore in this bra is relatively high, with the length being a little more than 2 1/4 inches

Lightened so you can see the detail

There is a cross cross design of elastic at the inner part of the gore.

There is a beautiful design at the top of the cups.

As well as at the bottom of the gore. Its very reminiscent of Chinese fans.

The straps have some sort of ribbed design, but they’re still fully adjustable.

There is elastic at the side of the cup, from where the cup meets the wire to where the cup meets the strap.

The review:

I wanted this bra to work out so bad, since it was cheap.  However. It doesn’t really look good on me.

it looks ‘okay’ in these pictures:

But there’s a good amount of wrinkling on both cups. I think the bra wants more center fullness than what I have.

You can somewhat see in the below picture, it’s slightly cutting off my tissue. It seems rather closed on top. I wouldn’t advise someone that’s FOT to buy this bra, as the design on the top doesn’t stretch at all.

It looks bad in the side view.

Even with a tight cami on.

It’s more pointy in real life.
If it wasn’t for the price, I’d have no qualms about returning it. But it’s definitely getting returned.