Ewa Michalak CH Toffik 75D (altered)

Color: Toffik (a caramel color)

The bra:

There is a satiny bow at the top of the gore

There is also a matching bow where the cup and the strap meets

The cup has 2 semi diagonal seams

The top of the cup has a cute design

The inside of the bra (there aren’t any cookie pockets)

The gore is slightly overlapping

The outer part of the band where it was shortened

The inner part where the band was shortened

The straps

The fit:

Without the pads

With the pads in

Comparison pics with and without the pads

The bottom pic is with the pad. You can actually see where the pad is.

You can see that without the pad, there is gapping at the top of the smaller side (top pic)

With a shirt on

The marks left by the wires

The gore ended up being very stabby 😓

The top of the gore left a red area from being stabby

The review:

This is bra was altered in the band from a 75 (34) to a 65 (30). The straps unfortunately are still meant for someone that would wear a 75. The straps are too long for me, even though I have low set breasts. While the band fit nicely now, I think this is a size I won’t get in the future (I just bought a Comexim in 75D–only size available– and asked them to shorten the band so it fits like a 65F. So we’ll see if I’ll have the strap issue). I tightened the straps enough so that I wouldn’t get gapping (even though it was a slight amount it bothers me), but that caused the straps to feel too tight.

By the end of the day, the gore was very stabby. Cleo levels of stabby. The gore wasn’t high, and wasn’t wide, so I’m not sure why it was painful.

As I’ve said, the band was altered. It wasn’t done professionally, but it has held up as if it was. When I wore the bra the band felt snug like a 65 band.

If it looks like the wire on the bigger side is too wide, it’s because I vigorously swooped and scooped, and the band was firm enough that it stayed in place.

I love the look and feel of this bra, and I would love to get my hands on more CH cuts from Ewa. I think I would try them in 65DD just to have a more sexier look. I went years wearing VS bras (that had a sexy look) that now that I’m wearing “fuller bust” bras that have more coverage, I am looking for that sexiness (but without all the padding)