Comexim Donna 70E

This bra is literally the only unlined Polish bra that I have that fits. I’ve tried Ewa, Kostar, Valea, GAIA, and some Comexims, and NONE of them fit. *I will try to review some of those unlined bras this weekend/next week.*

In case you’re wondering why I chose this size, it’s because I tried the same bra in 70F and it was too big. 70F being the Comexim size I wear for black bras/tight bands. I was worried that this would be too small, but thankfully it fits perfectly. I do recall reading that with the Comexim (and possibly Ewa) you should size down for unlined bras, but apparently. Forgot by the time I placed my first Donna bra.

The Straps

The straps work for me, but I could see them being a little wide for some people.

The band

As with most black bras, I sized up 1. This was the correct decision, as this band does run small, stretching to 28 inches (71.12 cm)

The cups

The cups are completely sheer. In this size the bottom layer is only 1 piece of fabric. The lace isn’t very stretchy (it stretches up & down, but not side to side). The design on the bra, barely extends past the upper portion. It is also,visible through thin shirts. The fabric is kind of scratchy. I found myself scratching my breasts throughout the day. I’m hoping the fabric gets softer after being washed. One of the things I really like about this bra, is that my nipples line up wth the seams.

The gore

I believe I asked for a reduced gore, and this gore measures 2.5 inches (6.35 cm), so it was reduced about .25 inches (.635 cm)- assuming the unlined bras have the same gore height as the padded bras. The fabric on the bottom f the gore on the inner part, bothers my skin a little bit. It’s because of the design.

The wires

I feel as though the wires may be harder than those on the padded bras, because I can feel the top of the gore, but it doesn’t hurt. The wires aren’t as thick/heavy as the wires on Ewa bras. After taking the bra off, I see the wires are 1-2 mm too narrow.


This is bra is currently still available on Comexim’s website. I wanted to buy the white version since I like this bra so much, but I see it isn’t available in white anymore.